5 Best Adventure Sports In Nashik One Must Definitely Try In 2020!

The city of Nashik is situated on the banks of the Godavari River. Many legends are attached to this place and Sri Shirdi is quite famous for Sai Baba’s residence here. The place was named after an incident in the Ramayana where Lakshmana bites the nose of Ravana’s sister, hence the name Nasik is derived from Nasika which means in Hindi. Connecting various temples with history and a decade ago people traveled here to visit these shrines, gradually evolved into the expansion of big cities like Pune and Mumbai. People often visit Nashik from the surrounding areas to spend their weekends here. Adventure Games in Nashik. Be sure not to miss out on this.

5 Best Adventure Games in Nashik

Here is a list of adventure games that you can take while in Nashik. There are also several weekend-held trips available which free you from the hassle of arranging things for your trip and all you have to do is pay and board their cabs. These organizers also have experienced guides who help you find the place well and with safety.

1. Trek to Kalsubai at Ikatpuri
2. Camping and water sports in Igatpuri
3. Adventure Resort in Nashik
4. Trek to Harihar Gad Fort
5. Trekking

1. Trek to Kalasubai at Ikatpuri

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If you are fit and love to roam on scenic treks, then when you are in Nashik, this is an essential list. Kalasubai is in the Western Ghats at an altitude of 5400 feet above sea level. It is a moderate level trek and it is for fit people, not necessarily you have trekked before. To start, you can reach the Hanuman temple which is a few kilometers from Bari town. The best time to visit this Kalsubai peak is throughout the year. You can experience the monsoon trek from June to August, then you can watch the Bloom trek from September to October. People like to go on night treks from November till November. Monsoon trek to this place with good weather is quite commendable. On your way to Kalasubai, you will see the magnificent waters of the Western Ghats and various beautiful landscapes filled with ancient ranges.

place: Igatpuri
cost: N / A

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2. Camping and water sports in Igatpuri

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People often come here to enjoy water sports like kayaking, river rafting, boating and swimming. Those who do not know how to swim can also come here and enjoy these water sports with ultimate safety under the guidance of experienced guides. In addition, they provide you with a life jacket for all your activities. The activity of the camp is also called secret camp because the camp site is hidden in the middle of a beautiful forest.

This place gives you various picturesque locations for your photography. Your camps will be set up in front of the lake where the organizer will provide you all the options for a snack. You can sit around the bonfire through these snacks and chat till late night with loved ones around you. This is one of the last experiences for her or his lifetime. You can also wake up with the first ray of sunrise that comes to your camp door and enjoy it while sipping your tea.

place: Igatpuri
cost: INR 1400 per person

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3. Adventure Resort in Nashik

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Now you don’t have to wait for a long holiday in some exotic mountains to enjoy your weekend, you can spend your weekend well in this adventure resort of Nashik where you are thrilled with new modern man-made adventures Can. Though the list is endless but there is a small preview of what all of you might like during your stay at this resort. You can enjoy ATV rides, go-karting, zorbing, zip lines, reverse bungees, high rope circuits, e-scooters, rodo bulls, mini zip lines, kids cards, pools and snooker tables and more. People check in at this resort for a few days and celebrate a happy and fun weekend here.

All these rides will cost you extra. The price given below is for entry into this resort only for booking the room. When you visit this resort, you should bring some comfortable clothes, shoes and swimwear with you. And if you have some medical condition then you should also take your medical kit with you. Also, all safety instructions should be followed while you are inside the resort and keep yourself away from any kind of injuries.

place: Nashik
cost: INR 4750 per room

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4. Trek to Harihar Gad Fort

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Harihar Fort is situated at an altitude of 3676 feet above sea level and offers spectacular and breathtaking views of the Western Ghats. This is the simplest trek around Nashik, where you are likely to experience a wide variety of scenarios. It will take you about 4 hours to reach the fort and there is something to see from there that will pay you the price of all the sweat you have made to reach here.

People often wake up early in the morning and arrive at the fort and then descend after spending some time admiring the views and ruins of the fort. The path to this fort is filled with forest and carved stones, which are rewarding if you are a beginner level trekker. If you want to live near this fort, you can rent a house with someone in a nearby village – Nirgudpada.

place: Nirgudpada
cost: INR 1300 per person

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5. Trekking

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Image Credit: pcdazero for Pixabay

Alang, Kulang and Madan are three forts located in the Western Ghats near Nashik. This is one of the most difficult treks available in that region. To reach these forts you have to pass through dense forest. Also, the path of the trek is not clear and you are likely missing in the jungle. Particularly during the monsoon, the paths can be confusing as all man-made trails are swept away by rain water. Then, the trek to Kulang Fort is made difficult due to the huge rocks on the way which are hard and tedious to climb. In addition, the trek is long and takes about six to eight hours to reach the summit.

When you trek through the Madan Fort, it is a little shorter and takes about 4 hours, but you may have to climb a little rock to reach the summit of the fort. You should take your food and water with you which can be refilled from the water reservoirs you encounter at the top of the forts. People visiting here often plan a three-day trip to cover all three treks together. However, due to the high difficulty level, please measure your stamina and then plan your trek.

place: Nashik
cost: INR 6500 per person

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Nashik city is a quiet and clean city, a modern village with all the modern amenities, but still, you have the rawness of a village. To search in this area you have various sports adventure options that can range from INR 1500 to INR 10000 depending on the activity you choose. You have everything from water sports to lakeside camping to modern adventure sports. You also have various treks to test your physical limitations. So if you are a true adventure addict at heart, then during your vacation in Maharashtra make sure to try these adventure games in Nashik and have the best time of your life.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Adventure Games in Nashik

Q. What is the best time to visit Nashik?

a. You can have your best experience in Nashik from October to February. This time, the city develops from the monsoon and has a pleasant and clean weather. Right after the monsoon, you can bloom everywhere. Also, being a tropical region, winters are not so cold, and you can travel very well, and also enjoy your adventurous activities in the meantime.

Q. How to book these organized trips in Nashik?

a. There are various platforms where you can get information about various organized trips to be conducted in your area.

Q. When you are in Nashik, what other places to visit?

a. Apart from adventure games, you also have various temples and religious places where people like to visit. Some of them are Pachavati, Shani Singapore, Shirdi. Then people also like to visit the caves of Sula Vineyards, Dudhsagar Falls, Saptashrringi, Trimbakeshwar and Nashik.

Q. What to keep in mind before exploring these adventure activities?

a. You must be physically and medically fit before proceeding to do these activities. If you are suffering from any medical condition, be sure to consult your doctor before trying them out.

Q. Are these adventure activities safe?

a. Most of these activities are conducted by organized groups, which have experienced guides and backups to support any form of assistance. If you are ready to do any of these activities, never visit them. You must have someone who can support any type of accident to act as your backup.

Q. How to reach Nashik and then travel to these adventure games?

a. Nashik is a well developed and very well connected city. You can reach here very easily through roads and railways. Nashik has its own railhead and is heavily connected to the nearest international airport in Mumbai. Once you have reached Nashik, if you are going through an organized group mentor, you can just reach the meeting point and it will take you from there. Or you can hire a cab to reach your destination.

Q. What are the different options when you are on these adventurous activities?

a. Mostly you will find a tent to spend your night with. Or they will arrange a homestay in a nearby village, if you are traveling to a secluded place for your adventurous activities.

Q. What is an adventure activity that should be held in Nashik?

a. If you are in Nashik, then you should visit the newly developed adventure resort in Nashik. It is one of its kind and you do not have many across the country.

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