5 Points mantra to hold happiness in your life!

5 Points mantra to hold happiness in your life!

5 Points mantra to hold happiness in your life!
5 Points mantra to hold happiness in your life! 1

Our life is like a roller coaster ride, fully loaded with many ups and downs. Happiness follows sadness and vice versa. Whenever we are happy with our experience, life seems very simple and easy-going, but on the contrary, when we suffer sorrow, we become restless. We don’t want that period to continue for long. It should come to an end at the earliest. To maintain long-lasting happiness in life, people should follow this 5- point mantra. No doubt, it will help them to a great extent.

Always respect yourself.

Many of us don’t know our self-potential. We are blessed with the creator’s most precious blessings, i.e., sense organs. Many people in this world are physically challenged. But God showered his blessings on us by giving us a beautiful body and life. We should show our gratitude towards him by thanking him by way of respecting ourselves.

 Never forget, if you don’t respect yourself, then who will respect you. So start respecting yourself if you want to live your life happily. To begin with respect, this can be started by giving compliments to our self. After all, we deserve it.

Friendship with lively people.

They say a person is judged by the company he keeps. Our friends in fact, reveal our character. If a person is an introvert, it’s very much possible that his/ her friends are the same. If he is outgoing, his friends will be the same. To explain better, if you are aiming cheerfulness in your life, then, make happy people, your friend.

Look out for those peoples who are happy with their life. Never miss a chance to stay comfortable. Happy people keep their surroundings happy as well. They will bring joy into your life also. Believe me, this will benefit you even more than any vitamin tablet. Always stay comfortable and look forward to staying happy in the group as well.

Steal some time for yourself.

In this busy and fast life, we are unable to take out some time for ourselves who is, on the contrary, is very important while looking for complete happiness. Have you ever got time to sit in the garden and observe all those lovely flowers blooming there?

To remain closer to nature is the best way for everyone, which will make them happy.

They say nature inspires. Yes! It is. You can steal lots of ideas from there, by using your visualization power.

Spend some time doing your favorite activity. It can be merely reading a book or watching some movies.

This will give you immense pleasure, and when you are happy, you will keep others happy.

Meditation and yoga.

We all do physical exercise to keep our body fit and healthy. Like our body, our mind also needs rest.

Yoga and meditation are the best exercises of mind. This will help in relaxation and also find some solution to your problems.

Keep your tension and worries aside and meditate for a few minutes.

You will amaze at the working of your mind. It will strengthen your brainpower.

Develop the habit of being positive.

Be pessimistic, always. Everything has two aspects negative and positive.

It depends on us how we look at things.

If we look at the dark side, we will feel sad, and if to the brighter side, our thoughts get motivated to the happier side.

Though it’s a bit difficult, then we are aiming at living life full of bliss.

Last golden advice stays happy and makes your near and dear ones more comfortable.