5 Friendships That Would Work (& 5 That Would Turn Ugly)

5 Friendships That Would Work: Curiosity about franchise crossovers lurks in the secret parts of many fan’s hearts with Kingdom Hearts and Harry Potter being no exception. These are classic cornerstones in the hearts of  90’s kids and have maintained a solid fan base in later generations. While each universe is vastly different from the other, they both deal with epic mystical forces and have an entire cast of heroes and villains for fans to feel every sort of way about.

Harry Potter is owned by Universal Studios, thus the chances of Hogwarts showing up as a new world for Sora and friends to explore is slim, but that doesn’t keep fans from fantasizing! How would these infamous casts of characters interact?

5 Friendships That Would Work
5 Friendships That Would Work

10 Sora And Harry Would Work

While a team comprised of only Sora and Harry would likely end in disaster for the heroes, both of them are far too impulsive and reckless to make a good fighting duo, a friendship between the two would inevitably flourish! Harry, a man who willingly let Voldemort kill him to give his friends a chance to win the war, and Sora, the boy who dove into the past to save Kairi before fading away, would quickly recognize the similarities in each other characters. Courage, loyalty, and a self-sacrificing nature define these two protagonists and would be the building blocks to a legendary friendship.

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Voldemort And Xehanort Would Turn Ugly

Some might think that these two villains would get along fabulously! They both have a knack for manipulation, torture, and killing, after all, yet this is not the case. First and foremost, these two characters are much too narcissistic to ever work together. This is shown as they continually dismiss their respective heroic counterparts even after stacking up defeat after defeat. You can’t be friends with someone who thinks they’re better than you and has the will and power to prove it. What truly would set these villains against each other, though, is their differences in drive. Voldemort’s only concern is for strength and never shows mercy. Xenahort, on the other hand, continually states that he commits his atrocities for his pursuit of ultimate knowledge and, eventually, it is revealed that he had planned to use that knowledge to recreate the worlds into better places. Xenahort’s and Voldemort’s visions simply do not coincide.

Ron And Goofy Would Work

Whether it’s infiltrating the Ministry with Harry or aiding Sora against an all-powerful Keyblade Master, Goofy and Ron are loyal above all else. They are also, often, the comic relief for their individual groups of friends and thus help provide needed relief in stressful situations. Yet these shared attributes in character aren’t what make Ron and Goofy perfect as friends, rather it’s the differences in their characters that make them so compatible. Ron matures greatly in Harry Potter and The Deathly Hollows, yet his character is still marked by insensitivity and insecurity, leading him to butt heads with even his friends on occasion. Goofy, always the voice of calm and reason for the three half-pints would help smooth out the tension caused by Ron’s negative attributes thus making them one super dependable duo!

Sora And Hermione Would Not Work… Unfortunately

Logic, order, and a no-nonsense attitude define the character of Hermione Granger making her everything Sora isn’t. These qualities made her perfect for the prefect position where she was able to enforce the rules of Hogwarts.  Sora, on the other hand, shows a lack of respect and decorum as he is constantly cracking silly jokes with his friends in serious situations and ignores formalities with many important people in his universe. Hermione could respect Sora for his courage and self-sacrificing nature, but his childish ways of being would be ultimately intolerable to her.

Yen Sid And Dumbledore Would Work

These two master magicians are two sides of the same coin and would make great buddies! They are both highly intelligent, mysterious, calm, collected, and are significantly influential over the greater events happening around them.

Yen Sid is much more straight edge than the eccentric Dumbledore and these seemingly contrary attributes in their personalities would seal the deal for their relationship. Dumbledore’s silliness could offset Yen Sid’s constant scowl as they guide their colleagues in the fight against darkness.

Snape And Kairi Wouldn’t Work

Kairi exemplifies the values you’d expect from a Princess of Heart. She is kind and charismatic, always seeming to make fast friends with those around her. Snape is very upfront about the way she is feeling and this honesty makes her shine even brighter. She is, more or less, Snape’s opposite. Severus Snape isn’t a bad guy, he takes great risks to himself in order to be a double agent for Dumbledore, yet his character is cold, emotionless, and spiteful. He views people who wear their hearts on their sleeves, like Kairi, as weak and foolish, thus making a friendship between the two mostly impossible, though that wouldn’t stop Kairi from trying.

Aqua And Molly Would Work

Gentle, caring, and warm are three words that fit both Aqua and Molly perfectly. While neither character is opposed to whipping out their favored weapons and annihilating their opponents, especially if a friend or family member is in danger, these two characters are all about protecting and mothering. We see this in the way Aqua interacts with a young Kairi, and Molly’s quick acceptance of Harry as part of the Weasley family. These two are the only true mom figures we see in either story and those qualities would make them close friends.

Fred, George, And Donald Would Be Hilarious But Wouldn’t Work

Short-tempered and impatient, Donald would make the perfect plaything for the twins! Fred and George are some of the greatest tricksters in fantasy and what trickster could resist messing with a duck that completely loses his marbles at everything? Fans should easily be able to imagine a scenario where Donald is tricked into using a boxing telescope by the twins ultimately leading to a magic blasting chase of epic proportions.

While this would be absolutely hilarious for all involved, except Donald, a friendship between these three would be slow in forming, if it formed at all.

Pete And Dudley Would Work

Duddley Dursley is a spoiled brat and bully. He manipulates the people around him to get what he wants and uses devastating insults to assert his perceived power. While he goes through major character changes later in the series, his earlier aspect would make him a great friend for Pete! A commonly recurring villain in Kingdom Hearts, Pete relies on sneaky tricks to accomplish his goals and is often throwing around insults at friends and foes alike to help himself seem strong. A friendship between these two would be a nightmare for the defenseless and a treat for each other.

Hagrid And Maleficent Would End In Disaster

Hagrid is like a giant teddy bear that you just want to hug whereas Maleficent is literally an evil witch obsessed with power. These differences, however, are not the only reasons these two could not build a friendship. Simply put, Hagrid would want to capture and care for Maleficent. Maleficent can and does turn into a dragon on numerous occasions. Hagrid, a man obsessed with magical beasts, couldn’t resist taming and caring for Maleficent. The most likely result of this pairing is a scorched pile of half-giant bones.

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