5 Friendships That Would Work (& 5 That Wouldn’t)

When people think about Disney, they typically go straight to the princess movies, and two of the most popular of these kinds of movies are Tangled and Beauty And The Beast.

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These two movies have something for everyone. They have the romance, they have strong female leads, great comedic sidekicks, and fantastic villains. But if they were to find themselves in the same world, which friendships would work? Could Gaston become pals with Pascal, or would Mother Gothel prove to be so frustrating that even Lumiere couldn’t deal with her?

10 Would Work: Maximus & Cogsworth

Maximus from Tangled and Cogsworth from Beauty and the Beast

Maximus and Cogsworth are two of the funniest characters from their respective movies, but not intentionally. They’re serious about what they do and they focus on their roles constantly, which can allow them to appear grumpy at times.

However, deep down, they each have a lot of love for their respective prince/princess pairing, and they’d do anything for them. Put these two characters together and there is no doubt that they would find a friendship, being able to be moody, yet secretly fun together.

9 Wouldn’t Work: Mother Gothel & Mrs. Potts

Mother Gothel from Tangled and Mrs Potts from Beauty and the Beast

Mrs. Potts is a kind and caring individual who puts everyone else’s needed in front of her own. Whether it’s the Beast, Belle, or Chip, she is always looking to help others. She’s compassionate and also wise, and that intelligence would likely allow her to see straight through Mother Gothel and her lies.

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Mother Gothel likes to paint herself as someone who is kind, but that isn’t the case. She’s a cunning individual who plots ahead of time to ensure she gets whatever she wants, which would likely see her try to have an influence on the castle itself, which wouldn’t work out well with Mrs. Potts around.

8 Would Work: Flynn Rider & Lumiere

Flynn Rider and Lumiere

Flynn Rider might not always be a perfect person, with his history of burglary not painting him in the best light. However, he is someone who is kind in reality, he cares for others and brings a huge amount of energy into everything he does.

This is why he’d get along with Lumiere, as Flynn would appreciate the showmanship nature, even if he pretends not to at first. They’re two characters who are happy to do anything for those that they care about, and that would help them to connect.

7 Wouldn’t Work: Mother Gothel & Maurice

Mother Gothel from Tangled and Maurice from Beauty and the Beast

The two parents of their respective stories are characters who would likely not get along at all. While both of them claim to love and care for their children, the reality is that’s not really the case when it comes to Mother Gothel.

She’s cunning and sly, trapping Rapunzel to use her for the magical abilities that she has. This is something Maurice wouldn’t respect, as he genuinely loves his daughter and actively pushes Belle to achieve as much as she can in life.

6 Would Work: Stabbington Brothers & Gaston

Stabbington Brothers from Tangled and Gaston from Beauty and the Beast

The Stabbington Brothers are two very greedy characters who put all of their focus throughout the movie into trying to capture the princess’s crown. They’re shown to be violent and aggressive, with both of them doing whatever it takes to get what they want.

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This is why they’d be perfect friends with Gaston, as he’s another person who believes he can have anything that he wants. From Belle’s hand in marriage to wanting to kill the Beast, Gaston’s arrogance allows him to think he will do it all, and having the Stabbington Brothers by his side could be helpful in that.

5 Wouldn’t Work: Flynn Rider & Belle

Flynn Rider from Tangled and Belle from Beauty and the Beast

Flynn Rider has no shortage of confidence and charm, which is something that he uses to full effect throughout the movie in order to win over Rapunzel. He eventually proves himself to be a nice man, but his original arrogance is something that would put off Belle.

Unlike Rapunzel, Belle likely wouldn’t want to give him the time of day after his original introductions. Belle would be put off by his arrogance, which is something that she doesn’t like, hence why she turns down Gaston’s advances.

4 Would Work: Hook Hand & Beast

Hook Hanf THug from Tangled and Beast from Beauty and the Beast

These two characters have something in common in the fact that they’re both often judged before people ever get the chance to know them, purely based on their appearances. While they can be a little grouchy, both of them are actually kind and intelligent on the inside.

All it takes is someone trying to get to know them to uncover that reality, with the two of them being a lot smarter than they might appear. They would have some interesting conversations together, and likely look to change the perspective of others about them.

3 Wouldn’t Work: Maximus & LeFou

Maximus from Tangled and LeFou from Beauty and the Beast

Another pair of friends that wouldn’t work out is Maximus and LeFou. While the Beauty & The Beast character isn’t all that villainous in reality, he does find himself on the wrong side of the good and evil situation, which is largely down to his friendship with Gaston.

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So, even though he can be funny, LeFou would end up being an enemy as far as Maximus is concerned. Because the horse is so serious about his job and wanting to perform his tasks to perfection, they wouldn’t get along at all.

2 Would Work: Rapunzel & Belle

Rapunzel and Belle - Disney princesses

These two Disney Princesses would be best friends, with their similar love for exploration, adventure, and wanting to learn more about as much as possible. Their overall energy, kindness, and excitement for life would make them work well as friends.

They don’t judge others and instead try to understand people and they’re always happy to help those who need it. Together, they would likely have a lot of fun and would become brilliant friends.

1 Wouldn’t Work: Pascal & Gaston

Pascal from Tangled and Gaston from Beauty and the bEAST

Gaston doesn’t like anything that he cannot control. He wants to be in charge of everything, and everyone, and he’s happy to manipulate others to get that or use his power to dominate himself over others.

The problem with this potential friendship is that Pascal wouldn’t allow Gaston to control him. He’s a totally free spirit, and he is also a character who is happy to annoy others when needed, which he would certainly do to Gaston, pushing his buttons as much as possible.

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