5 Places To Visit In Europe In June For A Great Summer Vacation

Europe is one of the most sought after holiday destinations in the world. And, there are good reasons for that. There are many Places to visit in Europe in June That is worth having in your itinerary. The diversity of breathtaking landscapes, such as large areas of forest, mountain ranges or seaside wonders, requires travelers to stop their wanderings. Apart from the geographical attractions of Europe, its diverse culture and historical wonders inspire travelers to visit Europe. There really is no better month to experience Europe than June.

Weather in Europe in June

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When is june Weather in europe The average temperature is at its best with 23 ° C. It is in summer with the right amount of sun, wind and clouds. Therefore, the weather is most comfortable in June. Nights also have a lot of fun.

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Why should you go to europe in june

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It is not just that places in Europe are very vibrant, beautiful and attractive in terms of cultural and nature. They have a lot of festivals and events in Europe in June. Also, due to fewer tourist arrivals, prices remain lower than the rest of the months of the year.

Music and cultural events

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Europe welcomes many popular music and cultural events in June, such as:

  • Primera Sound in Span from 31 May to 1 June.
  • Glastonbury Festival in the United Kingdom, from 26–30 June.
  • Isle of Wight Festival in the United Kingdom from 13–16 June.
  • Roskilde Festival in Copenhagen from 30 June to 7 July.
  • Grassland in the mountains in Bulgaria from 6-9 June.
  • Rock em ring in Germany, 7-9 June.
  • Secret Solstice in Iceland, 21–24 June.
  • El Colacho in Spain on 23 June.
  • Lajonic Festival in Poland on 27 June.
  • Holy Fusion in Torino on 10 June.
  • Secret Solstice Festival in Iceland from 21-24 June.
  • Bloomsday in Ireland on 16 June.
  • Batala del Vino in Spain on 29 June.

Cost included during trip to Europe in June

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September to mid-June is considered off-season as travelers have yet to start pouring into it. For this reason, housing is cheaper. You get good deals on flights. If you book well in advance for June you can save enough money. Also, you won’t spend that much in other months to roam Europe. Fares, food and tickets to various places are very cheap.

5 places to visit in June in Europe

Europe, being a vast expanse, not only geographically, but historically and historically, offers much to explore. Here are mentioned the less crowded places that deliver on the promise of a complete Europe experience:

1. Crete, Greece
2. Lugano, Switzerland
3. Zadar, Croatia
4. London, United Kingdom
5. Sintra, Portugal

1. Crete, Greece

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It is one of the ideal places to start your holiday in Europe. Apart from traditional villages, cannons, pink sand beaches, being a great choice and best for summer due to its crystal clear and emerald beaches and much more, not only relaxes your summer vacation, but also the culture and Also gives a dose of history.

Must visit: The ruins of Palacas of Nosos, Samaria Gorge, Balos Beach, Spinalonga, Psycho Cave, Agora for shopping and Elafoni Island.
weather: The daytime weather may be slightly warmer in Greece in late June. However, the average temperature remains 18 ° C, mostly.
Ideal for: Family or friends.
How to reach: You can take it by ferry or by air.

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2. Lugano, Switzerland

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It is a major financial and commercial center. We should not let it be realized that it will lack beauty. Lugano is a city of villas, parks, exotic flowers and many historically and culturally significant buildings. It is a city with a small town atmosphere and perks. You can feast on the rivers, lakes and mountains with red-roofed buildings. You will be pleased gastronomically as well.

Must visit: Cable car ride to Monte San Salvatore; Bistros and restaurants on the main square of Pizzazza della Reforma; Beautiful Church and Church, etc.
weather: The temperature here is comfortable, although a little chilli can be found in it. The average temperature in June is 22 ° C.
Ideal for: Family or friends in search of mountain adventures or a quiet and quaint holiday.
How to reach: By road or air.

3. Zadar, Croatia

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You can call Zadar the adventure capital of Europe. It is a port city where you will never get yourself bored or do anything. This place is often referred to as the architectural gem of Europe.

Must visit: Dalmatian Coast; Venetian and Roman ruins; Paklentia National Park; Museum of Ancient Glass; Bagh Zadar
weather: Jadar weather is hot in June. The average temperature is between 18 and 22 degrees Celsius.
Ideal for: Adventure enthusiasts.
How to reach: By road, by air or by ferry.

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4. London, United Kingdom

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London is a popular metropolitan city for diversity in food and culture. People call it the Unofficial Capital of Europe because of its historical importance, cultural diversity and a vibrant city where you find new things in every corner. It is constantly changing and has everything, be it music, cinema, culinary experiences, sports, festivals or events, art, museums or even street art.

Must visit: Big Ben. Covent Garden; Coca-Cola London Eye; London Tower; Tower Bridge; Victoria and Albert Museum; Piccadilly Circus; Trafalgar Square and more.
weather: It is chilly and gray in most of the year but June is a good day. The sun will not set after 10 pm which will give you enough time to check out its many tourist attractions. The average temperature here is between 12-degree Celsius and 21-degree Celiacus.
Ideal for: Tourism, Adventure, Picnic.
How to reach: By air, and you can reach by road.

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5. Sintra, Portugal

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It is situated between a sea and mountains and is a very excited destination. Its historically significant cultural heritage is excellent. There are many natural attractions here, as well as its huge architecture.

Must visit: Many magnificent palaces such as the National Palace of Pena; Palace of Moors or National Palace of Sintra; Local food; Parks and lakes.
weather: The weather is perfect here in June as it is bright and sunny. Average temperatures range from 16 ° C to 25 ° C.
Ideal for: Picnic, Attractions.
How to reach: By train or by air.

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Wooing natural and cultural attractions with low prices and low crowds, Europe is a joy in June. With such beautiful places to visit and amazing things, you should not miss the chance to visit Europe in the month of June.

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Frequently asked questions about places to visit in Europe in June

Q) Which is the best time to visit Europe?

a) Summer is the best time to travel to Europe, which is from June to September. June is an ideal month due to sunny weather, low crowds and low prices.

Q) Do I need an international drivers license to rent a car in Europe?

a) To rent a car in Europe, a passenger must either obtain a driving license from their country of origin or an international driver’s permit.

Q) Which is the best place to travel to Europe?

a) The best place is definitely London as it packs a lot of European culture, food and history in itself.

Q) How much money will you need to travel through Europe?

a) The cost of accommodation, food, public transport, sightseeing is included with the trip, you will need INR 5000 – 7000 per day to go through Europe.

Q) Are hostels safe for travelers in Europe?

a) Yes, they are safe and run well and also provide great facilities.

Q) When should you book a plane ticket to Europe?

a) To take advantage of the cheapest prices, you should buy tickets well in Europe at least 2 to 8 months before travel.

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