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40 Cool Braided Hairstyles for Men in 2022

50 Cool Man Braid Hairstyles

Following in the footsteps of the man bun, the man braid has taken over as the coolest new hairstyle for men. The edgy and versatile look is perfect for creating an appearance that’s both on-trend and out of the ordinary. From bold and brave designs to small and subtle styles, man braids have an option to suit every gent. So, no matter if you consider yourself a hipster, tough guy, or merely a modern man, you can rock braids whenever you’re ready. Just click through to find the coolest man braid hairstyles that are sure to inspire you to try this trend.

1. Backcombed Hair with Side Braids

Backcombed hair with side braids can create an edgy and cool appearance. Backcombing can be stylish and worn with hair of all textures and lengths. It is created by brushing the hair backward, and if you have long hair, it can help keep it out of your face. Combining it with side braids lets you get creative with your hair and reflect your personality and style. Side braids can frame your face and highlight your features. There are several braids to choose from, so find the look that appeals to you most and will work best with your hair. They can also be flattering, helping to detract from a large forehead or wide face.

Backcombed Hair With Side Braids

2. Blond Box Braids

Box braids are a popular protective style because they are easy to create and incredibly versatile. They can be adapted to suit various hair textures and lengths and personalized to reflect your style. One way to do this is to opt for blond box braids; the light color can be flattering and highlight your braids. It is also a great way to focus on your facial features and draw attention to your face. You may have seen blond hair on some of the hottest male celebrities and sports stars, and it can also create a contrast when worn by men with darker skin, making for a standout and cool look. You can experiment with different colors, like black and blond box braids which will get you noticed.

Blond Box Braids

3. Box Braids with Ponytail

Box braids are versatile and can be worn in multiple ways. For a look that is easy to achieve but also practical, try out a ponytail. This is one of the most simple updos and can be created with little effort and skill. Box braids look great in a ponytail look, but it is also a way to keep the hair out of your face and off your neck; this can help keep you cool during the warmer seasons. Your ponytail can also draw attention to the neck and face and highlight your features. Keep it low and loose for a more relaxed aesthetic, or tie your hair into a tight ponytail for a polished finish.

Box Braids With A Ponytail

4. Box Braids with Dreadlocks

Box braids and dreadlocks are an interesting and contrasting combination. The appeal of box braids is they are a protective style that can help lock in moisture and reduce grooming time every day. They are achieved by sectioning the hair into squares and creating individual plaits. You can make them in various lengths and sizes, from small and subtle to large and statement braids. In contrast, dreadlocks are rope-like strands of hair. They can also be created in different lengths and sizes. The combination of these two looks will leave you with an edgy and cool appearance and draw attention to your hair’s natural texture.

Box Braids With Dreadlocks

5. Box Braids with Top Bun

Wearing your hair in a top bun is a stylish and polished way to rock long hair. Box braids can be worn in various lengths and sizes and adapted to suit your preference. They will lock in moisture, facilitate hair growth, and help reduce grooming time and breakage. For men who have long enough hair to pull into a top bun, this is a fantastic choice, and it will lend itself well to more formal occasions. It helps achieve a nice balance between relaxed braids and a sophisticated look.

Box Braids With Top Bun

6. Box Braids for Fine Hair

Box braids can be created on hair of all lengths and textures. The appeal of this protective style is its versatility. It is a popular choice for men who want to lock in moisture, facilitate natural growth, and reduce daily grooming time. If you have fine hair, you want to take care not to add too much weight to it, which can cause breakage. It is thus best to opt for braids that are thin and shorter as they will not be as heavy. You can also work your hair into fewer box braids.

Boxbraids For Fine Hair

7. Braided Half Head

Deciding to braid only half the head can create an interesting and contrasting look. The great thing about braids is that they can be practical and protective, but they also let you add edginess or softness to your appearance. This is a great way to find a look that best suits you, and this statement hairdo could be it. There is no denying that a half-braided hairstyle will draw attention to your hair; it will also highlight the natural texture of the unbraided section. In addition, it will give you a chance to play with proportions.

Braided Half A Head

8. Cornrows Hair Design

Cornrows are one of the most popular braided hairstyles for men and can be adapted to suit your hair texture and length. They can also be personalized, and you can get creative with different designs. This could be various patterns from zigzags and waves to spider braids and vortex looks. The fantastic thing about hair design is that it allows you to express yourself and work with your stylist to find a look that best reflects your style and personality. It can be simple and uncomplicated or edgy and daring. You can add colored wire or beads to your hair for added effect and a striking finish.

