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5 Dos and Don’ts for a Beautiful 50

5 Dos and Don’ts for a Beautiful 50

Beautiful 50: According to CNN, life expectancy is expected to exceed 85 in many countries by 2030. With that in mind, many lifestyle experts are stating that fifty is the new forty. So if you are hitting the big 5-0, you only have reason to celebrate, not mourn.

If your 50th birthday is in sight, here are 5 tips to keep you looking as young as you feel.

  1. Do focus on your smile.

Smiles are universal and universally appealing. But if you have not been paying attention to your smile of late, it might be time to start doing so now. Teeth can yellow if left alone without whitening treatments. Wine, coffee, and other strongly pigmented foods can discolor our teeth and cause our teeth to yellow. When this happens, you might feel tempted to stop smiling or to withdraw from events that might cause you to show your teeth.

But our social lives matter as we age. Therefore, priority should be given to oral health issues. Ask your dentist what needs to be done in order to maintain good oral health. Book regular teeth whitening sessions. Or ask those questions that have long been on your mind. For example, “Do I have enough bone for a dental implant?

Consider replacing teeth that are missing. Not only will you keep your teeth from drifting out of alignment. But you will also be preserving your bite, which will allow you to eat the nutritious foods that you need to stay in the best of health.

  1. Don’t wear clothes that don’t fit.

Too lazy to do an overhaul on your wardrobe? Your clothes could make you look larger or less fit than you are. Clothes should complement your body. But your body changes shape over the years. And what looked good on you 10 years ago, might no longer fit the bill today.

You might like shopping at a boutique that targets 30-year-olds. But chances are high that outfits from such shops are less able to suit the needs of a 50-year-old body. Go to a shop that caters to those in your age group. Try each piece of clothing on before purchasing it. Make sure it not only fits well but also flatters your shape. If it fits but does not flatter, don’t settle. Hold out for a piece that does both.

Beauty at 50 age
Beauty at 50 age
  1. Don’t buy clothes that don’t flatter your coloring.

Do you know what colors flatter your skin tone? If you don’t, this one is worth learning, no matter how long it takes to get down.

Wearing the right color can be the difference between giving your complexion the blush of youth. Or aging your face by several years.

The first step in figuring out the colors that flatter you is figuring out if you have a cool skin tone or a warm skin tone. Take a look at the veins on the inside of your wrist. If the veins look green, yours is a warm skin tone. Colors that look good with your skin tone are ivory, peach, bronze, red, beige, camel, browns, and other earthy tones.

If the veins on the underside of your wrist look purple or blue, yours is a cool skin tone. Colors that will look great on you include blue, rose, lavender, and grey.

Do prioritize your beauty sleep.

Long gone are the days when you could get by with skimping on a full night of sleep. From here on out, and likely for some time, each hour that you steal from shut-eye time is an hour that shows up on your face as lines and dark bags under your eyes.

Whatever you have to do to get in your beauty sleep, do it. Make it an immovable and sacred part of your day. Not only will you peel back the years from your face with this very simple move. But you will also be improving your mood, your skin’s appearance, and boosting your immune system, too.

  1. Do give your hair the attention it deserves.

A great hair day has the power to lift a so-so outfit or mood and turn your mood and day around. But how do you achieve a great hair every day? The answer? Even if they want you to believe otherwise, hairstylists are not all equal. Some are better than others when it comes to working with the hair needs of those who are over 50. Ask around for referrals from your lady friends of the same age. Find a hairstylist who knows how to do hair that fits the needs of your demographic. And who can help tailor today’s styles to your needs.

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