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5 quick and easy DIY home decorating tips for 2017

It’s a new year, and with it came the call for a bit of a revamp in your home decor. Personally, I am passionate about DIY home design projects and have compiled a few of my favorites for 2017.

1. Floating leaves

If you want a little piece of nature in your home, how about going with floating leaves?

This easy DIY house design project is all about using old clear pots. Fill them with water and drop the leaves into the jars to create unique art displays.

Decorating Your Home
Decorating Your Home

2. Plant curtains

Want something different as your window treatment choice? Opt for “plant curtains”.

Creating “plant curtains” involves getting rid of your good old curtains and filling your window with assortments of plants. Not only does this open up the room to natural light, but it’s a creative way to purify rooms and dress up your windows.

3. Recovered cash register furniture

You can now craft your furniture with items you already own at home. If you have old crates lying around, you can turn them into tasteful furniture.

You’ve probably seen designer home furniture made from crates, including coffee tables, seats, and beds. Create your furniture using crates according to your particular needs.

4.Smart concealment panel

Who doesn’t have dishes stacked in the sink every now and then? Worse yet, try to hide the mess in your oven when the company is passing by. You can creatively hide the clutter with the help of a smart concealment board.

Creating the board involves using an old cutting board or a large plastic board that you no longer use. Customize it to your liking and make sure it fits your sink to provide a quick rescue when needed.

5. Jungle in your bathroom

I love the forest; so why not take it to your bathroom?

Most of us don’t often know how to dress our bathrooms. If you love all things plants like me, you can create a jungle in your bathroom.

Starting a mini garden in your bathroom is a bit outdoors, but with the humidity and a window to let in light, these plants will thrive wonderfully.

Here; With my five quick and easy home design tips, you can easily transform your home for 2017.

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