5 Natural Ways To Relieve Neck Pain

Neck pain can be stressful. For instance, you might experience very sharp pain when trying to bend your neck, or other times, the pain can be less intense but constant. Considering the nearness of your neck to your head and spine, there’s a possibility that you may experience regular migraines and headaches simultaneously with neck pain too.

In some cases, neck pain disappears after a short while, mainly after having enough rest. In other cases though, neck pain even intensifies over time. If taking pain relief medications don’t work for you, fortunately, there are several natural alternatives that you may rely on. Whether you have a neck injury as a result of vigorous, rapid to and fro movement of the neck or you woke up with a stiff neck, there are several natural remedies to help you deal with your pain.

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5 Methods To Naturally Alleviate Neck Pain

Check out the following natural ways to cope with neck pain without taking any pain reliever:

Do Yoga

Do you have a yoga mat tucked away somewhere? Then it’s time to dust it off. If you’re experiencing neck pain, yoga could be an effective way of relieving neck pain. Some yoga poses for neck pain include extended triangle pose, cat cow pose, thread the needle pose, and standing forward bend pose.

The effectiveness of yoga is two-fold. First, this method may help decrease stress levels since you get the chance to examine your thoughts and emotions and increase the alertness of your mind as you concentrate on your breathing. Similarly, you get to stretch your body which is known as a superb therapy for neck pain as the taut muscles get relaxed. Focus on stretches that primarily target the neck.

Try Travel Pillows

If you have to take your kids with you on a trip, chances are you’ll be worried about them falling asleep anywhere whether on a plane, train, or car seat. However, sleeping isn’t the concern here, but rather having a stiff neck or headache at the end of the trip. This may also happen to you.

Hence, the invention of travel pillows. The list of products is long out there but keep in mind that travel neck pillow for kids should provide the soft support your children need to sleep better during the road trip and feel better once you arrive at your destination.

For example, organic buckwheat pillows are perfect for traveling, especially for kids, as they’re compact, smooth, and soft. Check out this video to see how they’re handcrafted.


Exercising with neck pain sounds weird, right? However, being up and about is a natural, stress-free approach to relieving neck pain. Engaging in some form of exercise while experiencing pain doesn’t sound attractive or interesting, but you need to fight the impulse to catnap on the sofa. After all, going past the pain is worth the effort!

If you work out, you may have more enthusiasm during the day. Remember, exercise has a lot of benefits to your mind and body; it may help toughen your muscles, enhance your frame of mind, and ensure a healthy weight. All these factors may strengthen your capacity to handle pain, including neck pain.

Use A Pillow Roll

If you’ve experienced neck pain before, then you’re aware of how it can hinder you from looking up or down, turning your head, or accomplishing basic errands and chores such as cooking and washing your clothes. Even when in a resting position, it can still feel very uncomfortable; what’s worse, the pain won’t even let you sleep!

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A neck roll pillow can provide soft support to your neck while you’re sleeping. The roll supports or keeps your neck in the correct posture, helping you fall asleep on your side or back.

Go For A Massage

Apart from the relaxing feeling that a massage gives, getting a massage may help loosen the rigidity of your neck. You’ll be surprised when you realize that from time to time, neck pain may be caused by chronic stress. When you’re experiencing stressful situations, you have a tendency to unconsciously stress your muscles too. This leads to tautness in your muscles.

Getting a massage may give you composure, making it less probable for you to have a stiff neck. You may do it at home using self-massage tools for the neck and back or choose to avail a massage treatment. The therapy is more intense compared with the regular massages; however, it’s particularly meant for pain relief. You can’t go wrong with a good massage when you’re experiencing neck pain.


Be it a stubborn pain or pain caused by a recent wound; you shouldn’t experience the limitations that come with neck pain. Upholding fitness and safety necessitates paying attention to your entire body. Most of the time, natural ways can be used to treat neck pain at home; however, if your pain doesn’t alleviate, or worse, becomes too severe, you should consider visiting a doctor.

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