5 Adventure Sports In Jim Corbett That Are A Must Try For 2020!

Adventure sports in Jim Corbett: As William Feather put it, “One way to get the most out of life is to see it as an adventure.” And that quote is true and has stood the test of time. Although it is not about life. The best way to get the most from Jim Corbett is by trying out several exciting Adventure sports in Jim Corbett And suddenly there is an adrenaline rush! If you want to spend some quality time or take a break from the monotony of your daily life and you don’t know what to do, where to go, just sit in the lap of nature and you are in order.

Top 5 Adventure Games in Jim Corbett

Jim Corbett National Park is one of the places that is suitable for everyone. Be it a weekend trip, honeymoon trip, family outing or anything else, this place is your ideal location. However, there are some things you need to know before you finally go to the place. So, here is a list of some adventurous activities that you can enjoy on a trip to Jim Corbett National Park.

1. Nature Trek
2. Elephant Safari
3. River Rafting
4. Rock climbing
5. Mountain Biking

1. Nature Trek

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The best way to discover the gorgeous surroundings of Jim Corbett is a trek which is one of the very popular adventure sports in Jim Corbett. This trekking is not as difficult, yet entertaining. You can start from any point and go to any place. You can stop in your own way and admire the beauty all around, because there is no time limit.

We have already mentioned that this trek is not as difficult. Having said that, it has all the characteristics for which a courageous person would like this trek. In Jim Corbett, there are certain areas where you can take a nature walk. You will find some very experienced and knowledgeable guides on this trek.

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2. Elephant Safari

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In Jim Corbett talking about adventure sports, no one can mention the safaris that can be taken here. You can also say that Jim Corbett National Park is known for its safari. So, the most exciting is an elephant safari. It is clear from the name that you will have to ride on the elephant and it will take you to the forest. If you are someone who wants to see animals in their natural habitat, then this is probably the best way to fulfill this desire of yours.

Elephant Safari is the best safari out of all as it can take you to places in the forest where no other safari could go. Thus, with the help of this safari you can explore every part of the forest.

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3. River Rafting

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If you want to do river rafting in Jim Corbett National Park, then Garhwal Himalaya has many options for it. Rafting here is a wonderful experience, but some features such as the clean beaches, the beautiful city along the way and other such things make it even more interesting.

When we look at rafting, it may seem difficult or dangerous, but it is very adventurous. With the help of skilled and experienced guides you can learn it very easily. If we talk about river rafting, especially in Jim Corbett National Park, then the monsoon season is the best time to do it. You will encounter Grade I and II rapids on Jim Corbett’s rafting route.

There are many things that you have to keep in your mind to go for river rafting in Jim Corbett. Your instructor will tell you about this and you need to follow him for a smooth ride.

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4. Rock climbing

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Rock climbing is one of the challenging adventure sports in Jim Corbett. If you are someone who likes to take adventure as a challenge, then this may be your favorite thing. If you have tried rock climbing before, you will understand the level of difficulty, if not, the instructor will tell you about it.

It is a sports activity that requires a lot of patience and strength. You have to climb a pebble rock of the Himalayas. It may take a lot of strength, but eventually, you will feel that it was all worth it. The best time for this activity is autumn and summer months. The best part of this national park is that it also has a lot of rock climbing clubs from where you can get training and support for the same.

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5. Mountain Biking

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Mountain biking is one of the adventure sports for adventure lovers in Jim Corbett. If one just needs to define this game, it is cycling on the rough topography of the mountain. If you are pursuing this activity in Jim Corbett National Park then you must do the same.

Special types of bikes with special gear are used for mountain biking. If we talk, especially of Jim Corbett National Park, then the goal of mountain biking here will be Corbett Panorama. You need to go through beautiful surroundings and cover the whole area. This activity becomes more interesting when it is associated with night camps. It adds a lot of thrill to it.

The experience of mountain biking is something that cannot be explained in words, but can only be felt. If you love adventure and are visiting Jim Corbett National Park, this is something you should do.

So, these are some of the adventure sports in Jim Corbett that you must do while visiting Jim Corbett. All these activities provide a different kind of adventure and will definitely enhance your experience and make your visit to Jim Corbett a special and exciting one. So, plan a trip to Jim Corbett and make your life a thrill!

Frequently asked questions about adventure sports in Jim Corbett

Q. What is the best time to visit Jim Corbett National Park?

a. Although Jim Corbett National Park is open throughout the year, some sections are prohibited for tourists. If you have gone to visit every part of it and want to see the Royal Bengal Tiger, then you should visit the months between November to June.

Q. When is Jim Corbett National Park opened for tourists?

a. Jim Corbett National Park opens on 15 November every year. So, if you are someone who has been planning to visit the park for a long time, you can plan a trip around this date.

Q. What kind of weather can one expect in Jim Corbett National Park?

a. The weather in the national park depends on the time you visit the place. The national park is open from 15 November to 15 June. Therefore, a part of summer and winter is also included at this time. Now, in summer the temperature reaches 45 degrees and in winter it goes down to 4 degrees.

Q. Can we go for a wildlife safari in Jim Corbett National Park?

a. Yes, one can enjoy a wildlife safari in Jim Corbett National Park. This is a major reason for which this place is popular. You can enjoy three types of wildlife safaris, such as elephant, canter and jeep safari.

Q. Is it safe to go to Jim Corbett National Park?

a. Yes, visiting the national park is completely safe. The roads inside the park are not affected at all by the monsoon. Also, the animals there do not harm you in any way. Thus, there is nothing to fear.

Q. Can we find a taxi service in or around the national park?

a. There are many jeep safaris that take you inside the national park. In addition, you can rent a car to go inside the national park.

Q. What are the places near Jim Corbett National Park that anyone can see?

a. The very popular Girija temple is located very close to Jim Corbett National Park. In addition, hill stations such as Ranikhet and Nainital are located less than 100 kilometres from the national park. After exploring this national park, you can visit these places. You can also visit Bhimtal and Sattal, which is very close to the destination.

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