Cornrow Hair Design

9. Cornrow Braids with Beads

Cornrows can be adapted to best suit your preference, and there are many finishing touches you can add. This includes beads, which make for an interesting and cool hairstyle and a symbolic one. The use of beads can have a traditional feel and could be a way to honor your heritage. Beads are symbolic and used in various African cultures to indicate social standing, marital status, accomplishments, and more. They should be worn with pride. There are also different types to consider, from glass to wood, which will give your look a unique finish.

Cornrow Braids With Beads

10. Cornrow Braids with Extensions and Skin Fade

If you want to give your braids an edgy appearance or create an interesting contrast, a great way to do this is with a fade. There are several fades to choose from, but the skin fade is one of the more dramatic and will draw even more attention to your braids. This fade is defined by graduating from longer hair at the top of the head to a clean shave on the sides. The focus is on the hair at the top of the head, appearing thicker and fuller. Or, in the case of cornrow braids, it can highlight them. If you want to add length to your hair, you can do this with extensions. Longer hair can give you more versatility in terms of styling.

Cornrow Braids With Extensions And Skin Fade

11. Cornrow Waves

Cornrows are a great protective style that can also be adapted to suit your hair length, texture, and personal preference. For men who want a fresh and modern look, try cornrow waves. They are defined by their wavy appearance and give you an exciting twist on the traditional cornrows, which follow a front-to-back pattern. This short hairstyle is full of attitude and can be a fantastic way to have some fun with your hair while still keeping it in a protective style that can reduce breakage and facilitate natural growth.

Cornrow Waves

12. Cornrows with a Bun

If you have cornrows with enough length, you can experiment with how you wear them. This includes styling them in a simple updo like a bun. This look is cool and practical, keeping the hair off your neck and making it ideal for warmer weather. Cornrows are a protective style that will suit men with various hair textures, types, and lengths and have an edgy or polished feel. Wearing them in a bun creates a relaxed aesthetic. You can also wear your hair with a fade to create more dimension and interesting contrast between the hair on the sides and on top.

Cornrows With A Bun

13. Cornrows with Box Braids

You can combine several braids to create a daring and unique look that works well with your hair texture and length. Although most people stick to a single protective style, for example, box braids or cornrows, nothing stops you from combining these looks. The easiest way to do this is to stick to cornrowed sides and a box of braided hair on the top of the head. The contrast can be subtle or dramatic, depending on how big you choose to create your box braids. This look is expressive and can make a statement, but it is also practical. Protective hairstyles will help reduce daily grooming time while facilitating natural hair growth and preventing breakage.

Cornrows With Box Braids (1)

14. Cornrows with Fade and Top Knot

Is there anything more badass than a braided look with a top knot and fade? Why not try it out and see for yourself. Cornrows are a protective style that lends itself well to personalization, and you can experiment with various approaches. Wearing them with a fade haircut can add structure to your appearance and create a more polished finish. It can also draw attention to the hair on the top of the head. A braided top knot shows that men do not have to wear their hair short to be masculine and edgy.

Cornrows With Fade And Top Knot

15. Crown Braid with Ponytail

If you want a bold and exciting hairstyle that will get you noticed, then consider a crown braid with a ponytail. More men have embraced longer hair in recent years, challenging the outdated notions of shorter hair being tied to masculinity. Crown braids can also be seen as a feminine addition to your hair, but this look shows that they can be worn by men and women when worn with confidence. For an interesting contrast, you can pair your hairstyle with a fade. This will also add structure to your look and highlight the texture of your hair. One of the advantages of a ponytail is that it is incredibly easy to style and can be done with little skill or effort. Sweeping the hair away from the face can also draw attention to your features.

Crown Braid With A Ponytail

16. Curly Hair with Side Dutch Braids

Curly hair is fantastic because it can make even the most simple hairstyles look interesting and textured. If you are looking for a way to wear your hair that lets you embrace the texture and adds structure, consider pairing it with side Dutch braids and shaved sides. The shaved sides will shift the focus of your appearance to the top of the head, making it appear fuller and thicker. Your side braids do not have to be neat or straight to be effective either, and you can experiment with different thicknesses. Wear your braids with confidence and enjoy the attention that they will bring you.

