5 Amazing Places To Visit In Europe In October In 2020

It has an all-weather attraction in Europe and autumn is no exception. Autumn runs from September to November and the peak of the season is in the month of October. You will not miss the snow-capped mountains of winter or the white sand beaches of summer, because nothing in the world beats the fall foliage of Europe. This is the reason why explorers of Europe find something special in this region when visiting any part of the year. In europe in october Although shows some specificity.

Weather in Europe in October

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The weather varies greatly during October in Europe and typically ranges from 4 ° C to 22 ° C. Some places north of Finland, however, are experiencing cold.

Why should you go to europe in october

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There are many benefits to traveling to Europe in October. However, drop-in prices and lively festivals or events are the most attractive of them all. Therefore, you can plan an October trip to take advantage of the double benefit of the cheap option and also evaluate how Europe welcomes the month of October.

Popular festival in Europe in October

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Many notable festivals of global fame attract locals and travelers during the month of October. Below are some of the most popular festivals that illuminate Europe with a renewed vigor and enthusiasm in October.

  • Oktrafest from 22 September to 7 October in Munich, Germany.
  • Festival of Lights in Berlin, Germany from 5–14 October.
  • Eurocheting Festival from 19–28 October in Perugia, Italy.
  • Amsterdam Dance Festival in the Netherlands from 17-21 October.
  • Spirits of the Mathey Halloween Festival in Ireland from 6- October 4 November.
  • Cafe Budapest Contemporary Art Festival in Hungary on 5–21 October.

Cost of travel to europe in october

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Due to the off-season and multiple package discounts etc., comparatively cheaper travel options can be availed. The best part is that only a small number of tourists reach Europe during the month of October, therefore, all travelers can take advantage of the decaying rates of accommodation, transport, food and sightseeing whose prices are significantly reduced.

5 places to visit in October in Europe

October in Europe Definitely the best place from which to have comfortable retreats, get some fresh mountain air, experience the crispy weather and even unlike winter, cities are always disturbed by life. Here are 5 must-haves where you can experience all this without compromising on any natural beauty:

1. Loire Valley, France
2. Belgrade, Serbia
3. Budapest, Hungary
4. Barcelona, ​​Spain
5. Dubrovnik, Croatia

1. Loire Valley, France

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It is located just a few hours from the south of Paris. It is a quaint place, especially during the month of October. The vineyard and various autumn colors enhance the beauty of this place during the month of October.

Must visit: The surrounding gardens are definitely places to visit in the valley because the popular chrysanthemum is in full bloom at that time. The palaces in the background add grandeur to the entire view of these gardens.
weather: The average temperature during this period is around 10 ° C. It is mostly sunny in October but you can also expect light rain during this time.

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2. Belgrade, Serbia

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Apart from the abundance of natural beauty in the form of gardens, lakes and parks, Belgrade is also known for its art and exploration. It is an ideal place for art enthusiasts.

Must visit: Belgrade’s Museum of Contemporary Art; Kalemgadan Park; Belgrade Fort and the Sava and Danube rivers are popular places where you can plan a trip.
weather: The weather may be slightly cold but it stays at an average temperature of 15 degrees Celsius and also sunshine.

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3. Budapest, Hungary

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Budapest is scorching heat. That is why October is an ideal time to visit Budapest. It is also the time when a large number of festivities take place in Budapest. You can also do a lot of sightseeing around this time to enjoy a thermal bath.

Must visit: Seven towers of City Park, Heroes Square, The Castle Hill and Fisherman’s Settlement.
weather: The weather is cold and the average temperature varies between 8–16 ° C.

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4. Barcelona, ​​Spain

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Barcelona is very popular globally for its amusement park and neo-Gothic architecture. A lot of cultural events are organized during October, including the famous Jazz Festival at the end of October.

Must visit: Cathedral, Colesarola Mountain Range, Sagrada Familia.
weather: In October, the weather is sunny with average temperatures ranging from 17 to 23 degrees Celsius.

5. Dubrovnik, Croatia

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If you do not swim in its beaches, your trip to Europe will be truly incomplete. With temperatures warming in October, Dubrovnik is the perfect place to enjoy Europe’s white sands and emerald waters. The mountainside is a delightful sight. It becomes more vibrant during the month of October.

Must visit: The Baroque and Grand churches and palaces of Old Town and Mount Seine are worth visiting.
weather: In October, the temperature is between 15 and 22 degrees Celsius therefore, it is very sunny and hot.

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There is no shortage of things to visit in Europe and in October. Apart from this, the month of October also brings its beauty and charm to Europe which can be explored by planning a trip. Therefore, you can go for a trip to Europe in October to get a customized trip without fear of missing anything.

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Frequently asked questions about places to visit in Europe in October

Q) Which is the best place to visit Europe in October?

a) Barcelona remains best for its warm and quaint atmosphere. It is an ideal European place to visit during the month of October.

Q) Which is the cheapest month to travel to Europe?

a) Falling late is the cheapest time to fly to Europe in either mid or late October. In addition, many tourists prefer summer and there is less crowds in October for total exploration in Europe.

Q) Should I buy a train ticket early?

a) Yes, because they get expensive with the passage of time. You can book them online.

Q) What is the best way to travel in Europe?

a) Train systems in Europe are a great option for their expanding connectivity and can also be affordable.

Q) How do I cover a large number of places in Europe?

a) Do not spread yourself too thin and travel to major places like Rome, Paris or London. It can also be expensive to go to many places.

Q) Do I need a visa or other travel document?

a) If you are Indian, you need a visa and a valid passport to travel to Europe.

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