5 common mistakes that any photographers make!

Five common mistakes that many photographers make!

The mistake is a common factor in everyone’s life. We all make them. And in photography, the errors are so common that almost all the photographers have got hilarious stories to share. I had often gone on to click a photo when I realized that I have not taken off the lens cap. And we all know the story of the photographer who dropped his camera simply because he forgot to hang it around his neck.

5 common mistakes of photographers

Well, it is not necessary to learn from your mistakes in a hard way. Today we are going to discuss five common mistakes that you can easily avoid once you know them. So here we go,

  • How to Avoid Blurry Photos: most of us have clicked images that we thought would come out well, only to realize that the image is blurry. One easy way to avoid this is to increase the shutter speed. Make sure that the speed is faster than the focal length.

However, in the case of moving subjects, it often gets challenging to click blur-free photos. Set your camera into action mode, or you can increase the shutter speed manually. Another interesting tip is to keep the trigger pressed halfway so that when you are ready, take the shot.

  • How to avoid Boring Photos: your main aim should be to click photos that don’t look like everyone else’s. You need to discover your signature. For that to happen, if you have to move out of your comfort zone, do that. Try out exciting subjects, click offbeat images from unusual angles. In other words, explore until you are happy with the results.

Don’t settle for lackluster photos. Go for something exceptional. Even if you fail, you will discover new techniques that you can polish to create your signature style.

  • Don’t Rely on Post Processing: nowadays, many photographers depend on the post-processing software. No doubt it is a great invention and has solved many problems that we used to face earlier, but don’t you think we rely on it too much.

Instead of planning to improve the quality of the image in post-processing, why don’t you make an effort to correct it manually? Before you click the subject, why don’t you take a sample photo to see whether the lighting is all right? Do you feel the white balance needs to be improved? Whatever can be corrected manually, correct it.

The less dependent you are on the post-processing software, the more inspired your image will be. The depth of the image will also improve.

  • Poor Lighting can damage any photo: you must be aware of how poor lighting can ruin even the right subject. No matter how high-end camera you are using, if the light is weak, you cannot do anything. Even post-processing software can improve the quality of your photo.

So before you click the final photo, always do a sample test to find out if the lighting is alright. If not, take measures to get the lighting right.

  • Don’t be afraid to make mistakes: in the world of photography, you cannot be scared of making any mistakes. When you are open to making mistakes, you will end up learning new things as well.

So go ahead and click some fantastic images. Don’t forget to explore!

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