5 Best Adventure Sports Near Haridwar One Must Definitely Try In 2020!

Haridwar, as the name suggests, is known as the gateway to God. Not only the name of this place, but the whole atmosphere will make you feel very religious and spiritual. This city’s religiosity is so dominant that people can barely see the other part of it. We know that it is popular because of its temples and spirituality, but there are other things for which Haridwar should go among the people. Of all these things, there is an adventure game that offers it. One must not forget that this beautiful city is near the foothills of the Himalayas. In addition, the holy Ganges flows from it. Therefore, these two natural beauties contribute a lot to make Haridwar a suitable place for offering adventure sports.

Adventure Games nearby Haridwar

Haridwar is a part of the most beautiful state of Uttarakhand. Some cities with which it shares its boundaries are not only beautiful, but also allow you to enjoy various adventures. Here, we are going to talk about the same.

1. Kayaking
2. Bungee Jumping
3. Giant Swing
4. Flying Fox
5. River Rafting

1. Kayaking

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Kayaking is a type of water sport in which kayak is used in running water. We are sure that if you have ever dreamed of a water sport, then you must have thought this. If you are someone who has never done this, but wants to experience, then there is no better place for it than Rishikesh. For those who do not know, Rishikesh is a small town near Haridwar. You can take a bus or bus to reach Rishikesh. It does not matter whether you are a beginner or an expert in it, Rishikesh will give you a thrilling experience in it. There is no special time to come and experience this thrilling practice, as it is being held here daily. However, some adverse conditions sometimes develop due to inclement weather and you may not be able to do rafting then.

This activity continues for four hours and requires a minimum of four people. If you are single, you will have to join another group. Also, during this time you should make a list of all the important things required and come up with all of them. The list should include sunglasses and a first aid box. Remember that Rishikesh is a cold city, so one should wear warm and comfortable clothes for the activity.

Distance from Haridwar: 60 km
cost: Starts at ₹ 1650

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2. Bungee Jumping

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It is not possible to talk about adventure sports and not to mention bungee jumping if it is available in the city we are talking about. This may surprise you, but there are some places in Haridwar where you can do bungee jumping. If you talk about the general idea behind bungee jumping, in this activity, you just need to tie yourself to an elastic rope and then jump from a height of 90 meters. This is the simplest way in which this activity can be explained. After seeing how it is conducted, you might be thinking that it is a very dangerous activity. However, you will be happy to know that it has developed into one of the safest activities ever. You must be over 12 years of age to experience this.

There are places in Haridwar where they claim to have found New Zealand experts and this activity is 100% safe. To enjoy this activity, you need to pre-book and you can consult them for this. You will get to know the agencies that conduct such activities.

Distance from Haridwar: 25 km
cost: Starts at ₹ 3500

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3. Giant Swing

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If you are someone who gets just toes as well as a weak stomach in the name of bungee jumping then this is another height related adventure game that you should try. Height does not change even in this activity. Height is similar to bungee jumping. A person has to come down from a height of 90 meters. If you think that this game will not give you the same experience as with bungee jumping then you are very wrong. This activity has got the same thrill as bungee jumping. There is another option for people if they want to increase the level of thrill in this activity. A person can choose to do the same activity on a tandem. When doing activity on a tandem, the thrill factor doubles compared to the initial one.

If you want to try the giant swing in Haridwar then you need to go to the same place where bungee jumping is done. Both activities are done at the same place. Both these adventure games have been done at a place called Mohanchatti. This place is located twenty five kilometers from the main city of Haridwar. If you want to try bungee jumping or huge swing or both then you can go here.

Distance from Haridwar: 25 km
cost: Starts at ₹ 3500

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4. Flying Fox

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This is another activity that adventure enthusiasts can try to be in Haridwar. It is one of the most popular adventure games in Haridwar that people chose to try. However, this adventure game may not be as thrilling as bungee jumping or giant swing as it is as enjoyable as the two of them. This adventure 6 sport is more suitable for those who do not have a strong stomach to try bungee jumping or giant swings. This game is like the previous one which we have mentioned in a way. It can be tried solo as well as on a tandem. A person can choose himself or herself how they want to do it. In this activity, a person has to zip the line through a long cable. One has to cover a distance of 1 kilometer on the zip line. During this activity the zip-lining speed can be as high as 140 kilometers per hour. A person who tries this activity will feel like flying. It is one of those experiences that a person cherishes once in a lifetime or he tries it.

