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5 bed designs for small living spaces to live life large

5 bed designs for small living spaces to live life large

Nobody wants to spend a lot of time in a cramped and cluttered room, least of all a bedroom. The bedroom is easily everybody’s favourite room and if it fails to offer you the comfort you deserve, there is nothing worse than that. However, it does not really matter if your room is small. You can always tick your eyes to makes it look bigger and cosy and less cluttered. What you need is some smart styling ideas and hence there are 5 bed designs to make your living space look bigger and feel more comfortable and stylish.

5 bed designs
5 bed designs


You can change the feel and mood of your entire room with your headboard and that is why you need to pay really close attention to it. There are so many different kinds of headboards. Think practically. You don’t need a huge one to cover up the entire wall. The idea is to make more space and headboards take up a lot of space. Choose a smaller, skinnier headboard and that way you can have more space to hang wall art or decorate the wall in any way you want to.

Headboard bed

You can also strategically customize the headboard and have hanging pendants maybe. That completely eliminates the requirement for a table lamp and instead, you can keep more books. Or you can always get hanging headboards to save floor space or just get rid of a headboard altogether and have really cool wallpapers to give the illusion of a bigger room. (a bookshelf wallpaper can the create the illusion of  bigger room)

A multipurpose bed:

Multipurpose bed

A multipurpose bed is a blessing in disguise. It is not only really convenient but can transform your tiny room into an open and spacious one. In case you don’t have enough space for a desk, you can always buy a pulldown headboard to use as a desk, instantly transforming it from bed to study table. You can also maybe build a play loft over the bed for your kids to enjoy. Buying a bed with drawers underneath where you can stash your bed sheets and clothes is another great improvisation.

Place the bed against the window:

In a small bedroom, both wall space and floor space is gold and you don’t want to waste any of it. So instead of having a traditional central position, a more practical approach might be pushing it against the window. That way, you don’t only save space, but your bedroom looks so much more peaceful and stylish at the same time with the white bed sheets and white curtains. Moreover, you can wake up every morning to a beautiful view and enjoy your morning while in bed, bating in the sunlight.



A daybed can be used as both bed and sofa! Most big bedrooms don’t have sofas and you can always transform your bed into a sofa. Moreover, the space underneath has drawers for storage. There can be nothing more practical than a daybed for small bedrooms. It is not only stylish, but it also saves a whole lot of space.

Add mirrors:

Creating the illusion of a bigger room is like the cherry on top. Closet mirrors, for example, can make to room look so much bigger and brighter is used strategically.

Don’t let your small space stop you from enjoying yourself while decorating your room. Go ahead and buy double beds online. Even double beds in small rooms can look nice if you know how to style them. Don’t clutter your room with unnecessary furniture, keep it light and you can have the bedroom of your dreams.


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