5 Places To Visit In Europe In April That’ll Surely Excite You

When you think of travel, you think of Europe. This large continent is filled with endless options to choose from. If you are looking for a snow-capped mountain, a real coast or lush greenery, there is something for everyone. From unique historic cities to bustling metropolitan areas, there is a buffet of Places to visit in Europe in April. The connectivity of Eurorail and reliable air network make it very accessible to almost all parts of Europe. Enter any of the main hubs and there you will find a holiday you are looking forward to.

Weather in Europe in April

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The tourist season in Europe begins in April. Extremely cold climate has disappeared and sunshine is upon us. Warmer temperatures are still not enough in parts of Western and Eastern Europe. While the sun shines, it is still a wool jacket season. However, along the Mediterranean coast, the summer sun creates the perfect mood. With an average temperature of twenty degrees, you are free to dive in the water or get active in the greenery.

Why should go to europe in april

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The month of April is definitely the ‘sweet spot’ of holiday moments. With the spring season, landscapes transport in picture-perfect experiences. This month is the perfect opportunity to explore some rare blooming flowers across the continent. The air is warm and pleasant to spend time outdoors and live a European lifestyle. Here are some festivals that you should see when you come here.

  • Budapest Spring Festival: Each year from mid-March to April, the city comes with its spring festival. The festival is scattered at various places and sites in the city of Budapest. The festival captivates everything from classical jazz music, dance and circus. Sprint time is seen as a month of celebration and joy throughout the city. The festival makes Budapest one of the places to visit in Europe in April.

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  • Walpurgisnacht: At the end of the month of April, the city of ThalĂ© in Germany becomes a center of attraction for witchcraft enthusiasts. This traditional holiday is celebrated with costumes of chieftains and witches and paraded on the streets. They pair these with decorations and parties to fit the mood. If you want to experience a big Halloween then this is the place.

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  • King’s Day: Celebrated on 27 April each year, this national holiday is to celebrate the life of King Willem-Alexander. People dress in orange and fill the street with water to celebrate the Dutch spirit. There is a carnival in the city all the way from six in the morning till late in the night. With flea markets, parties, music and dance shows and more. The king’s day is considered one of the happiest festivals in the Dutch calendar.

Cost factor for a trip to Europe in April

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Traveling to Europe in April is as expensive as any other month of the year. The whole of Europe is a set-your-budget travel destination. Beauty lies in its diversity. There is something for everyone in Europe and on every budget. Most of it is passenger friendly. Euro-rail makes travel really cheap and all cities have a wide host of hotels in all cost groups. For a two-week trip to Europe, let’s consider a property worth about $ 300 a day.

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5 places to visit in April

When you enter Europe in the middle of the right season, it is almost impossible to decide the places to visit. The land mafia has a lot to offer, which can be spoiled for election. Here are the top places to visit in Europe in April.

1. Rome, Italy
2. Athens, Greece
3. Interlaken, Switzerland
4. Madrid, Spain
5. Prague, Czech Republic

1. Rome, Italy

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The city’s ancient city of Rome is a perfect harmony of ancient citiescape and modern lifestyle. The city is a cluster of magnificent architecture on every street. The Vatican and St. Peter’s Square and Colosseum are some of the city’s more iconic locations. If you enjoy walking through the endless supply of culture then this city is sure to leave your heart. The place is both a romantic destination and a unique holiday experience. The month of April makes the city an ideal destination that one must visit.

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2. Athens, Greece

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From the beaches, ancient ruins to a cultural explosion – the city is a melting pot of all things. This ancient Greek city has been the center of creative freedom and history for generations to come. The Acropolis Museum and Archaeological Museum is a scene for those curious minds. The Acropolis region itself represents Greek culture. The city also offers many unique culinary experiences for you.

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3. Interlaken, Switzerland

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If you want to travel to any of Switzerland’s most powerful sites, this map is aimed at starting the map. The city of Interlaken is one of the top places to visit in Europe in April as this season is at its best. The mountain air and impeccable tourist infrastructure make it a haven for travelers. From here one can travel to Jungfra and Murain, both of which go to the destination of the travelers. It is an ideal destination if you want to explore paragliding and hiking.

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4. Madrid, Spain

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Food, fashion, art, and nightlife – the city of Madrid has everything you need to make your holiday full of experiences. Art is everything in Madrid. The Thiesen-Bornmiza National Museum houses some of the best collections of art from ancient times. The city itself is walkable and there is a new cultural phenomenon around each street. The Royal Palace and Teatro Real Opera House are famous architectural marvels. However, the nightlife is the main attraction of the city and nothing else around the world.

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5. Prague, Czech Republic

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Another European who topped the list of places to visit in Europe in April. The city is home to some historically significant heritage sites. Prague Palace is a magnificent wonder that can fill you with awe. Charles Bridge and the old town hall are some of the attractive attractions of the city. Once here, you can nominate yourself for one of the many iconic walking tours the city has to offer. The best way to experience Prague is by walking and one day at a time. An ideal destination for couples and families alike.

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Now that you know that it can be a great idea to plan your vacation in Europe during the month of April, don’t you think it’s time to pack the bags? Amazing places to visit in Europe in April will make your trip more amazing.

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