5 Best Places To Visit In Assam In June Which Are Worth A Visit!

Assam is one of the most important and most influential north-eastern states in India. This is important not only for its political outlook but also for its stunning natural beauty. The beauty of Assam lies in its mountains, its rivers, its tea gardens, among other aspects. It is also a gateway to neighboring countries in India, like Bhutan and Bangladesh. Due to the current political scenario, Assam may be in a chaotic situation, but in general, Assam is completely peaceful, and many people prefer to go there in June. The monsoon in Assam is quite infamous as the Brahmaputra river often floods some parts of the state, but the rain is not so heavy in June. Many people prefer the colder weather than the humid summer or winter. Assam is widely famous among the nature-lovers of the world as it is home to many species of flora and fauna. With all the beautiful sights and attractions of Assam, it is a great place to visit in June. To find the best of the state, explore these Places to visit in Assam in June And enjoy the pleasant weather and many more things.

Places to visit in Assam on 5 June

The attractions described in the list below not only provide spectacular views, but they are perfect for you to enjoy the onset of monsoon with your family and friends. These places become even more beautiful with rain, and you will have a good time to spend a few days at these places.

1. Majuli

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Majuli is not only the world’s most abundant freshwater land, but it is a visual spectacle. It is an island with a total area of ​​1250 square kilometers. Since being listed on the UNESCO World Heritage Site, tourists from not only India but around the world visit there. This entire area is not only spectacular, but it gives you a glimpse into the lives of the tribal people living there. People like to go there in June as the island becomes even more spectacular amid the rains in Assam.

Places to visit in Majuli: Majuli has some exciting sights, including Kalambari Satra, Gamur, Tengapania and many more.

How to reach Majuli Islands: Majuli is located 20 km from Jorhat, and you can visit Jorhat without any problems as it not only has a railway station, but also an airport. From Jorhat, you will have to get a ferry to travel to Majuli.

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2. Hajo

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The Hajo is quite sacred to Hindu, Muslim and Buddhist people. This place is very sacred and also completely secular. You will be surprised to see temples and idols of Shiva, Vishnu, Buddha and Muslim saints at the same time and at the same place. Hajo is famous among tourists worldwide, because outside a temple, the Hayagriva Madhava temple is known as the place where Buddhadeva attained nirvana. The Powa Mecca Mosque located in Hajo is responsible for its popularity among the Muslim community. If you visit Hajo in June, you will be surprised by the lush greenery that surrounds the entire region and is accompanied by comfortable weather.

Places to visit in Hajo: You have to visit some holy and important areas in Hajo. On the contrary, you visit Hajo Powa Mecca, Hayagriva Mahadev Temple, Kedareshwar Temple, Kameshwari Temple, and many other places.

How to reach Hajo: Hazo, located just 25 km from Guwahati, is easily accessible from any part of India. You can take a rental taxi and go there without any problems.

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3. Nalbadi

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Nalbari is quite popular among nature lovers as it is situated at the base of Eastern Himalayas and hence it is surrounded by mountains. Along the paddy fields, forests, Brahmaputra River, the area is visually stunning. Apart from the natural beauty, this place is quite famous for the number of essential temples located there. When you go there, you will also witness the lives of the local people living there. Many people like to go there in June because the temperature drops a lot due to rain and they can see the area quite comfortably.
Places to visit in Nalbari: Throughout the year Nalbari is visited by some famous sites, including Buddhist Temple, Hari Temple, Bileshwar Temple, Daulashal Temple, and many more.

How to reach Nalbari: The nearest railway station and airport from Nalbari is located in Guwahati, and the distance between them is 72 km. From Guwahati you can reach Nalbari by taking a cab for hire.

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4. Karimganj

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Karimganj is one of the most important cities in Assam, and is quite different from other big cities in India. It is quiet, devoid of pollution, and is visually beautiful. The maximum area of ​​Karimganj is littered with wetlands and paddy fields, and is therefore essential to the agricultural production of Assam. In June, Karimganj becomes more beautiful as the entire area is covered with lush greenery of the forest. The weather also becomes very comfortable as summers are very hot. If you go there, you will be able to see its border with Bangladesh.
Places to visit in Karimganj: Karimganj does not lack sightseeing for its tourists. Some of them are Chhatachura Range, Duhalia Range, Malegarh Crematorium, Edmail Range and many more.

How to reach Karimganj: One can be reached from Karimganj via flights through its nearest airport which is located in Shillong.

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5. Jorhat

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Jorhat is yet another important city of Assam which is famous not only for its natural beauty and cultural importance but also because of its tea gardens. The city is mainly based on tea gardens, and there are 135 of them. Most of the tourists go there to see the magnificent beauty of the tea gardens. If you are planning to go to Assam in June, do not forget to explore Jorhat as the weather and weather are very beautiful in that month. In addition, the river island is located quite close to Majuli Jorhat, and many people live there very efficiently to explore the island.
Places to visit in Jorhat: Apart from Majuli, Jorhat also has other popular scenic spots, including Holongapar Gibbon Wildlife Sanctuary, Dheyakhova Bornamghar, Nimati Ghat, Cinnamon Tea Plantation and many more.

How to reach Jorhat: Jorhat can be easily accessed via airports and railway stations via trains, flights and roads.

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However it should be said that Assam should be avoided in July or August as there is a possibility of landslides and floods during those months. However, in June, you will not have any problem as the rainfall is quite low while the weather is quite cold. These places seem to be quite safe for people to roam and enjoy a fantastic time. So now when you plan a vacation in Assam, be sure to enjoy the place, like never in the midst of the real beauty of that place.

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Frequently asked questions about places to visit in Assam in June

Q. Which are the most visited places in Assam in June?

A. Although you can experience rain in June, you will have a wonderful time enjoying the June rains at Majuli, Hajo, Silchar, Jorhat, and many more places in Assam.

Q. Can I visit Kaziranga National Park in Assam in June?

A. No, Kaziranga National Park is closed in June to avoid the monsoon. The park reopens in November every year.

Q. What is the average temperature of Jorhat in June?

A. Jorhat’s average maximum and minimum temperatures are 32 and 25 degrees Celsius respectively in June. It is one of the most visited places in Assam in June.

Q. How to reach Silchar in June?

A. Silchar is easily accessible from anywhere in India as it is connected to Guwahati and Kolkata via road, train and flights. The railway station is connected to Guwahati via several trains.

Q. What are the top places to visit in Karimganj, Assam during June?

a. Karimganj is quite popular among tourists to visit in June because of the view and comfortable weather. You should visit the most sought after places such as Chauth Chura Range, Duhalia Range, Kushira River, and many more.

Q. Is it safe to go to Nalbari in Assam in June?

A. Nalbari is quite hot, but the temperature drops considerably due to the arrival of monsoon in June. You can visit Nalbari in June, but do not go there in July or August as the area is prone to landslides and you may face problems in coming there.

Q. What is the distance between Guwahati to Silchar?

A. The total distance between Silchar and Guwahati is 300 km.

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