5 Practical Health Tips for Happy Holidays

5 Practical Health Tips for Happy Holidays

Health Tips for Happy Holidays: It seems like everyone you talk to during the holidays has the same lament: “I wish I could get through one year-end without gaining weight”. Maybe it’s the double-whammy of the metabolism slowing down during cold weather. The availability of so much junk food at holiday parties.

It’s hard to resist all the great stuff that gets shoved in your face during the nine weeks from Halloween to New Years. For anyone who is cursed with a sweet tooth and non-super will power, there is holiday hope. Here are a few suggestions from the medical community about how to navigate your way through the minefield of holiday snacks without gaining a single pound:

Health Tips for Happy Holidays

Keep Exercising

When you get bogged down with holiday commitments like parties, religious services, and family functions, it’s easy to neglect regular exercise. Do the smart thing and adjust your daily schedule to accommodate your regular exercise.  Routine from November through early January, when life returns to normal.

Eat at Home Before Going to Holiday Parties

An old dieting trick is to eat a full meal at home, or a very healthy one at a restaurant. Before attending a party where snacks and junk foods are served. And if you can’t get home or are stranded at the office? Always have an emergency meal ready to go in your backpack or briefcase. In most cases, a half cup of raisins, a few carrots, some almonds and a few crackers will do the trick.

Stick to Three Meals per Day

Holiday time is the perfect opportunity to practice the old “three meals per day and no snacking” rule. If you make sure to get a nutritious breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The temptation to fill up on party snacks won’t be so great even if your boss corners you into attending an office junk food fest. And remember, when you are faced with situations like that it’s okay to pop in and pop out. You can tell your boss, “Yes, I attended the party last night,” and not be lying through your teeth.

Learn to Politely Decline Invitations

Remember that you need not accept every party invitation. Learn to say, “I’d love to go but need to stay at home tonight. I hope your party is a huge success.” Veteran party-throwers realize that lots of people have to opt-out and are overwhelmed with holiday commitments sometimes. Take the time to eat in and prepare a meal to your liking. Get your daily dose of vegan essentials or meat-based offerings. The choice is yours when you dine in.

Never Sit or Stand Near the Snack Table at Parties

When duty calls, and you absolutely have to attend a holiday party. That’s loaded up with unhealthy holiday snacks, stay away from the scene of the crime. In other words, don’t park yourself near the bad stuff. Choose a far corner of the room or distant perch where you can still have that scintillating conversation with Aunt Sally or Cousin Marvin without being within arm’s reach of the chocolate-covered peanut butter bombs.

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