Curly Hair With Side Dutch Braids

17. Dutch Braids with Loose Bun

Growing your hair long gives you a lot of versatility, and there are various ways to wear it. This includes experimenting with several different types of braids and updos. Consider dutch braids and a loose bun for a texturally interesting look with a relaxed aesthetic. The contrast between the braids and the unstructured appearance of the bun makes for an interesting and cool look. Braided updos lend themselves well to various occasions, including festivals and summer holidays. If you want to create a more polished finish, it is best to wear your hair more tightly.

Dutch Braids With Loose Bun

18. Faux Side Braid

If you love the idea of braids and want to give your hairstyle an edgy update, then it is time to experiment with side braids. A faux side braid is an excellent way to wear your hair and will create a contrast between the side of your head and the hair on top and at the back. This gives you the chance to play with proportions and dimensions and can be incredibly flattering. It can draw attention to your facial features and create a face-framing effect. This look can be achieved on hair of varying lengths and textures, but the longer your hair and the thicker it is, the more dramatic the difference between the braids and the rest of your hair.

Faux Side Braid

19. Fishtail and Dutch Braids

Wearing your hair in a combination of a fishtail and Dutch braid is a look that is not suited for someone who wants to blend into the crowd. Man braids are expressive and fun and let you experiment with different looks. They can also be incredibly versatile, and you can mix and match your favorite braids for a unique and textured finish. This combination can have a Viking feel and give you a ruggedly handsome appearance. It is a great way to show that men can wear their hair longer and still embrace their masculinity; this challenges the outdated notions that men should keep their hair short and structured.

Fishtail And Dutch Braids

20. Triangle Box Braids

There are many to choose from when deciding on a protective style, but one of the easiest to wear and most versatile is triangle box braids. These braids differ from the traditional box braids because the hair is sectioned into triangular shapes instead of boxy ones. The unnatural shapes make your hair more interesting but just as versatile as they can be made large or small and in varying lengths. Triangle box braids also pair well with other styles, and you can get creative with your hair parting or add finishes to it like an undercut or fade. Fades are excellent for making your haircut feel more polished and structured.

Triangle Box Braids (1)

21. Hair Twist with Undercut

Pairing your hair twists with an undercut will create a visible difference between the top of the head and the back and sides. An undercut is a stylish addition to any men’s haircut because it gives it more structure and helps create a neat and polished appearance. The appeal of the undercut is its versatility, and it can be paired with various styles on top and can remove weight from heavier looks. Pairing it with twists will make them less bulky and draw attention to your hair on the crown. Twists add texture and are easy to do and low-maintenance.

Hair Twists With Undercut

22. Long Hair with Fishtail Braid

If you are looking for a stylish way to wear your long hair consider a fishtail braid. You can either work all of your hair into one large braid or opt to add one or two smaller fishtails into your hair. The latter option will provide you with an interesting contrast and looks best when you leave the rest of your hair to fall loosely. Braids can be created on hair of all textures but can look more precise on straighter hair. This can be an eye-catching style and is excellent for those who want a fashion-forward appearance or do not mind standing out from the crowd.

Long Hair With Fishtail Braids

23. Long Hair with Loose Side Braid

Long hair for men is excellent and challenges the outdated notions that only women can have longer locks. It is also incredibly versatile, and you can get creative with how you style your hair. This includes wearing your hair in an updo or adding interesting additions to it, such as braids or beads. Braids can be worn tight or loose, depending on your preference. Loose braids have a more relaxed aesthetic and are great for informal settings. Choosing to add several braids throughout your hair will provide a nice contrast and let you play with proportions. It is also a way to achieve a unique appearance and let you express yourself.

Long Hair With Loose Side Braids

24. Long Side Braids with ZigZag Parting

Long braids can make a statement, and they will be easily noticeable. If you are a man who doesn’t mind the attention, then a creative and fun look is long side braids with a zigzag parting. The parting will give your hair a modern and edgy finish by creating sharp and clean angles on the scalp. It is advised to work with a barber for the best results. Wearing longer hair in braids is stylish and practical as braids can reduce styling time each day and are also a protective style. There are many options to choose from, but focusing them on the side of the head can have a face-framing effect that can be incredibly flattering.

Long Side Braids With Zigzag Parting

25. Long ZigZag Cornrow Braids

Cornrow braids are one of the most popular and versatile protective styles for men. They can be adapted to hair of all textures and lengths and look great when worn short or long. You can also experiment with different partings, and zigzag cornrows are a modern twist to the classic front-to-back approach. You may have seen it on the hair of style icons or NBA stars, and this look is trendy and cool. If your braids are long, you can leave them loose or work them into a simple updo like a ponytail or mini man bun.