This adventure game can be tried at the same place where the other two activities of bungee jumping and giant swing are available. If you want to try the Flying Fox activity, you need to visit the Jumpin Heights campus. A person will have to pay the price to try the experience of flying in the sky which is Rs. 3500 for one person. If you try this activity, you will get to see some beautiful views of nature as well as the city above.

Distance from Haridwar: 25 km
cost: Starts at INR 3500

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5. River Rafting

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If there is an activity that you need to try to travel with friends, it is river rafting. This is another very popular adventure game that is most popular among the group of friends who travel here. In the Himalayan region, it is the most in-demand activity among the people. You can get up in uneven as well as crystal clear waters of the Ganges River. The river offers some unique experiences of rafting that you will not experience anywhere else. During river rafting in this area, you will experience the thrill of rafting and the adrenaline rush and that too on a large scale, from grade 3 to grade 5. The thrill of rafting of the rapids while the Ganges season is 3 glasses of water is unique.

If you want to experience the thrill and thrill of river rafting in this region then you need to visit a place called Shivpuri or Kaundilya. The place is located at a distance of about 60 kilometers. From Haridwar. You can reach this place on the road from Haridwar to Rishikesh. There is a wide range of government approved and certified agencies, which offer a wide range of packages to tourists depending on the number of tourists as well as their suitability.

Distance from Haridwar: 60 km
cost: Starts at INR 750

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All these were places near Haridwar, where one could enjoy a variety of adventure sports. It is a good thing to know that the places around Haridwar are full of natural beauty and this kind of adventure is possible only because of these blessings. You could not enjoy bungee jumping without a tall structure or river rafting without a river. All the above mentioned activities are completely safe and beginner-friendly and you can enjoy them without any fear in your mind and brain. So if you are planning a holiday in Uttarakhand soon, do not miss one of these adventure games near Haridwar.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Adventure Games near Haridwar

Q. Who can try some popular adventure games in Haridwar?

a. There are many adventure sports in Haridwar that can be tried by the people. Some of these most popular activities which are tried by majority of people are river rafting, flying fox, bungee jumping etc.

Q Which is the best time of the best months to visit, then those are the months between visits to Haridwar?

a. Haridwar is one of the tourist places that can be visited throughout the year. Still, if you want to know about September and April.

Q. How is the weather in Haridwar?

a. The weather in Haridwar remains pleasant throughout the year. Summers are hot and there is a good amount of rainfall during the monsoon.

Q. Apart from adventure sports, what other things can happen in Haridwar?

a. As we already know, Haridwar is a religious city, so anyone can go and explore the amazing temples that it has. One should not miss Ganga Aarti in Hari Ki Podi, when in Haridwar, it is one of the most incredible things you will ever see.

Q. For whom is Haridwar popular?

a. Haridwar is popular for its spiritual, religious and cultural environment. It is also popular for being one of the closest places to Gangotri, the origin of the holy Ganga.

Q. What are some popular treks going from Haridwar?

a. Of all the adventure sports, trekking is one of the most popular adventure sports that you can enjoy. The two best treks from Haridwar will be the Kalindi Khal trek and Roopkund Lake trek.

Q. What are the places to visit near Haridwar?

a. Kalsi, Kasauli, Rudraprayag, Dehradun, Mussoorie, Rishikesh, etc. are some of the best places to visit near Haridwar. If you have time on your hands, you should explore these places.

Q. How many days will be required to see Haridwar completely?

a. Staying in Haridwar is not just about visiting places, but about adopting a lifestyle. It is very difficult to explore the city in a short time, but you should have at least one week in your hands.

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