40 Best Spring Nail Designs To Try in 2022

Spring Nails


Nail art is a way to express yourself and have fun. You can change your appearance without having to commit to it in the long term, and what better season for change and new beginnings? Spring nails are colorful, pretty, and come in various shapes and forms. You can keep it simple with a combination of pastel hues or get creative with easter egg or chicken designs. If the classic spring looks don’t appeal to you and you want something different, abstract designs, unusual prints, and bold and clashing color combinations are just what you have been looking for. Whether you want short nails or long, simple or detailed, these are the best spring nails to inspire you.


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1. Long Nails with Pretty Pastels

Spring is a season for new life and beginnings. It is a colorful time of the year and is also filled with positivity, and you can reflect this with your manicure. Pastels are a popular choice for spring because they are versatile and timeless. Plus, it will lend itself well to various settings. They are universally flattering and will complement all skin tones because they lack saturation. When deciding how to create the perfect spring manicure, you can choose your favorite pastel shades and paint each fingernail with a different one. The result is simple but chic and looks great on all nail shapes and lengths. Long nail shapes are incredibly flattering and can elongate the fingernail, making it look slimmer.


Long Nails With Pretty Pastels


2. Ombre Pastel Coffin Nails

Consider using the ombre technique if you are looking for a different way to incorporate pastel colors into your manicure. Ombre nails blend two shades, giving you an interesting look that is perfect no matter the occasion. You can keep it simple by only choosing two hues or painting every fingernail with a different combination. Pastels have a softness, making them incredibly easy to wear and will complement all skin tones. This manicure is easier to achieve on longer nails, giving you more space to produce the gradient effect, but it can also be worn short.


Ombre Pastel Coffin Nails


3. Easter Egg Inspired Nail Art

Easter happens during the springtime and is often celebrated with Easter eggs. Adding different color egg artwork to your manicure is fun and bright and can be created in the colors of your choosing. Most people prefer to stick to pastel shades because they are soft, dreamy, and extremely versatile. But there should be nothing stopping you from trying out more bold and saturated hues, too. This look can be created in multiple ways, and you can experiment with the size and placement of the eggs. You could also opt for a more subtle approach, focusing the nail art on a feature nail.


Easter Egg Inspired Nail Art


4. Floral French Tips in Pastels

The French tip manicure is one of the most stylish and versatile ways to wear your nails. To give it a twist that is perfect for spring, you can add colors and incorporate floral details into the tips. The result is pretty nail art that is feminine and gorgeous on nails of all lengths and shapes. That said, it works best on longer nails, giving you more space to create interesting looks on the tips. This design is also incredibly versatile and will lend itself well to various occasions, making it perfect for special events or even more formal settings. Choose muted colors, like pastels, which are easier to wear.


Floral French Tips In Pastels


5. Happy Yellow Acrylic Nails

One of the most effortless ways to create a gorgeous manicure is by painting your nails yellow. There are various shades of yellow to choose from, including saturated hues like neon or softer dreamy colors like pastels. Regardless of the shade you choose, adding yellow to your nails will create a manicure associated with creativity, positivity, and happiness. It is a simple look that can be achieved with minimal skill and will look great on nails of all lengths and shapes. To give your manicure more detail, consider adding smiley faces to it. This could be several small ones on each fingernail or focusing on just a feature nail.


Happy Yellow Nails


6. Floral Nail Art with 3D Details

There is always a time for floral nail art, but spring is the best season because it is associated with new life and beginnings; it is when the flowers begin to bloom again after winter, and seeds are planted. This can also be symbolic, allowing you to refocus on the things that make you happy. There are many ways to incorporate florals into your nail art, but for a look that makes a statement and will instantly draw attention to your nails, this can be achieved with 3D details. You can add 3D florals to each fingernail or choose a feature nail for a more subtle approach. The only downside is that you have to be careful not to snag your nails.


Multicolored Floral Nail Art With 3d Details


7. Dreamy Cherry Blossom Nails

Cherry blossoms are symbolic of beauty, renewal, and the passing of time. These flowers bloom in Japan for only a short period during the spring months, and for many, this is a reminder to appreciate the good and beautiful things in your life. What better way to reflect these thoughts and feelings than with your nail art? The tiny pink flowers are gorgeous and will be a welcome addition to any manicure. They look best against a white base color, letting the pink pop. You can get creative with the placement of your favorite bloom by adding several to each fingernail or opting to paint them only around the tips for a modern approach to the French tip manicure.


