5 Best Adventure Sports In Kasauli One Can Dare To Miss In 2020!

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If you are stressed by your busy schedule, taking a vacation can be very helpful. Subsequently, if that holiday enables you to engage in some of the best adventure games, it will definitely help you as a stress buster. Also, if you want to experience nature at its best and breathtaking adventure sports, then Himachal Pradesh is the best state to choose from. In particular, Kasauli in Himachal Pradesh offers a vivid range of experiences, be it nature or some spectacular experiences of adventure sports. The presence of lush greenery provides a pleasant atmosphere and availability of various Adventure Games in Kasauli Which provides a dynamic experience.

5 Best Adventure Games in Kasauli

There are various adventure games available in Kasauli. What a difference from other places in nature’s approach when opting for those adventure games. These adventure games give you an ultimate adrenaline rush. Adrenaline addicts found this place very pleasing. Those who want to achieve both aspects of rejuvenation will be equipped with all experience. We will give you information about Adventure Sports available here.

1. River Rafting
2. Trekking and Hiking
3. Camping
4. Paragliding
5. Ropeway

1. River Rafting

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If you are an adrenaline enthusiast and want to get some great experience in Kasauli then river rafting is the best adventure sport that you can choose. Kasauli is one of the best destinations for river rafting. You can enjoy this game to the fullest here. The best thing about this adventure game is that you do not need to learn swimming. If you are a swimmer, you can also opt for this sport. There are many service providers here, who provide expert guidance for river rafting. The best time to visit Kasauli is between September and November to experience this game.

Visitors love this adventure game more, so to avoid the crowds you should reserve your river rafting plan in the holidays. There are some safety precautions that should be taken care of if you are a first-timer for this adventure game. Getting a grip on something about swimming will help in difficult situations, although it is not necessary to learn it properly because you will be with experts all the time.

place: K2 Himalayan River Rafting Tourism, Kasauli
cost: Starts at INR 3200 per person

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2. Trekking and Hiking

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These are the most popular adventure games available in Kasauli. Everyone who comes here is very fond of experiencing these activities. Trekking and hiking provide many joys to the people as it enables them to experience the true natural beauty of the place as well as enable them to cover the dangerous trails. Kasauli is equipped with some of the best and most beautiful trekking routes. The most beautiful is the hideout, which provides a panoramic view of the place. Some of the most popular trekking routes in Kasauli are Kalka Äì, Kasauli, Ghadkhal uli ‚Kasauli, and Jabali Äì asa Kasauli. The best season to choose for these sports in Kasauli is the summer season.

One of the most favorite trails for this adventure game is Jabali Se Kasauli, which offers a spectacular view of the vegetable fields. The lush greenery that you will experience during trekking will surprise you. Apart from this popular route, there is a place on the route of Gorkhal where a historic gurudwara is located. You must visit this gurudwara. In addition to trekking, you can hike through the streets of the mall. The lower mall in particular provides the best route for hiking. These trails are worth a try as it provides an experience like any other adventure sports.

place: Jabali to Kasauli
cost: Starts at INR per person

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3. Camping

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Enjoy this unconventional adventure game in Kasauli, Himachal Pradesh and get your loved ones to get a great experience. This place needs no introduction as it is a very cute and popular place for this adventure game. The ambience in Kasauli is one of the drivers that makes tourists visit this wonderful place equipped with beautiful slopes. Apart from these, Kasauli is popular for houses of worship and sanctuaries.

The many views provide a beautiful view of the natural flora and fauna. It provides an impeccable perspective to see the beautiful creation of nature. You will truly appreciate Valley Crossing and other adventure sports here. The experience of Swiss tents will give you a feeling that always leaves you craving something else.

place: Sanawar Nature Camp
cost: Starts at INR 3600 per person

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4. Paragliding

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Paragliding is the most prominent adventure sport in Himachal which enables every age group to participate in it. This game can be chosen by children, youth, elders, as some people do even in their old age. You just have to be a human who wants to do some exciting things. It is one of the sports that is performed under expert supervision in airborne paragliding Kasauli. Paragliding is an experienced sport that has provided a beautiful yet energetic experience. One of the most favorite destinations to choose for this adventure game is Kasauli in the form of beautiful valleys and the natural flora and fauna provide a spectacular bird-view.

