5 Best Beaches Near Madurai One Must Visit To Enjoy A Relaxing Vacay!


Madurai is located in Tamil Nadu, and is not only essential due to the pristine beaches and incredible natural beauty, but it is also the third largest city in the state. The city is quite ancient and was established thousands of years ago. Originally, the city was the capital for the Pandya dynasty and was one of the most important sites in the entirety of southern India. Madurai is exceptionally sacred and sacred to many people of Hinduism. The city was an important trading and shipping destination for ancient India. Therefore, its existence can also be found in the books of Greek, Arabic and Roman. He continued trade with India through Madurai. Along with the magnificent historical monuments, Madurai has some beautiful beaches that will surprise you.

5 beaches in Madurai

Here is the list of the best beaches in Madurai, which is definitely not a must see if they plan to hang out with their family or friends.

1. Tuticorin Beach

very popular among tourists of all nationalists


Tuticorin beach is located in Tamil Nadu and is very popular among tourists of all nationalists. Not only is the beach mesmerizingly beautiful, but it is quite essential in India’s business history. If you plan a trip to Tuticorin Beach, you will get to know about the pearl fishing industry and even to buy precious pearls at a relatively low price compared to any other part of India. Not only is the place famous for its natural beauty, but you will also find tourist attractions, such as Our Lady of Snows Basilica Church, Roche Park, Rajaji Park, Nehru Park, and more.

If you stay in the beach area a few days, you can also visit some other connecting beaches, such as Pearl City Beach, Nagar Naya Beach, and many other places. There are many shops in Tuticorin Beach, where you can buy beautiful souvenirs of Tamil Nadu. You will be able to find many hotels there.

How to reach Tuticorin Beach: You can easily reach Tuticorin beach as it is located very close to Tuticorin railway station which is connected to major cities of India.
Distance between Madurai to Tuticorin: 150 km

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2. Ariman Beach

beach in the brown sand and relax


Ariyaman Beach is located in Rameswaram and is extremely popular Not only among the tourists due to the religious implications but also the uniqueness of the place. The city of Rameswaram in Tamil Nadu is located far from the mainland, and Ariyaman beach is a part of it. You will be able to see the Gulf of Mannar from the beach and can relax in the brown sand of the sea shore.

If you are looking for solitude for a few days, then Ariman beach is the place for you. But for all the action-enthusiasts, this beach has plenty of activities for you. You can participate in waterboarding, parasailing, paragliding and beach surfing. If you plan to stay for a few days at the beach, you can visit Panchmukh Anjaneya Temple, Agnithirtham, Aquarium, Muthupettai Ramanathapuram and many other sightseeing places. You will be able to explore the entire coastline in your journey between November to March as the year-round summer of the state of Tamil Nadu is quite hot and uncomfortable for travelers.

How to reach Ariaman Beach: The beach is located at a distance of 27 km from Rameswaram, and therefore, you can reach there via rental cars or buses. Rameswaram is closely connected to major cities of India via trains.
Distance from Madurai: 140 km

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3. Kunthukal Beach

the magnificent beauty of the magnificent pamban island of tamil nadu


Kunthukal beach is situated amidst the magnificent beauty of the magnificent Pamban Island in Tamil Nadu. The beach is not only isolated from the craziness of city life, but it is gorgeous and allows you to spend a few days with your family or loved ones. The golden sand just below the deep blue sea gives an enchantment. If you want to lay back on the beach, you can d