5 Picnic Spots Near Haldwani Meant For Every Travel Junkie!

Haldwani is an ideal weekend getaway destination with beautiful hill stations, hills, valleys and rivers in the Nainital region of Uttarakhand. Haldwani is lured with breathtaking landscapes and no one can help but fall in love with its beauty. Not only Haldwani, but also the places around it are so enthralling that they will leave you in awe, that is why it would be great to plan a picnic in such places because with a better place to explore -With a better way to relax in a place. The um no!

Many are amazing Picnic spots near Haldwani It proves to be the most ideal place where you can cool and relax amidst the lush vegetation, hills and sunny environment! So, have a look at these awesome places below.

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5 best picnic spots near Haldwani

Here are the five best places to picnic that you can visit on a trip near Haldwani to rejuvenate and have loads of fun!

1. Jalikote – 23 km from Haldwani
2. Naukuchiatal – 33 km from Haldwani
3. Bhimtal – 28 km from Haldwani
4. Kathgodam – 7.5 km from Haldwani
5. Gaula River – 54.3 km from Haldwani

1. Jalikote

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Geoliquot is a beautiful abode surrounded by misty mountains and dense forests at an altitude of 4000 feet above sea level. The whole place is really rich in wildlife and you can see many beautiful birds and butterflies there. On your picnic for Geolikote, you can go hiking, camp or relax on the grass. So, would you like to feel the essence of peace in such an incredible retreat?

place: Joyalikote, Nainital, Uttarakhand 263127
Distance from Haldwani: 23 km

2. Naukuchiatal

“lazy lazy-hidden alignnone size-full wp-image-524378″ src=”https://www.dailycuratednews.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/09/Naukuchiatal_3rd-mar.jpg” alt=”Naukuchiatal is the best place ” width=”676″ height=”386″ data-lazy-type=”image” />


Surrounded by forests, hills and valleys, the Naukuchi Atru region has become a picnic and weekend spot for photographers and travelers who have been away for some time from the chaotic world of peace and city. You can relax on the green lawn by the lake’s freshwater, as well as fishing, paragliding and boating. The area is densely populated with vegetation, making it ideal for bird watching, so Naukuchiatal has plenty to do on a picnic.

place: Naukuchiatal, Uttarakhand 263136
Distance from Haldwani: 33 km

3. Bhimtal

“lazy lazy-hidden alignnone size-full wp-image-524383″ src=”https://www.dailycuratednews.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/09/Bhimtal_3rd-mar.jpg” alt=”Bhimtal is the best tourist destination ” width=”700″ height=”400″ data-lazy-type=”image” />


Bhimtal is famous for its beautiful lakes, and every year thousands of tourists come here and enjoy the natural beauty. Apart from exploring forests, hills and lakes, you can also visit the shrines of historical buildings at Bhimtal on your picnic. You can roam in many places like Bhimeshwar Mahadev Temple, Banakhandi Ashram, Syed Baba’s Tomb, Folk Culture Museum. We assure you that you will have a rich picnic in Bhimtal and you have to make a plan now!

place: Bhimtal, Nainital Uttarakhand 263136
Distance from Haldwani: 28 km

4. Kathgodam

“lazy lazy-hidden alignnone size-full wp-image-524384″ src=”https://www.dailycuratednews.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/09/Kathgodam_3rd-mar.jpg” alt=”Kathgodam is the best place to go ” width=”700″ height=”400″ data-lazy-type=”image” />


Kathgodam is a small village about 7 km from Haru Doni, surrounded by lush green hills and Eco Valley. It is one of the few places near Haldwani, where you can taste the local cuisine and discover the original culture of Uttarakhand. If you want to relax and just do nothing, then Kathgodam is the ideal picnic spot for you.

place: Kathgodam, Uttarakhand
Distance from Haldwani: 7.5 km

5. Gaula River

“lazy lazy-hidden alignnone size-full wp-image-524374″ src=”https://www.dailycuratednews.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/09/Gaula-River_3rd-mar.jpg” alt=”Gaula River is the best place ” width=”700″ height=”400″ data-lazy-type=”image” />


The Gaula River, which is the origin of the Himalayas, is an ideal place for those who want to feel the magic of nature by sitting on the banks of a magnificent river of spring water. This magnificent beauty has the power to soothe the mind, body and soul as it provides an enjoyable and panoramic view to any tourist. Planning a picnic at this location would be a good option, especially if you are traveling with friends.

place: Gowla Dam, Kathgodam, Uttarakhand 263126
Distance from Haldwani: 54.3 km

These beautiful picnic spots near Haldwani symbolize the picturesque and breathtaking surroundings. You can just pack your picnic baskets, pick up picnic mats, pack some delectable snacks with hats, sunglasses, and lots of good music and you’ll be good to go! So, don’t wait any longer and plan a trip to Uttarakhand soon!

Frequently asked questions about picnic spots near Haldwani

Q. Where can travelers stay during an overnight picnic near Haldwani?

a. Some of the best resorts near Haldwani where you can stay:
1. Latitude 29 Lake Resort
2. Saurabh Candy
3. Season Resort
4. Krishna Orchard Resort
5. Dolmar Resort

Q. Are there any hill stations near Haldwani?

a. Yes, there are some hill stations near Haldwani:
1. Sattal
2. Ranikhet
3. Kumaon
4. Mukteshwar
5. Almora

Q. When is the best time to visit picnic spots near Haldwani?

a. The best time to have a picnic near Haldwani is between September and March as the weather is then the most pleasant and one can enjoy water activities on the beaches.

Q. Are there any waterfalls near Haldwani?

a. Yes, Haldwani has some of the best waterfalls:
1. Corbett Falls
2. Tariket Falls
3. Rudradhari Falls
4. Rameshpur Waterfall
5. Tiger Fall

Q. Which places can be visited near Haldwani?

a. The most beautiful places to visit near Haldwani are:
1. Nainital
2. Dehradun
3. Kathgodam
4. Balasore

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