Long Zigzag Cornrow Braids

26. Loose Side Braids

Side braids are appealing because they can help create a face-framing effect, drawing attention to your features and complimenting them. They can be created with hair of various textures and lengths, but longer hair will give you more versatility. They can also make a more dramatic appearance as the braids appear bigger and thicker. Leave your braids loose for a relaxed aesthetic and an excellent look for informal occasions. This deliberately messy and unstructured approach can be very flattering.

Loose Side Braids

27. Pineapple Box Braids with Side Cornrows

Pineapple box braids are created to resemble the grooves found on a pineapple. They are interesting to look at and give your hair a unique finish. Box braids are a great protective style, helping to keep your hair from breakage and reducing daily grooming time. They are also incredibly versatile and can be worn on hair of various textures and lengths. You can also pair box braids with several styles, whether you wish to wear them with an undercut or fade for a structured appearance or pair them with other braids for more texture. Side cornrows will give your hair a fresh twist. It can also be flattering for those with a broad face or a receding hairline.

Pineapple Box Braids With Side Cornrows

28. Purple and Fuschia Cornrows

You can experiment with the different ways to wear cornrows, including the modern additions and unusual partings. That said, one of the best ways to express yourself is by experimenting with hair color. Opting for bold and bright hair dyes is a great way to draw attention to your hair, highlighting the texture and style. It is also a chance to have fun and show the world that you are not afraid to take risks. If you can’t pick one color, why not try two? The best way to achieve this would be with the ombre coloring technique, which blends two hues. These can be anything from contrasting shades to complementary ones like purple and Fuschia. This is a great way to add a pop of color to your appearance, but you need a lot of confidence to pull it off.

Purple And Fuchsia Cornrows

29. Red Box Braids with Beads

The appeal of box braids is their versatility, and they can be easily personalized to reflect your style best. This includes wearing them with bright colors and hair accessories. Red is one of the boldest hues and instantly draws attention to your braids, giving you a unique and interesting finish. Beads can also be a way to wear your hair with pride and can honor your heritage or be worn as a way to feel closer to your ancestors. There is a wide range of beads to choose from and ways to add them to your hair. For a dramatic appearance, add several to the ends of your braids. This look is not for the faint of heart, though you need a lot of confidence to pull it off.

Red Box Braids With Beads

30. Short Box Braids

You do not need long braids to get noticed, and short box braids are just as cool and stylish. They are also easier to maintain and will have less weight. They are a fantastic choice for men who want to use their natural hair and prefer a more simple and subtle approach to braids. This protective style will lock in moisture and help prevent breakage and facilitate growth. It is also an appealing style for those with thin or fine hair as the look is lighter and will not cause tension on the scalp.

Short Box Braids (1)

31. Side Braids with Quiff

Side braids with a quiff will make for an interesting look that is masculine and fashion-forward. The quiff hairstyle is a timeless classic defined by the hair brushed backward at the front. This helps to create volume and a neat and sophisticated appearance. It can be adapted to suit various lengths and hair textures, with the shorter your hair, the less dramatic it will be. Choosing to pair it with side braids will give the old-timely look of the quiff a modern update. This can play up the contrast between the hair on the side of the head and the top, which adds even more texture and volume.

Side Braids With A Quiff

32. Side Dutch Braid on Fine Hair

Braids can be created on all hair textures and types, including fine hair. When braiding fine hair, remember not to make it too heavy as this can cause tension on the scalp and even breakage. It is also beneficial not to create braids tight on fine hair, and the Dutch braid is thus a great choice. It can be done loosely and is created by crossing three pieces of hair underneath each other. For this reason, it is sometimes referred to as a reverse French braid. You can use your braids to give your appearance an edgy and cool feel. It will also produce an interesting contrast.

Side Dutch Braid On Fine Hair

33. Simple Braided Hairstyle with Hair Crown

There are very elaborate braided hairstyles to choose from, but the beauty of braids is that they can also be very simple and effortless to create. Consider a loose hair crown if you want a braided look that takes little skill or time to complete. You can leave the rest of your hair down and let the crown braid become the focus of your look. It can be achieved on hair of all textures and types, but it is best on hair that is not freshly washed; a bit of grit will help keep it in place. Long hair for men can be incredibly sexy and is a great way to show off your hair texture. Longer hair also gives you a lot of freedom with styling.

