5 Popular Hill Stations In Rajasthan You Must Visit In 2020

Whether it is about surviving the scorching heat of Rajasthan or the hectic lifestyle of the magnificent state, hill stations will always be one of your best options. Apart from being an ideal place for me to spend some time, these places can also help you indulge in many adventure activities, which will extend your entire travel experience by a mile. In addition to this, Hill station in rajasthan Also offer a wonderful view of the landscape, which can help you forget all your tensions. So, if you want to get away from the busy life of Rajasthan and rejuvenate yourself, then be sure to visit the following hill stations.

Top 5 Hill Stations in 2020 and Near Rajasthan

Hill station in rajasthan Area Distance from city Means of transport
Mount Abu Near Udaipur 163 km Bus / Taxi
Guru peak Near mount abu 15 km the cab
Sajjangarh Near Udaipur 10 km the cab
Achalgarh Near mount abu 11 km the cab
Ranakpur Near jodhpur 96 km Bus / Taxi

5 Best Hill Stations in Rajasthan

With many exquisite pieces of architecture and a bright and beautiful culture, the Indian state of Rajasthan boasts of some picture-perfect mountains. Some of them are listed here:

  • Mount Abu – Take a real break
  • Guru peak – Get ready for a quick getaway
  • Sajjangarh – Enjoy a real holiday
  • Achalgarh – Journey to peace
  • Ranakpur – Relax Greenery

1. Mount Abu – Take a Real Break

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A picturesque location with magnificent architectural structures and lush greenery, small to spectacular Hill stations of Rajasthan, Mount Abu looks absolutely awesome during the day. Due to its gorgeous scenery and the beautiful backdrop of the Aravalli mountain, this beautiful hill station receives thousands of visitors every year from all over the world. Apart from enchanting scenery, these famous hill stations for couples in Rajasthan also offer many temples to their travelers, who are known for their architectural brilliance. Among these holy places, Dilwara temples are quite popular among tourists, as they are carved and ornamental gardens.

Apart from visiting temples, you can spend some time alone in this beautiful hill station, that too by walking in the forests. If you want, you can also indulge yourself to have a pleasant view of the sunset from the point of view of Mount Abu.

Mount Abu: Nakki Lake, Sunset Point, Dilwara Temple How to reach: Mount Abu is located about 163 km from Udaipur city. So, the most convenient way to get there would be by bus or car. Best time to travel: November to June Things to do in Mount Abu: Explore architectural structures Place of stay: HG Grandiose Hotel, Sterling Mount Abu, Hotel Vishram, Hotel Swagat, Lasa Grand Ideal duration: 1-2 days

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2. Guru Shikhar – Get ready for a quick getaway

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Known as Guru’s Peak, Guru Shikhar Hill Station is widely regarded by tourists as a land of peace. Accepted as one of the most famous Hill stations of Rajasthan, It was after the god, Dattatreya, who stayed in this place during his early days. Located very close to Mount Abu Hill station in rajasthan, Guru Shikhar Hill Station offers spectacular panoramic views for visitors. Along with enjoying the beautiful scenery, you can also take part in many adventure activities here, such as trekking. Being situated away from the bustling city life, the atmosphere of this place also remains quite calm and serene.

Places to visit in Guru Shikhar: Dattatreya Temple, Guru Shikhar Shikhar How to reach: Guru Shikhar is located only 10.5 km from Mount Abu. So, if you are thinking of going there from Mount Abu, then a simple cab ride will work. Best time to travelOctober to March things to do: Go trekking, explore temples Place of stay: The Raj Villa, Lake View Villa Mount Abu, Achal Resort, Wordsworth Lodge

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3. Sajjangarh – Enjoy a real holiday

“lazy lazy-hidden alignleft wp-image-47281 size-full” src=”″ data-lazy-type=”image” data-lazy-src=”https://www.dailycuratednews.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/11/1605283953_956_5-Popular-Hill-Stations-In-Rajasthan-You-Must-Visit-In.jpg” alt=”Sajjangarh Fort in Haldighati” width=”700″ height=”393″/> Situated atop a quiet hill, the majestic palace of Sajjangarh looks quite thrilled with a wonderful mountain range as a backdrop. Established in the year of 1884, this beautiful place is considered to be an ideal summer resort for tourists, who are trying to stay away from the heat of summer. Branded as one of the top Hill station in rajasthan By tourists, the beautiful palace offers a spectacular panoramic view of the city of Udaipur. From this palace, you will also be able to experience the breathtaking view of Fateh Sagar Lake, which will remain in your memories for days. It is one of the beautiful Hill stations of Rajasthan.

