5 Serene Waterfalls Near Vijayawada You Can’t Miss In 2020!

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Vijayawada is a very beautiful city located in the South Eastern Indian state of Andhra Pradesh. It has earned its fair share of recognition and prestige due to its hospitality and of course its amazing attractions that it offers. This is the very sacred and ornate Kanaka Durga temple, which is situated on a hill overlooking the city. The city is also known for its attractive caves such as Andavalli caves which feature ancient rock-cut temples where you can see sculptures made of sandstone. The surrounding islands which are known as Bhavani Island is a really great place, which is well known amidst dense forests and waterfall gardens. But that’s not all! Many people come to find the destination Waterfalls near Vijayawada And it’s worth it!

1. Athipathala Falls – 174.1 km from Vijayawada
2. Kaygal Falls – 554.7 km from Vijayawada
3. Nagalapuram Fall – 350 km from Vijayawada
4. Talakona Falls – 337 km from Vijayawada
5. Tada Falls – 409.8 km from Vijayawada

1. Athipathala Falls

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Athipothala Falls near Vijayawada is one of the stunning waterfalls. It is situated at an altitude of 70 feet and is situated on the Chandravan River. It basically consists of three streams and to name them we are allowed to start with Chandravana Vagu, followed by Nakkla Vagu and Tummala Vagu. Visitors can also get an opportunity to see crocodiles at the crocodile breeding center in the pond created by the waterfall.

Apart from its charm and beauty, the said falls are also recognized for its spiritual significance, let alone a very beautiful and sacred temple of Lord Dattatreya with a mukhi and to add some insight, Lord Datta Lambadi to the tribal The main worship deities are the people in and around the place. The said falls are really mesmerizing when it falls down several stages after the monsoon.

Distance from Vijayawada: 174.1 km
Best Time to Visit: It saw its best decline after the monsoon.

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2. Kaygal Falls

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Kagal Falls near Vijayawada is one of the finest and very popular waterfalls. Located 2.5 kilometers from Kagal village on the Palamane R-Kuppam highway, it has managed to retain its charm and beauty since ages and is known to attract a large number of visitors throughout the year. is. The waterfall is amazing and the water comes from a large rock, situated at an altitude of 40 feet of disrespect for any season, although the number of visitors has increased and the beauty increases considerably during the monsoon season.

To share a little history for how the falls came to be named, it is said that due to its sound the Dumukuralu waterfall is named after it which resembles some type of stones from above. The Gir is formed by the Kaigal stream, which is also known to pass through the beautiful Kaundinya Wildlife Sanctuary nearby, which is another popular attraction of the region. Just below the said waterfalls is a decently large and quite large pond which is considered quite attractive to many nature enthusiasts.

Being situated amidst dense forest where endless species of birds, bushes and trees can be seen and witnessed, this waterfall is really a must visit for many obvious reasons and it really promises some memorable moments You can take it back home with you. It is indeed a great picnic spot for those traveling with friends and family and a good number of locals can be seen here all year round as this quiet and serene place away from the hustle and bustle of city life for quality time Absolutely right. . It is also known to attract large number of Hindu pilgrims from the surrounding villages during the Shivaratri festival, as there is a huge, but beautiful Shivalinga which is set up near the falls.

Distance from Vijayawada: 554.7 km
Best Time to Visit: September and december

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3. Nagalapuram Fall

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Nagalapuram Falls is a wonderful place to hang out with friends and family and is truly a wonderful place that is a perfect blend of scenic and experiences like the beauty of hills, rivers and dense forests in the center of the Eastern Ghats. The said falls are very well located in the south Indian state of Andhra Pradesh near Chittoor district and is known as an ideal attraction for various obvious reasons.

Visitors can actually see some decent scenic and picturesque views in the vicinity of Gir, and the place is set amidst serene natural beauty, so one can actually see nature quite closely which is not very common in the said area. is. For adventure enthusiasts, there is an opportunity to try and practice a remarkable trekking experience and the total trek is said to be about 12 to 15 kilometers which promises a memorable time to ensure you.