Simple Braided Hairstyle With Hair Down

34. Small Box Braids with Shaved Sides

Box braids can be created big or small, and keeping them on the smaller end is a fantastic choice if you want a subtle but cool look. In addition, small box braids are great for fine or thin hair and are not heavy and therefore will not cause tension or damage to the scalp. They are also versatile, and you can use your natural hair to create them; they only need three to four inches of length. If you want to add structure to your look, pair it with shaved sides or fade. Shaved sides make an interesting contrast with the hair on the top of the head. It can also look neater and polished. Depending on how you choose to style it, this may give you an edge.

Small Box Braids With Shaved Sides

35. Three French Braids Joined in One Braid

If you want to experiment with different braided looks to create something interesting and textured, look no further. French braids are relatively easy and quick to style, but you can make a more dramatic look by combining three french braids and joining them to make one larger braid. This will make your scalp look interesting but also add volume to the back of your hair. For a Viking-inspired approach, you can shave the sides of the head. In addition to creating a sharp contrast, this can also give your hairstyle a very bold and masculine appearance.

Three French Braids Joined Into One Braid

36. Triangle Box Braids

Triangle box braids are great for the man who wants box braids that are different. These braids are created by sectioning hair into different pieces, but instead of the boxy shape, it focuses on a triangle one. The result is an exciting finish that can show off your style. Their unnatural shape is angular and makes for a more noticeable appearance. This is great for someone who wants a modern twist. These braids are also a protective style and help facilitate hair growth and prevent breakage. You can also reduce styling time.

Triangle Box Braids (1)

37. French Braid

Consider a French braid if you are looking for a classic braid for your long hair. It is a classic braid that is incredibly versatile and lends itself well to various settings, from the gym to more professional environments. It can also be created with hair of different textures and is an excellent way to keep your curly or textured locks in place. You may want to wear your long hair with a beard or facial hair for a more balanced look. This can also complement the feminine qualities of the braid.

French Braid

38. Two Blonde Cornrows

Do blondes have more fun? You can answer this question yourself when you decide to dye your hair blonde. The appeal of lighter hair is that it can draw attention to your chosen hairstyle and make it more noticeable. If you want to brighten your appearance but do not want to dye your entire head of hair, you can opt for statement highlights and work them into the braided style of your choice. Cornrows are a great protective style but are also versatile and can be adapted to suit hair of various textures and lengths. Creating only your cornrows blond will make them the focus of your look.

Two Blonde Cornrows

39. Viking Cornrow Braids

The Vikings are warriors and plunderers whose skills on the battlefield and desire to discover and conquer new lands have inspired countless TV shows. They have also been a source of inspiration for hairstyles and tattoos. If you want a cool and edgy braided hairstyle, then Viking cornrow braids are ideal. They are bold, masculine, and unique and are created similarly to side braids but instead use an underhand technique. These braids can be done on hair of various lengths but will make more of a statement with longer locks. It may also be a good idea to pair your braids with a fade or undercut for structure and to create a sharp contrast.

Viking Cornrow Braids

40. ZigZag Cornrows

Cornrows are a versatile protective style that lends itself well to personalization. You can experiment with how you want these braids to look, including their placement, using bright or bold colors to highlight them, or with various partings. Zigzag cornrows give a modern twist to the traditional front-to-back braided pattern. The result is sharp angles on the scalp. When going into the barber, you may want to take a photo of the exact look you want, and then let him adapt it to suit your hair length and texture.

Zagzag Cornrows


Do braids look good on guys?

Braids look great on guys who have a bit of extra length in their hair or long luscious locks. It’s a great way to wear the hair up, keeping it out of your face, and looking stylish at the same time. Protective braids such as cornrows are also great for keeping Afro hair healthy and strong and look amazing with intricate and detailed designs.

Can you braid short hair guys?

As long as you have enough length to be able to capture the hair in the braid, you can braid short hair. You can also opt for a braid along your part if your hair is quite short, as narrow braids require less length. The only adjustment you’ll need to make is the amount and kind of styling product you’ll use. Opt for something strong-hold that will give you some grip as well, such as dry shampoo paste or a matte pomade.

How do guys wash their hair with braids?

Guys with longer-term protective braids, such as cornrows, can easily wash their hair. The best method is to wash it in the shower, using a mix of clarifying shampoo diluted with water and massaged into the scalp. Then rinse, letting the shampoo flow through the ends, and follow with conditioner using the same method. Once the hair is air-dried, you can then apply scalp treatments and moisturizing mousse to keep the hair hydrated.

How much do braids cost for guys?

The cost of braids will vary depending on your hair’s thickness and length, the intricacies of the design, and the salon and stylist you choose. Expect to pay between $50-$100 on average.


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