This game is worth a try as it provides maximum pleasure. Many spots offer tourists a once in a lifetime experience by opting for this adventure game. This adventure game is so addictive that you will always crave for more. The best place for this game is Solan. In addition, Himachal Pradesh is known as Paragliding Capital of India and Kangra Valley of Kasauli is known as Paragliding Capital of Himachal Pradesh.

If you have been to places that offer a wide variety of adventure games, then trying those in Kasauli will give you a different feeling. Adventure games combining natural scenery will mesmerize you in the best possible ways. Getting an experience that keeps you striving for different adventure games is essential, it helps rejuvenate both your mind and body. The vivid types of adventure games in Kasauli will ensure your adrenaline levels. If you are visiting this place, then it is mandatory to experience these adventure games at any cost.

place: Solan, Kangra Valley
cost: Starts at INR 4500 per person

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5. Ropeway

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If you want to get a bird’s-eye view of the lush greenery around Parwanoo, a small town in Solan district of Kasauli, Ropeway is the best adventure sport. This adventure game is also liked by those who want to keep the adrenaline rush in mid-air. The availability of ropeway as an adventure sport makes this city very popular among tourists. They like this city for picnic spots and sightseeing. You can have a beautiful view of the small industrial town through this ropeway. Parwanoo is a city with beautiful footpaths and hills that provide an amazing view for the spectators who choose for this adventure game. One must take care of this situation in advance as this adventure game is related to height, so those who have height issue should stop this game. Apart from this minor concern, there is nothing to worry about when opting for a ropeway.

place: Parwanoo
cost: Starts at INR 1250 per person

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These are some of the best activities to do in Kasauli and it takes a lot of time to experience the best. Away from the hustle and bustle, these activities will thrill your entire vacation. So if you are planning a holiday in Himachal Pradesh, do not miss these recreational activities and challenge your fears.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Adventure Games in Kasauli

Q. Which is the best adventure game to choose from in Kasauli?

A. Kasauli has many adventure sports available, which give visitors a unique feeling. You can choose from them. Trekking and river rafting are the best adventure sports you can choose so far.

Q. Apart from adventure sports, what are the major attractions of this place?

a. Natural flora and fauna are the major attractions of this place. Apart from indulging yourself in adventure sports, you can also opt for sightseeing and other pursuits such as bird watching. These are the most favorite things to be chosen in Kasauli.

Q. Can we get accommodation near Adventure Sports Service Provider?

a. Yes, adventure sports service provider has many hotels and resorts available. Apart from getting accommodation, you can also opt for full package deal which also includes various adventure games.

Q. Can we book adventure games before the trip?

a. Yes, there are some online service providers who prefer pre-booking of adventure games. Pre-booking is widely preferred due to congestion and easy availability without any hassles.

Q. What are the specific safety concerns related to adventure sports in Kasauli?

a. You should pay special attention to your health before opting for adventure sports. If you are suffering from any kind of disease or abnormality then avoid those adventure games at any cost.

Q. Do we need to have a medical examination before traveling?

a. Yes, a full-body medical check-up is required before any seizures. It provides you important information about your body and mind. For example, if you have a vertical disorder, it is better not to select any type of adventure games, which is related to heights.

Q. What is the average budget to experience most adventure sports in Kasauli?

a. You can opt for all types of adventure sports in Kasauli under minimum budget. This can be done through proper research and price comparison.

Q. What are the travel options available for sightseeing in Kasauli?

a. As it is a city that must be explored lazily. However, you can also opt for some rental services that make it easy for visitors.

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