Places to visit in Sajjangarh: Sajjangarh Palace, Fateh Sagar Lake How to reach: This place is located only 11.4 km from Udaipur city. So, you can take a taxi from the city to come here. Best time to travel: November to February things to do: Enjoy the view of Fatehsagar Lake Place of stay: The Raj Villa, Lake View Villa Mount Abu, Achal Resort, Wordsworth Lodge, Elegant 2BHK House

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4. Achalgarh – Tour to the Sanity

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Situated in the beautiful Aravalli range, Achalgarh resembles a subtle piece of heaven when viewed from the ground. Known as a Best Hill Stations of Rajasthan, It is located only 11 km from Mount Abu, making it an ideal weekend getaway from nearby cities like Jodhpur and Udaipur. Most people usually visit Achalgarh to experience the peace of the mountains. However, if you have an adventurous mind, then you can also get ready for trekking here.

Places to visit in Achalgarh: Achalgarh Fort, Mandakini Lake, Achleshwar Mahadev Temple How to reach: Achalgarh Hill Station is located at a distance of 173 km from Udaipur. Therefore, it will be convenient for you to get in a bus or taxi from the city. Best time to travel: November to February things to do: Trekking Place of stay: Achal Resort, Lake View Villa Mount Abu, The Raj Villa, Elegant 2BHK House, Wordsworth Lodge

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5. Ranakpur – Easy Greenery

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Ranakpur is one of the small villages in the long Aravali mountain range. Hill stations of Rajasthan, Which is known for its spectacular natural beauty. Apart from these, the place also houses many historically significant architectures, which are quite famous among the people. Due to these reasons, most tourists consider this place to be one of the best places for weekends from metros like Jodhpur, Udaipur and Jaipur. Known as one of the best hill stations in Rajasthan, Ranakpur will move you with its ethereal landscape and beautiful Jain temples. So, if you are a nature-afokido, you will definitely fall in love with this little piece of heaven.

Places to visit in Ranakpur: Ranakpur Jain Temple, Kumbhalgarh Wildlife Sanctuary, Chamukha Temple, Kumbhalgarh Fort How to reach: Ranakpur is located about 162 km from Jodhpur. Therefore, you have to opt for car or bus services to come here. Best time to travelOctober to February things to do: Architecture, Explore Jain Temples Place of stay: Ranakpur Hill Resort, Chandra Hill Resort, Ideal Lake View Resort, Hotel Aranyavas, Roopam Resort Ideal duration: one day

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Rajasthan is nothing but a desert. right? wrong. These magnificent hill stations of Rajasthan prove that this rich Indian state has more than deserts and camels. Now plan a holiday in Rajasthan soon to explore all these with your loved ones.

Frequently Asked Questions about Hill Stations in Rajasthan

Q. Which are the best budget hill stations of Rajasthan?

a. If you are looking for the cheapest hill station here, you can always opt for Sajjangarh.

Q. Which is the highest peak of Rajasthan?

a. Situated at an elevation of 5650 feet, Guru Shikhar is considered to be the highest peak in Rajasthan along with the Aravalli Range.

Q. On which mountain range is the famous Mount Abu Hill Station located?

a. Mount Abu is situated on the long mountain range of Aravalli.

Q. Which is the most popular hill station of Rajasthan?

a. Mount Abu is considered to be the best and most popular hill station here.

Q. When should I go to Mount Abu?

a. You can visit Mount Abu at any time of the year. However, if you want to enjoy the awe-inspiring view of the mountains of mist with a hot cup of coffee in your hands, be sure to come here during the winter.

Q. Which is the coldest hill station in Rajasthan?

a. Guru Shikhar is considered quite cool.

Q. Which cities of Rajasthan are close to hill stations?

a. Jodhpur and Udaipur in Rajasthan are located very close to the hill stations of this royal state.

Q. Which is the most beautiful hill station of Rajasthan?

a. Mount Abu is considered to be the most beautiful hill station in Rajasthan.

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