45 Best Easter Puns – Funny Puns and Jokes for Easter Sunday

45 Best Easter Puns – Funny Puns and Jokes for Easter Sunday

There is no doubt that Easter is one of the sweetest holidays – after all, it’s a hopping day Easter bunny, colorful eggs and fluffy chicks! Of course with so many fascinating symbols and Easter traditions, that also means that there are so many cute Easter word games and festive jokes out there. That’s why we’ve put together the best Easter word games for the holidays, including clever and fun word games related to rabbits, eggs and everything else for Easter.

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While you compete in yours Family egg hunt and Fill your basket With lots of sweets and treats on April 12, you can be sure to celebrate Easter Sunday with the funniest word games for the holiday, including clever Easter egg word games and cute Easter word games for friends and family. Whether you are looking for the perfect message to write in your message Easter greeting card or you just want to write something clever as Instagram caption For all of your rabbit-filled photos, these egg-optional Easter word games make sure you have it most hopeful Vacation yet.

Easter egg word games

  • Who is still quoted with eggs at Easter?
  • I am eagerly ready for this egg hunt.
  • I have so many word games, it’s not even a rabbit.
  • I have to cut all the chocolate off with eggs.
  • How was your easter? I dye to know.
  • No decorating eggs today? Egg yolk is on you.
  • The Easter bunny needs a lot of egg ercise.
  • Look at the sunny side: it’s Easter!
  • Quoted too much about this holiday.
  • I dyed to decorate a couple of Easter eggs!
  • It’s all for Easter Sunday, egg yolk.


Cute Easter word games

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Easter bunnies word games

  • Don’t worry, be hoppy.
  • You can always rest assured that Easter is a good rabbit day.
  • Nobody is too hip to jump at Easter.
  • I think it’s Easter.
  • A rabbit is looking forward to Easter!
  • I’m all ears today.
  • I love Easter so much, it’s not even a rabbit.
  • My favorite Easter music is hip hop.
  • I don’t make carrots at all about how many chocolate bunnies I eat today.
  • My Easter word games are very bunny.
  • It’s officially Easter, let’s get started!


Cute Easter word games

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Easter word games for cards

  • I hope you have an egg cell Easter.
  • Happy Easter to all my looks!
  • Color me with eggs to wish you a happy Easter!
  • I send you warm Easter wishes … by rabbit mail!
  • Happy Easter to a rabbit that always drives me crazy.
  • Happy Easter to a good egg!
  • I wish you a basket full of eggs for Easter!
  • Hoppy Easter for a rabbit special.
  • Ears in the hope that you will have a very hoppy Easter!
  • I hope you have an extraordinary Easter this year!
  • A rabbit thinks of you!
  • I hope you have a nice Easter!


Cute Easter word games

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Romantic Easter word games

  • There really is no rabbit like you.
  • Hey hop stuff.
  • A rabbit loves you!
  • You are hotter than hot rolls.
  • You may not be carrots at all, but you are ear-resistant.
  • You and I are like two peeps in one capsule.
  • I am always static to see you.
  • Every rabbit needs a rabbit to love!
  • No rabbit is like you.
  • I would leave the peep end without you!
  • Let’s live hopefully.

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