One of the most important steps in getting help with your addiction is recognizing when you have a problem. Understanding these 5 common signs of addiction can help you recognize addiction to make sure yourself or a loved one can get help when it’s needed most.

5 Common Signs of Addiction
5 Common Signs of Addiction

1. Obsessive behavior

When it comes to recognizing addiction, obsessive behavior is often one of the first signs you’ll notice. Things like gambling or alcohol and marijuana use can be done in moderation, but you should be concerned when you notice somebody choosing these habits over things like work and relationships. This is one of the telltale signs that somebody is addicted to a substance or activity and needs to visit a Denver detox center.

2. Disregarding harm caused

There are a lot of ways that addiction can cause harm to others. In some cases, addiction may cause a person to be abusive towards others. However, in most cases, addiction simply causes a lot of emotional trauma for the people who have to watch a loved one go through the trials and tribulations of addiction. If a person is able to cause this type of harm to friends and loved ones, that’s a good indicator that they’re suffering from addiction.

3. Denial or hiding use

When people do things like gambling or drinking alcohol for fun, there’s no reason to hide that from anybody. If somebody you know is hiding the fact that they use drugs or alcohol or engage in some other potentially addictive behavior, it’s probably because that behavior is becoming a problem. People tend to hind the fact that they’re doing these things to avoid the confrontation that comes when a loved one recognizes signs of addiction.

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4. Loss of control

Whether you’re talking about eating your favorite food, enjoying an alcoholic beverage or gambling, you should always be able to comfortably call it quits when it’s time. If you or somebody you know is constantly finding excuses to keep engaging in addictive behavior, chances are they’ve lost control and are dealing with addiction. This loss of control is what leads to daily use that inevitably hinders several aspects of daily life.

5. Physical signs of addiction

In addition to all the behavioral signs of addiction, there are physical signs to look out for, too. If a person has enlarged or small pupils, suddenly gains or loses a lot of weight, has slurred speech or bloodshot eyes, they may be abusing drugs or alcohol. Of course, it’s also important to note that there are a lot of things that can replicate the physical signs of addiction, so this is only one way to tell.

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Whether you think you or a loved one may be dealing with addiction, it’s important to understand how to recognize addiction. These five signs are a good starting point if you’re trying to determine whether or not somebody has an addiction. If you or a loved one are suffering from addiction, make sure you get help as soon as possible.

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