Dreamy Cherry Blossom Nails


8. Pastel French Tip Nails with Gold Details

Pastels look great with gold detailing, giving the manicure a more luxurious feel. There are many ways to combine these colors, including a modern approach to the classic French tip nail art. This can be created by painting each fingernail with a different pastel color and adding a gold line. You can opt for a clean, straight line across the top of the nail or try out interesting angles for a more abstract finish. This simple and effortlessly chic look still allows for personalization, ensuring no two manicures are the same.


Pastel French Tip Nails


9. Multicolored Pastel Polka Dot Nails

What is not to love about polka dots? This pattern is incredibly stylish and can be mixed and matched with everything you own. It is also fun to experiment with different color combinations, including a pastel base with white polka dots or bold and saturated hues like reds and oranges. There is no combination that will not work; this lets you express yourself and your playful side. Polka dots can also be created in different sizes, from large dots placed at interesting angles to multiple small ones made in neat rows.


Multicolored Pastel Polka Dot Nails


10. Baby Blue Nails with Daisy Feature Art

Baby blue is a pretty and versatile color for your next manicure. The hue works well on nails of all shapes and lengths and suits most skin tones. This makes it an incredibly versatile choice, and there are various ways to wear it. The color pairs well with neutrals and other soft shades but can also look excellent when worn with nail art; this could be anything from simple patterns to interesting floral designs. The daisy is one of the best choices for spring because it is a flower that is easy to create because of its simplistic shape. It is also symbolic of happiness, joy, and innocence.


Baby Blue Nails With Daisy Feature Art


11. Green and Yellow Daffodil Nail Art

Daffodils are one of the first flowers to bloom in the spring, and the pretty yellow blooms can add color and warmth to their surroundings. The same concept can be applied to your nail art, and creating tiny daffodil flowers will give you a cute and symbolic manicure. The flower is associated with rebirth, positivity, new beginnings, and hope. This is, therefore, an excellent way to add color to your nails but can also make a subtle statement about your thoughts and feelings. This could be a way to encourage yourself to stay positive and remember that good things are coming your way.


Green And Yellow Daffodil Nail Art


12. Pretty Purple Swirl Nails

Purple is one of the most striking colors for nail art, and there are many shades to choose from. For those who want a soft hue, pastels or pale purples like violet are ideal. Or you can opt for a deep, rich hue like amethyst or royal purple. Like there are many shades to choose from, there are also various ways to add purple to your nail art, one of the most trendy options in the form of swirls. These patterns have a psychedelic appearance and a retro feel and are expressive and fun to create. You can experiment with the different angles and curves of the lines. Combine several colors or keep it simple with a monochromatic color scheme.


Pretty Purple Swirl Nails


13. Short Spring Acrylic Nails

Short acrylic nails are stylish and practical. Keeping your nails short makes them low-maintenance, and a shorter length also makes the nail stronger and less prone to breakage. There is less versatility with the nail art you can add as there is less space, but you can still have fun with your spring-inspired artwork. This could be as simple as painting each fingernail with your favorite shade of pastel lacquer. Or you could add floral details over a bright base coat.


Short Spring Acrylic Nails


14. Florals and Rainbows

If you are looking for a cheerful manicure, then florals and rainbows are the combinations for you. This is an attractive and colorful option that leaves room for creativity. You can experiment with different colors, choosing to create a realistic rainbow or opt for a pastel one instead. You can also play around with different placements, for example, painting the rainbows on the tip of the nail and adding florals on the base. Another great option would be to mix and match rainbow and floral designs. The artwork can be created on nails of all lengths and shapes, but oval nails are ideal if you want to focus the arc shape of the rainbow on the tip. In addition to being pretty, this manicure is also symbolic as flowers are associated with beauty and growth while rainbows represent positivity.


Florals And Rainbows Pretty Nails Nails And Soul


15. Classic French Manicure with Pearls

There is something to be said about classic manicures, and the French tip manicure is simple but stunning. It is a look that can be worn everywhere, lending itself well to all occasions, including more formal ones. The white stripe on the tip of the nail can also flatter your chosen shape and elongate your fingernails. To give the manicure a luxurious finish, place a pearl detail at the base of each nail. This makes nail art more interesting and lets you have fun with your nails without being too flashy.


