5 Gorgeous Islands Near Trivandrum You Should Visit In 2021

Commonly known as Thiruvananthapuram and the capital of the ‘Land of the Gods’, Trivandrum is not only full of sight-seeing places that are worth visiting, but it is located quite close to some of Kerala’s grand islands. We will tell you all about it Islands near Trivandrum And get all the necessary information regarding them. Also known as the “Evergreen City of India” due to frequent changes and updates, the city was built around 3000 years ago.

It is one of the oldest cities in India, which is not only mentioned in the history books of India but also in Greek and Roman literature. The most famous king of Kerala was Maharaja Marthanada, and he was the founder of the famous Padmanabhaswamy temple. This temple is one of the major tourist attractions of Trivandrum whether you are a spiritual person or not. You will be enchanted by the magnificence of the amazing temple.

At the time of British rule, Trivandrum was listed as a princely state and was one of the richest in the country. Essential spots that you should not miss in your vacation to Trivandrum include Sri Anant, The Napier Museum, Sri Chitra Art Gallery, Priyadarshini Space Planetarium, Kerala Science and Technology Museum, Koviyar Mahal, and many more.

Reaching Thiruvananthapuram is quite accessible as it not only has an international airport but also has a railway station nearby. Not only almost all the cities of India but important places in the world are also easily connected with this city.

Top 5 islands near Trivandrum

Without further ado we tell you about the beautiful islands near Trivandrum which you cannot miss. Check the list and make your selection.

1. East Island

East island


Poovar Island is not only famous for being very beautiful, but it also has a productive historical impact on the development of Kerala. The fishing village located in one of the most famous islands near Trivandrum played an essential role in the rise of King Marthanda Varma of Travancore. He was the one who named the city Poovar. The island was founded before the 9th century AD

You will be surprised to see the confluence of Arabian Sea, lakes and rivers and soak in all the solitude of nature. The island is primarily a fishing village, and therefore it would be a better idea to look at the daily lives of hardworking fishermen and see them on duty. The lush greenery of trees and water will take you all over the world. If you travel between November to March you will be able to explore the island comfortably.

How to reach Poovar Island: You will be able to reach Poovar Island by hiring a taxi from Trivandrum railway station as there is no direct railway station in it. Otherwise, you can get there by getting a taxi from Dhanuvachpuram as there is a railway station which is located 9 km from the spot.

Distance from Trivandrum to Poovar Island: 55 km

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2. Ponnumathurathu Islands

Ponnumthuruthu Island
Ponnumthuruthu Island – image

Ponnumathuthu Island is also known as the Golden Island and is one of the most famous islands near Trivandrum. The entire area is surrounded by Angelo backwaters and is easily accessible from Nedunga village. You will be able to see amazing views of the peaks out there.

The island is located very close to Varkala and sports a wide variety of flora and fauna. Apart from the natural beauty, the island also has a temple of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. The temple was built over 100 years ago and is quite popular among the religious people of Kerala. If you want to spend some time between the coconut trees and the authentic beauty of Kerala, then Ponnumathurathu Island will not disappoint you.

How to reach Ponnumathuthu Island: Being located 30 km from Trivandrum International Airport, you can easily reach the island. If you are reluctant to travel by airplane, you can opt for a train, as you will get many trains to travel to Trivandrum from any part of India.

Distance from Trivandrum to Ponnumthurthu Island: The entire distance between Thiruvananthapuram and the island is 30 km.

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3. Eider Island

Island Hopping
Island Hopping

If you want to visit a peaceful place in Trivandrum, then Eider Island is the best option for you. Not only is it located quite close to the capital of Kerala, but it is a breath of fresh air from the hustle and bustle of the city. You will be quite surprised to know that more than 500 people do not live in one of the most beautiful islands near Trivandrum and most of them live by fishing.

The entire island can be covered within an hour as it occupies an area of ​​two and a half square kilometers. You will be able to see the holy temple of Parashuram located there. Another interesting fact about the island is that you will be able to find a church from there as well. In a small area, the island actually defines the meaning of secularism.

How to reach Eder Island: You will be able to reach Eder Island without any problem as it is located only 7 km from Trivandrum city. Usually, people travel by sitting on a ghat or on a ferry that can be found near Thiruvallam.

Distance to Trivandrum: The island is located 7 km from Trivandrum.

4. Ezhumanthurthu Island

Pari Island Beach
Pari Island Beach

Ezhumanthuruthu is not technically located in Trivandrum, but is easily accessible from there. It is an attractive island with the beauty of Kerala. The island is mainly located quite close to Kottayam and is easily accessible from there. Not only is this island popular among tourists, but many people living in Kerala go there for a picnic or chase for their hobby of photography.

You will not only be able to see the grand sunrise or sunset from there, but you will also be able to see the Kunnumal Kavudevi temple. The temple charms these islands even more near Trivandrum. You can enjoy sports like beach ball or volleyball with your friends and family or can also opt for swimming.

How to reach Ezhumanthuruthu Island: The island is quite accessible as it is located very close to Kottayam. There are many ferry services that will transfer you from the city to the island. If you are coming from Trivandrum, you can opt for a rental car that will take you to Kottayam. The journey will take approximately three and a half hours.

Distance between Ezhumanthuruthu and Trivandrum: 170 km

5. Monroe Island

Munroe Island
Munroe Island – image

Munro Island is located very close to Kollam but is easily accessible from Trivandrum. The island is situated amidst the beautiful backwaters of Kerala. There are a total of eight islands out there, and you will be amazed by the magnificent beauty of the island. Not only is the island famous for its natural beauty, but the famous Snake Boat Festival takes place everywhere. Many tourists visit these islands near Trivandrum during festive times for ten days.

How to reach Monroe Island: You will be able to get a ferry service from Kollam as it is located quite close to the city. If you are traveling from Trivandrum, you will have to take a rental taxi.
Distance between Munro Island and Trivandrum: 78 km

All the islands mentioned in the above list are not only enchantingly beautiful, but they are well maintained, and the credit goes to the Tourism Department of Kerala. You will have a great time exploring the islands near Trivandrum, so plan a trip to Kerala.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Islands near Trivandrum

Q. What is the most famous island of Kerala which is located in Trivandrum?

a. Poovar Island is one of the most famous islands in Kerala, which is located very close to Trivandrum.

Q. What is the distance between Poovar Island and Thiruvananthapuram?

a. The entire distance between Trivandrum and Poovar Island is 32 km. You can easily reach there by boat from Thiruvananthapuram.

Q. Which islands are near Trivandrum?

a. Trivandrum is not only a bustling city, but it also has some grand scenic spots. Some islands are located a short distance from Trivandrum which include Munro Island, Ezhumanthurthu Island, Poovar Island and many more.

Q. What is the distance between Munro Island and Trivandrum?

a. Munro Island is located 77 km from Trivandrum.

Q. What is the appropriate time to visit Thiruvananthapuram?

a. Trivandrum is quite hot, and if you visit the city at any time other than winter, you will not be able to explore the city easily. So it is smart to visit the city between November to March.

Q. How many days are enough to find Trivandrum?

a. You will be able to explore Thiruvananthapuram within two days.

Q. What are some of the top shopping destinations in Trivandrum?

a. Trivandrum is a shopper’s paradise, and has plenty of options, where you can shop at Stacey International, Konamara Bazaar, Chali Bazar, MG Road and many more.

Q. What to buy in Trivandrum?

a. There are many things for which Thiruvananthapuram is quite famous, including spices, coir handicrafts, tea and coffee and many more. Most people have a day for shopping in Trivandrum.

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