Distance from Vijayawada: 350 km
Best Time to Visit: Throughout the year

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4. Talakona Falls

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Talakona Falls near Vijayawada is one of the widely visited waterfalls. Talking about the charm and beauty, the said waterfall is grand, which is set at an altitude of about 270 feet and is the highest waterfall in the whole of Andhra Pradesh. It is well situated amidst dense forest with natural beauty and attractive greenery and the water of the above waterfall is heavily enriched with herbs, which have medical significance which is known to come with healing powers. In the year 1990, Talakona was declared as a biosphere reserve, which is caused by a wide variety of plant species and of course a wide variety of wildlife, including many endangered species such as sambar, porcupine, cheetah Includes golden jake, slender loris, panther, Indian giant squirrel, mouse deer and many others respectively. If we translate the word Telkona into Telugu, it directly means ‘Head Hill’.

Those who visit the said waterfall can try hiking and trekking in the surrounding area, there is also a 240 meter long canopy rope walk, which is about 35 to 40 feet high and is actually Will provide a thrilling experience for every visitor who wants to try it out. . There are many caves in the vicinity of this region, which is believed to have once been occupied by saints, who always meditated there. To give the area a religious touch, it is also blessed to house a small temple built in honor and pay homage to Lord Siddeshwara Swamy and locals believe that it was named Appa Swamy in 181 and around Was made by a devotee. To make a note, this temple is very crowded during the festival of Shivaratri as devotees from many different places appear during the period described here. It is a simple trek of about 2 kilometers between the said waterfall and Siddheshwar Swamy Temple, from where the path passes through dense forest and quite slippery road.

Distance from Vijayawada: 337 km
Best Time to Visit: October to January

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5. Tada Falls

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Tada Falls or Ubalambadugu Falls is located about 29 km from Tada and about 85 km from Tirupati respectively and is one of the grand waterfalls near Vijayawada. It is located in Varadaiahpalam mandal of Chittoor district. It is very well recognized as an ideal place for trekking, climbing and picnics because the falls are so well surrounded by the dense forest of Siddaya Kona. There are falls between rocky mountain formations, lush green forests and some natural streams, which are credited with adding more charm and beauty to the already fading. Visitors are requested to pay INR 50 / – per vehicle and INR 50 / -for camera at One Check Post.

It is recommended to appoint a villager as a guide from Varadaipalam village for a better experience as the path to the said falls can be a bit confusing for those who were not here before. The said falls are often praised for crystal-clear water and there is a Shiva temple nearby where devotees are often seen paying homage while passing by. To make a note, this trek cannot be done with children and older people. We recommend you carry a camera that can be of great use to capture some amazing pictures amidst such beautiful scenery and serene beauty. For adventure enthusiasts, this place can be a hideout and some tourists and locals have made a habit of regularly coming here to get some good trekking experiences, promising to give the place to everyone .

Distance from Vijayawada: 409.8 km
Best Time to Visit: October to January

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Vijayawada is indeed a city worth seeing. It is often called the heart of Andhra Pradesh because the city has so much potential. Many tourists come here. Many people come here to enjoy the wonderful tourist attractions and serene views and of course the remarkable hospitality. Apart from many good things and good places to visit, the waterfalls near Vijayawada are absolutely famous and widely visited and the places mentioned above are a must. If you are planning a trip to Andhra Pradesh, don’t forget these.

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Frequently asked questions about the waterfall near Vijayawada

Q. Where is Vijayawada located?

a. Vijayawada is located in Andhra Pradesh on the banks of the Krishna River in the Krishna district.

Q. Which are the most famous waterfalls near Vijayawada?

a. Talakona Falls and Tada Falls or Ubalambadugu Falls are known as the most famous waterfalls of Vijayawada due to its extremely beautiful and serene beauty and the said waterfalls are seen by large number of visitors throughout the year.

Q. Which are the best waterfalls near Vijayawada?

a. Well, Vijayawada has many waterfalls and almost every one of them is known for their charm and beauty which holds their exact importance but Kyle Falls / Dumukuralu Falls and Athipothala Falls are considered by many to be clear. Reasons.

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