Classic French Manicure With Pearls


16. Color Block Nails

Color blocking is a great way to have fun with different colors and is created by using solid blocks of color. This is an exceptionally simple yet striking option for your nail art, and the colors can be of your choosing. Depending on how dramatic you want the finish to be, they can complement each other or clash. Color blocking is excellent on nails of all lengths and shapes, although longer lengths will give you more space to experiment with placement. This can include interesting angles or focus on the tips and base. Spring is the perfect time to add color to your manicure, and you can pick your favorite. They could be bright and bold or pretty and pale.


Color Block French Manicure On Two Sides


17. Unique French Tip Manicure with Red

The French tip manicure is a classic and versatile look that can be created on nails of all lengths and shapes. The beauty of this look is the simplicity, but you do not have to stick with the traditional white tips and instead experiment with color, giving a modern update. Choosing your favorite color for the tips is also a way to add your personality to your nail art; your desired hue could also be symbolic. Red is one of the most striking hues and will demand attention, and adding it to your tips can highlight the shape of your nail. For a daring finish, you can paint the base of the nail with other colors. Or opt for a more subtle approach by sticking to nudes or light pinks.


Colorful Nails With French Manicure


18. Dreamy Cosmic Nails

Inspiration for nail art comes from many places, including our universe. Choosing nail art that includes stars and the sun and moon is beautiful and symbolic, making you think of life, growth, and balance. There are multiple ways to incorporate these symbols into your nails, including a realistic approach with a blue or black base color to represent the night sky. However, spring is the season for experimentation and color, and for this reason, a colorful base will look great. You can blend your favorite hues for an ombre effect. Try the watercolor or marble finish, or keep it simple by painting each fingernail with your favorite polish.


Dreamy Cosmic Nails


19. Yin and Yang Pastel Nails

The yin yang symbol represents the ancient Chinese concept of duality. It is about achieving balance and of two opposing yet complementary principles; This includes light and dark, masculinity and femininity, and harmony and chaos. The symbol is traditionally portrayed as black and white, but spring is the perfect time to get creative with your manicure and use color. Pastels are pretty and versatile. They are universally flattering, look great when combined with other pastel shades, and are incredibly easy to wear. If you want gorgeous, symbolic nails, this is the look for you!


Pastel Yin And Yang Feature Nail Pretty Nails Amyle


20. Long Gold Nails

Gold is a color associated with luxury and wealth, and adding it to your nails makes for a stunning manicure that feels sophisticated. It is also a way to add a little spark to your appearance. Long nails have a feminine quality to them, and they can elongate your fingers, making them appear slimmer. There is also more versatility with longer lengths, which can be created in various shapes, including stiletto and coffin nails. How you choose to incorporate gold into your manicure is entirely up to you. For a simple approach, you can focus on the tips. Or you could add gold foil to the nail for a textured and sparkling finish.


Gold Nail Art


21. Bold Mix and Match Nail Art

Nail art is a way to have fun and express yourself. It is an extension of your personality and style, and because your nails can be changed so easily, this lets you get creative with colors and nail art, knowing it is only temporary. If you cannot decide on one look, why not combine several with the mix and match approach? This is an excellent way to try multiple colors and images, giving each nail a different appearance. The colors could be complementary or clashing, and the artwork could be simple or detailed. This option looks best on longer nails, giving you more space for your chosen designs.


Bold Mix And Match Nails


22. Cute Hearts on Short Nails

The heart is a universal symbol of love. The shape is simple and can be created in various colors and sizes, and will look fantastic on nails of all lengths and shapes. Adding heart stickers or painting tiny hearts onto your fingernails is a wonderful way to create a pretty and versatile manicure. Choose from a combination of your favorite pastel shades, or keep it classic with red and pink. You can also opt for a more luxurious finish, painting your nails with a nude polish and adding gold hearts over them. Regardless of which color combination you pick, this is nail art that will likely bring a smile to your face.


Cute Hearts Pretty Nails Avivaatri


23. Abstract Green and Gold Nails

Green and gold are color combinations that look fantastic together. There are various shades of green to choose from, letting you pick your favorite, but the more saturated your choice, the more of a statement your nail art will make. Choosing to create abstract patterns or shapes will give you an expressive and creative manicure. The lack of structure gives you more freedom with how you choose to design your nail art. It can also make for a more visually interesting finish. You can wear this artwork on nails of all shapes and lengths, but it will look better on longer, pointy nails, giving you more space to experiment.


