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5 Reasons to Add Area Rugs to Your Home

5 Reasons to Add Area Rugs to Your Home

An area rug is any rug that covers only a part of a room’s floor. They are usually a narrow or broad rectangle or circular and are often between 5’x8′ and 8’x11′ but not limited to that range. Here are five reasons you should consider adding a nice area rug over hard-floored spaces in certain parts of your home.

Enhance Your Decor

Area rugs are a relatively affordable, non-permanent, easy way to enhance your room’s decor. They come in various colors, shapes, sizes, and designs matching any room for any style. It may surprise you how much work a well-chosen area rug can put into completing a room’s aesthetic. At the very least, try one before expensive alternatives like replacing the floor.

area rug
area rug

Warm Up a Room

The coldest part of a room is almost always the floor. If you reside in a cold area or feel that the floor of your home is too cold, most permanent solutions are expensive, such as adding floor insulation. A cost-effective solution would be to use a broad area rug that covers the areas you and your guests will be touching. Rugs can also make a room cozier, handy for living rooms during winter. This is truer of certain rugs than others, but many have enough padding, or the right materials, to insulate against cold or heat.

Cover Imperfections

No one’s home is unscathed by age or the inevitabilities of life, but you aren’t forced to show them off. Cracked tiles or stone, a stain or scratch mark on a wood floor. It could be anything. Such imperfections, if not serious enough to warrant contract work, can be covered nicely with an area rug. If the rug good there to begin with or you like having it there, what’s the harm?

Make Bare Flooring Safer

Parents with younger children might find that area rugs make much of their home’s hard-floored areas safer or better suited to kids in play. An area rug in a living room, playroom, or bedroom will serve as a protective barrier, especially with the right material. What’s more, the right rug will cut down any slipping risk drastically.

area rug
area rug

There are some places you may not expect to place an area rug at first chance, such as dining room rugs or kitchen rugs. But both are easy places for liquids to spill, and even the wrong kind of hardwood can become slippery. Kitchen rugs should ideally be water-resistant, while also being easy to clean and able to grip the floor well.

Reduce Noise and Echoes

Finally, because a carpet is much quieter to walk on than other types of flooring, a rug can take a lot of the cacophony out of heavily trafficked places. They also absorb acoustic energy and prevent echoes in your home much better than a completely level, hard floor.

Which of these reasons resonated the most with you? Keep those in mind when you start to shop for a rug. There are many options, so with a little research, it’s easy to discover the best type of area rug to make your home quieter, safer, more beautiful, or whatever you wish.

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