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5 Best Artificial Christmas Trees Tested in 2022

There are many different Christmas trees to choose from. Some trees come with lights already attached, while others have to be plugged in. You can even find trees that are full, compact, or wide in size.

Pre-lit trees

Pre-lit artificial Christmas trees are a popular holiday decoration option. While they are easy to assemble, their heavy weight makes them a bit difficult to store. Some are available with multicolor lighting, which allows for some creative design options.

Many people choose artificial Christmas trees because they provide a realistic appearance. But you don’t always get the full effect you want. Luckily, some brands offer special LED trees, which can be shaped and lighted to create the desired effects. These trees can last for years. Depending on your decorating style, you can wrap colored lights around the tree and use a remote control to change the colors.

To test the durability and safety of artificial Christmas trees, the Underwriters Laboratories (UL) set up tests to determine their fire performance. They evaluated how stable they were with heavy ornaments, as well as their overall look.

Underwriters Laboratories has released new fire safety requirements for pre-lit artificial trees. These requirements limit the total amount of heat the tree can release, as well as its contribution to fire growth. The maximum heat release rate is 100 kilowatts. This makes them more fire-safe than older, less stringent standards.

Most pre-lit trees have a metal base. This ensures the tree’s stability and helps the tree stay upright. It also supports the weight without tilting. You will need to adjust the stand bolts if the tree begins to wobble.

If you have a large collection of ornaments, you may find that some of them are heavier than others. You should work to find the best balance of weight, so your tree isn’t prone to tipping over.

To determine if a pre-lit artificial tree is safe, the manufacturer should show that it has passed safety tests. Some trees are labeled with a UL Mark, which indicates that the strings meet safety standards.

Compact trees

There are several types of artificial Christmas trees. They range in size, shape, and cost. The type you choose depends on your decorating style and space. They can resemble pine trees, spruce trees, and more. Many also come with helpful accessories.

Testers evaluated the artificial trees on their appearance, overall value, and ease of assembly and disassembly. They also tested stability with heavy ornaments. The trees were selected based on the average score.

A good artificial tree is stable, looks realistic, and is easy to assemble. The Home Depot tree had a dynamic tonal look. It included 4,072 branch tips and PVC needles. The PE needles were sturdy and waxy.

Balsam Hill’s artificial trees are heavier and come in five different sizes. Their True Needle technology allows them to be lightweight and sturdy. They also come with Twinkly smart lights. These add a little extra flair to the tree.

A popular choice for Target and Amazon customers is the Wondershop artificial Alberta spruce. It is an inexpensive tree and perfect for indoor or outdoor use. It weighs 10 pounds and has 3,700 positive reviews. The tree comes with an adjustable base.

Another favorite among Target shoppers is the Best Choice Product Premium Spruce Tree. This tree is perfect for those who are decorating for the first time or on a budget. It takes less than 15 minutes to assemble and has an easy takedown. The PE needles are sturdy and hold ornament hooks in place. The tree has 800 LED bulbs with colorful light settings.

The National Tree Company’s video shows how to assemble the tree. It was a bit tricky to assemble the upper sections of the tree. You may need a sturdy step stool.

Full trees

Artificial Christmas trees are a popular way to decorate your home during the holiday season. They come in a variety of styles and shapes, from full to slim. Some are even made from less toxic materials. They are easy to assemble and take down.

As part of our testing, we evaluated 24 artificial Christmas trees from fifteen different manufacturers. Our tests covered key performance metrics such as stability, appearance and value. We also tested the ease of setup and disassembly. We considered the size of the tree, whether or not the manufacturer provided detailed instructions and whether or not it took more than one person to assemble it.

Overall, we found the Puleo International Teton Pine Artificial Christmas Tree to be the best of the bunch. It received high marks in all categories. It was simple to assemble for one person, it had plugs at the base and top of each connecting section, and it included a stand for the lights. It was sturdy and looked realistic.

We also evaluated the Balsam Hill Fraser Fir, the National Tree Company’s Noble Fir, and the Best Choice Products’ artificial pine. We were impressed by the realistic look and ease of setup of the Balsam Hill, but not so much by the Noble Fir. The National Tree Company’s Christmas trees are not as full as the Balsam Fir.

The four-color LED-equipped faux pine is also very nice. It is high tech and comes equipped with eight different light sequences. It also takes two pieces to snap together. The tip count is quite high and the tips are very realistic. It also has a flip function, which is a welcome feature.

Wide trees

A tree is an ideal decoration for Christmas. It can be decorated with colored lights, extra tinsel, and ornaments. If you have limited space, an artificial tree may be the best solution. It is easy to assemble and take down and offers an attractive appearance. However, you should be careful when choosing a tree.

Before buying, measure the space in your home where you plan to place it. This will help you choose the right size. It is also helpful to have a partner to help with the setup. This is because the weight of the tree can be daunting. It is important to keep the tree vertical to prevent it from tipping over.

Most artificial Christmas trees come in manageable sections. The trunk is typically metal, while the inner branches are usually made of PVC. These sections are labeled with plugs. The plugs are at the top and bottom of each connecting section.

Some artificial trees are pre-lit. These types of trees require plugging before they can be decorated. The plugs can be hard to see because the bulbs aren’t always clear. The 800 LED bulbs that come with these trees are not the best quality. The warm light settings are not the best.

When shopping for an artificial tree, you should consider its style, shape, and overall appearance. The fuller the tree, the more realistic it looks. You can find a range of sizes from compact to tall. If you have limited floor space, a slimmer tree is a good choice.

Some artificial Christmas trees are available in tabletop sizes. You can use a step ladder to assemble the upper sections of the tree.

To help with the assembly, National Tree Company has a video that shows how to set up an artificial tree. This process can take about 20 minutes.

Fir trees with microdot LED lights

Fir trees with microdot LED lights are a great way to add impact to your holiday decor. They are easy to set up and come in a variety of sizes. Some of them feature multicolor lighting to enhance your holiday display. Others have a simple warm white light for added effect. If you have limited space, you’ll be happy to learn that some of these Christmas trees come in small, slim sizes that are perfect for tight corners.

Choosing a fir tree with microdot LED lights can be a good idea, particularly if you’re interested in a more modern look. These trees have lights that are perfectly spaced throughout the branches and aren’t strung in a way that will ruin the pattern.

Some of the more popular trees have more than a thousand microdot LED lights. Each microdot has a thin wire and is able to shine brightly without the use of chunky bulbs. The warm white LED lights have an estimated 10,000 hours of life.

If you’re looking for something a little different, you may want to consider the Balsam Hill fir tree. The branches are incredibly realistic, and you can choose from four different sizes. They also come with a foot pedal, making it easy to turn on the lights. They’re very easy to move around and are sturdy enough to handle ornaments and tree toppers.

If you’re looking for a more budget-friendly option, you can consider the National Tree Company PEDD4-392D-75. This 7.5-foot artificial Christmas tree is half the width of a Downswept Douglas Fir, and comes in white or multicolor. Its thick branches and rounded shape make it ideal for smaller spaces. It also features advanced technology that automatically connects the poles, and lights when the tree is plugged in.

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