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5 Awe-Striking Waterfalls Near Coorg You’ll Love Witnessing In 2020!

Waterfalls Near Coorg: Perhaps one of the Most Well-known hill stations of South India, Coorg Needs no introduction. Abundant with natural beauty, magnificent views, awe-inspiring hiking paths, endless stretches of warm gardens, and all to bless the little mountain channel with magnificent heights of beauty.

One of the numerous natural wonders placed within Coorg, you will find lots of Majestic waterfalls that draw the eye of tourists. Alongside this, it’s been stated that since those waterfalls can be found in a few of the popular hill stations in India, you may see them quite congested. It is possible to even think about coming waterfalls close to Coorg To get a memorable and lively travel adventure.

5 best waterfalls near Coorg

If You’re Looking for some really cool springs, then you definitely Have been in fortune. This guide will clarify some of their very gorgeous waterfalls across Coorg. These springs are fantastic for escaping out of the mundane regular and spending a while at the lap of nature. The greatest ones are given below!

  • Holly fall – a hidden gem
  • Abbi Collie Falls – A recent tour
  • Aerial waterfall – Spelling home to do wonders
  • Tushargiri Falls – Those Perfect Temperate Water
  • Annadaka Falls – Behold a sight

1. Holly Falls – A Hidden Gem

Holly fall


One of those lesser-discovered stones around Coorg, Hillary Falls, can be readily Accessible, yet, with no silent and apocalyptic action. In reality, should you travel throughout every week, there’s really a fantastic likelihood the flowing water will probably soon be the sole activity you are going to become aware of around the gut area.

The water in Hailey Falls is composed, along with the Whole place, complete with its own Stunning and lush green surroundings that make it a perfect spot to sit , relax and do nothing whatsoever. On top of that, the waterfall might be accomplished after walking just a little from the main road, which makes it the perfect resting place for weary travelers.

The closeness to Coorg (along with other Big cities in the area ) is only an Added benefit to research this gorgeous all-natural wonder. It’s decidedly among the greatest areas in Coorg for nature fans.

things to do:

Distance from Coorg City Center: 9 kilometers
Time: N / A
entrance fees: N / A
Nearby Attractions: Raja’s Seat, Omkareshwar Temple, Madikeri Fort, Raja’s Tomb, Government Museum

2. Abbi Kolli Falls – A Fresh Tour

Abbi Collie Falls


Located on the highway between Madikeri and Mangalore, the Abbi Kolli Falls is a sought-after tourist destination and informal rest stops for all those who travel along the highway.

The waterfall, as one might expect, offers a surreal view enriched with natural beauty and serenity. However, to truly experience the serenity of this waterfall, it is strongly recommended to schedule your trip for a week. In addition, the water level is negligible during the summer months, and while the waterfall is never officially closed, there is not much to see or do around the area in the summer.

things to do:

  • While immersing in the water or simply dipping your feet can prove dangerous, the Abbi Kolli Falls is a perfect place to visit in the afternoon.
  • The area is full of unmatched natural beauty and is an ideal place for nature photography.

Distance from Coorg City Center: 15 kilometers
Time: N / A
entrance fees: N / A
Nearby Attractions: Fort of Madikeri, Chelwara Waterfall, Bandipur Tiger Reserve, Kolli Hill Forest

3. Ariel Waterfall – Home to Spellbinding Marvel

Aerial waterfall


Locally Called Haritarthankara Vellachatam,” Ariel Water Fall is just one of those Top becoming more popular holiday destinations in Kerala. As the waterfall can actually be a little much from Coorg, enough full-time and attempt to attain the waterfall will probably be well worth it.

Besides the mesmerizing All-natural attractiveness, the pond created by the decreasing Water is ideal for dipping. To observe the waterfall in all of its glory, the ideal time to visit is during the monsoon season, once the stream of water occurs. But, going for a dip in the pond might well not be suitable at the time of this year.

things to do:

  • Plunge into the pond below the waterfall

Distance from Coorg City Center: 123 km
Time: 6 AM to 7 PM
entrance fees: free
Nearby Attractions: Sri Subrahmanya Swamy Temple, Sri Rajarajeshwara Temple, Madai Kavu, Vayalpara Park, Chutad Beach

4. Tushargiri Falls – Perfect Temperate Water

Tushargiri Falls


Located from the Kozhikode district of Kerala, the Tushargiri Water Fall is just one Of the countless bits of evidence behind its country for being a surname of Kerala. The waterfall has now emerged as a well-known tourist destination as a result of its imperial elegance and completely arctic waters.

That is correct, and you are able to have a dip in a pond Made from the water beneath the Tushargiri Falls, which makes it probably one of the very unique on this particular list. To not be forgotten, this waterfall provides a distinctive sort of rest from the hot temperatures of the area. Besides river-rafting in Kerala, seeing the waterfalls may be the most effective thing!

things to do:

  • Take a dip in the absolutely temperate water of the waterfall
  • Take a short walk in the forest area around the waterfall

Distance from Coorg City Center: 167 km
Time: N / A
entrance fees: N / A
Nearby Attractions: Arippara Falls, Thamarasari Churam, Lakkidi View Point, Karnathanam Temple

5. Annadak Falls – Behold a sight

Annadaka Falls


Over the village of Mudigere, Annadaka Water Falls are a renowned tourist Fascination in the region. Apparently falling out of some succession of boulders, these highly effective waterfalls are quite a sight to behold.

The waterfall is among the very precious All-natural stones located inside the Western Ghats and is also the perfect spot to spend relaxing playing the noises of nature.

things to do:

  • Annadaka Falls is one of the few places that offer the sheer pleasure of doing absolutely nothing.
  • If you insist on having something to do, there are several picturesque picnic spots close to the waterfall, offering a spectacular view of your meal.

Distance from Coorg City Center: 191 km
Time: N / A
entrance fees: N / A
Nearby Attractions: Devaramane View Point, Sri Kalabhairaveshwara Temple, Bettara Birveshwara Temple, Ballarayan Durga Fort

Coorg alone may be a present of amazing All-natural beauty, but There’s to see and do across the Western Ghats. All these are a few of the greatest waterfalls near Coorg which you are able to have in your trip to get a memorable Karnataka trip.

Frequently asked questions about the waterfall near Coorg

Q. How to reach Annadaka Falls

a. Annadaka waterfalls can be reached by bus journey from Coorg. Interested cab drivers can also be found to drive 190+ kilometers for the right price.

Q. Can I swim in the waters of Holly Falls?

a. No, the water at Hallary Falls is not safe for a dip and should be avoided.

Q. Is the Abbi Kolli waterfall area crowded?

a. Tourist interest, such as on weekends and special national holidays, you can run into the crowded Abbi Kolli waterfall. However, if you choose to travel on weekdays, you can avoid these crowds.

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