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5 Picturesque Waterfalls Near Vizag That Are Worth Witnessing In 2020!

Located along the eastern coast of Andhra Pradesh, Vizag is named after the Hindu god of Visakhapatnam. It is more than an industrial city and is popularly known as Vizag. Hosting the oldest shipyards in the country, Vizag is a beautiful center with vast beaches, ancient temples, exotic caves and magnificent valleys. The city is also known for the many beautiful waterfalls that are a treat to see. However, there are many Waterfalls near Vizag Are equally picturesque. Tourists from all over the world visit Vizag and explore the places around it to see the majestic waterfalls that spell with beauty every year.

5 beautiful waterfalls near Vizag

Explore the list of us waterfalls near vizag It is quite popular around the state of Andhra Pradesh, India.

1. Kothapalli Waterfalls – 127 km from Vizag
2. Devarapalli Waterfall – 72.1 km from Vizag
3. Katki Fountains – 95.9 km from Vizag
4. Chaprai Falls – 126 km from Vizag
5. Rampa Falls – 205 km from Vizag

1. Kothapalli Falls – 127 km from Vizag

Kothapalli Waterfall


Vizag is the time to treat your eyes to one of the best waterfalls on the tour. Located 30 km from Padru village, Kothapalli waterfall is a center for vacationers amidst the natural beauty. Emerging as a tourist attraction for couples, travelers and families, the waterfall is a popular tourist attraction that compliments you with a beautiful stream with unexplored and uncluttered beauty.
Named after the village of Kothapalli, the springs of waterfalls are beautiful, magnificent and worth seeing. Attracting many people every year from many walks of life, it is undeniably one best waterfalls near vizag It has become a center of attraction.

place: Gangaraju Madugula, Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh
Time: 6: 00-05: 30
things to do: Visit a nearby strawberry farm, enjoy a stroll in Maidugula

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2. Devarapalli Waterfalls – 72.1 km from Vizag

Devarapalli Waterfalls

Famous for the waterfall, now known as ‘Bahubali Falls’, Devarapalli is a small village located 84 km from Vizag. Two hours drive from the city; Still the waterfall still provides water and provides an extraordinary attraction. The lakes are spread along the road with lush greenery. Drive along the scenic routes nearby to experience exotic scenic attractions.

place: Balliaguda, Andhra Pradesh
Time: 06: 00-07: 00
things to do: Explore green hills and beautiful landscapes, sightseeing, camping, photography

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3. Katiki Falls – 95.9 km from Vizag

Katki Springs

The 50 feet high waterfall is one of the highest famous waterfalls near vizag For nature lovers to search. The lush greenery all around, and the waterfalls surrounded by the raging waters, present a deep hue unlike the surrounding rocks. Originating from the Gothani River, a local tributary consists of clear water and passes through the Borra Caves.
When visiting the waterfall, you should not miss the popular bamboo marinet chicken prepared locally. To reach extraordinary water beauty it is necessary to explore the beauty of water, an ideal place to soak in the base of a waterfall before taking a steep climb. You can use the ladder to climb to see the grand view around.

place: Katiki Waterfall Road, Visakhapatnam
Time: 06: 00-07: 00
things to do: Taste the Bamboo Spiced Chicken

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4. Chaprai Falls – 126 km from Vizag

Chaprai Falls

It is one of the most beautiful Waterfalls near Vizag It is located at a distance of 12 km from Araku railway station and 15 km from Araku Valley. Located close to Araku, the waterfalls are surrounded by scenic natural beauty. It is known for being a serene natural setting that features a cascading waterway featuring rocky pools for sliding and swimming.
A famous picnic spot in the Araku Valley, Chaprai is a forest area on one side of the waterfall and one stream flows from the other. The surrounding forest area enables visitors to relax and spend most of their vacation making.

place: On the way to Araku Valley, Dumbriguda, Mandalam, Andhra Pradesh
Time: 8 am-6pm
things to do: Swimming and picnic

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5. Rampa Falls – 205 km from Vizag

Rampa Falls

Situated at a distance of 4 km from Rampachhodavaram village and 29 km from Maradumili, this waterfall is a stunning beauty in the East Godavari district of Andhra Pradesh. One of the most popular places to visit in Maredumilli, the waterfall is one of the best places near Vizag, the waterfall is also known as the Rampachhodavaram Falls. The waterfall, below a height of 50 feet, is located near the village of Rampakodavaram.
This is the only coastal fall of Andhra Pradesh where you can take a dip in the waterfalls amidst the dense forest. Tourists can experience an adventurous drive through the forest to reach the waterfall from the entrance. A 20-minute climb towards the main waterfall, the Rampa waterfall receives water throughout the year.

place: Peddakonka, Andhra Pradesh
things to do: Picnic, trekking, enjoy a dip in the falls
Time: 08: 00-05: 00

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We believe that the article provides deep insights on some of the best Waterfalls near Vizag That you can include in your travel plan for a memorable Andhra trip. A large number of tourists are called throughout the year in the state who go through a spectacular experience of seeing the exotic waterfalls.

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Frequently asked questions about the waterfall near Vizag

Q. What is the ideal time to visit Vizag?

a. The best time to visit Vizag is between the months of October and March. During this time, the temperature varies between 15 ° C to 30 ° C.

Q. What are the popular waterfalls in Vizag?

a. Some of the popular waterfalls of Vizag are Ketki waterfalls, Kothapalli waterfalls, Thatiguda waterfalls, Sariya waterfalls, Chaprai waterfalls and many more.

Q. What common things does Vizag have?

a. Some of the common things to do near Vizag are soaking in purity at the Buddhist monastery, go on expeditions near the Borra Caves, explore the wonders of Sinhachalam, go for a walk near the Ram Krishna beach, picnic near the waterfall and some more.

Q. What are the best outdoor places to visit near Vizag?

a. Some of the best places to visit near Vizag are Ram Krishna Beach, Borra Caves, Yarda Beach, Kailasagiri Beach and many more.

Q. Which is the oldest waterfall of Vizag?

a. The oldest waterfall in Vizag is the Kothapalli waterfall which G. Madugula is located in Mandal which is located near Padaru in Visakhapatnam district.

Q. For whom is Vizag popular?

a. Vizag is popular as the oldest port establishment and is known for its natural landscape, beaches and mesmerizing landscape. Vizag and nearby cities also host many waterfalls, which are necessary to explore.

Q. There are strawberry farms near the Kothapalli waterfall?

a. Yes, tourists can go on a trek to explore the strawberry farms located near the Kothapalli waterfall in Gangaraju Madugula.

Q. Where can I go for a picnic in Vizag?

a. You can have picnics near Kothapalli waterfalls, Katiki waterfalls, Chaprai waterfalls and some places near Vizag.

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