Abstract Green And Gold Nails


24. Spring Chicken Nail Designs

The chick is often associated with Easter, springtime, and new beginnings. Opting for a simple chick design can be a cute addition to any manicure but looks best when sticking to a yellow or pastel color scheme. To let the chick be the focus of your manicure, tone it down by painting each fingernail with a solid shade of polish. You can also add easter eggs, interesting colors, and colorful patterns or prints for a more striking finish.


Spring Chicken Nail Designs


25. Pastel Cloud Nail Art

Cloud designs are so simple but create a gorgeous, dreamy manicure. There is something so beautiful about these wispy little puffs, and you can make them in the colors of your choosing, including pastels. Pastels are soft and muted hues that are universally flattering and look great when combined. It is a way to add color to your nails without being too bold and bright. Instead, there is a calmness that comes with looking at these hues, and they are easy to wear and will lend themselves to various settings. Experiment with the size and placement of your cloud design, combining multiple tiny clouds or opting for one or two larger ones. You can also paint each fingernail with a different pastel color or combine various shades on one nail; the choice is yours, so have fun with it.


Pastel Clouds Pretty Nails Overglowedit


26. Tie-Dye Inspired French Tip Nails

We bring you tie-dye French tip nails for an expressive and somewhat hippy look. Tie-dye was popularized in the 60s as protest art and later in the 70s again. This makes your nail art not just groovy but also symbolic. Tie-dye is also a great way to combine several colors and create interesting, mesmerizing patterns on each fingernail. There are multiple combinations to choose from, letting you mix and match your favorite hues. The brightness of this artwork also demands attention, highlighting your nail length and shape. Focusing the design on just the tip of the nail makes it easier to wear.


Tie Dye Inspired French Tip Nails


27. Shades of Green Coffin Nails

Green is a color associated with life and growth, making it an ideal choice for any Spring-inspired nail art. There are several ways to incorporate green into your manicure, but one of the simplest yet most effective ways to do it is by trying out different shades of green. You can start by painting your thumb fingernail with the darkest hue and gradually get lighter all the way to the little finger. Or the placement can be entirely random. The simplicity of this manicure is complemented by long nails, particularly coffin nails. This stylish and feminine shape can elongate the fingers and give you a high-fashion finish.


French Tip Coffin Nails


28. Cute Cacti Nails

The cactus is associated with protection, making for the cutest and most symbolic nail art. This plant comes in many forms, allowing you to pick your favorite or combine several. The combination of different greens can look striking against a white base coat. Many cacti also bloom at different periods throughout the year, and you can choose to add floral details to your manicure to give it more color and symbolism. You may also want to focus your nail art on a feature nail to tone down the look or draw attention to a specific finger. For example, the ring finger lets you show off a unique piece of jewelry like your wedding or engagement ring.


Cute Cacti Nails


29. Bright Gingham Nails

Gingham is a striped or checkered pattern created in multiple colors; it typically includes white and then another color. When incorporating this pattern into your nail art, you can try out your favorite shades, including a combination of pastels. Or you can pick bright and bold hues like red or orange. You can opt for the same color for each fingernail or create a mix and match effect. The appeal of gingham is that it can be made on nails of all lengths and shapes, and the beauty is often in the simplicity.


Bright Gingham Nails


30. Delicious Ice Cream Nail Art

Spring is the time of sunshine and warmth, and it is also the perfect opportunity to have fun with your nail art. This includes trying out your favorite colors, patterns, and designs. If you have a sweet tooth, one way to celebrate the warmer weather is with ice-cream-inspired nail art. This can be done by transforming the entire nail into the shape of a cone, which works best with longer and pointy shapes. Or you can add little ice cream cone stickers to each nail. Mix and match with different colors and add details of your choosing, like sparkles or chocolate drips. This is a playful and expressive option for anyone who wants bright and cheery nail art.


Ice Cream Nail Art


31. Fresh Green Nail Designs

Green nails are great because they look fresh and modern. They are also symbolic of growth and change, and considering Spring is the season for new beginnings, this fits perfectly. Adding floral details to a green base or tips will be a pretty addition and make your manicure feel more seasonal. Keep it simple for a look ideal for every day that can be worn on nails of all shapes and lengths.


Fresh Green Nail Designs


32. Minimalistic Spring Nail Art

For those who prefer a simpler approach to their nail art, this can be achieved by opting for little detail and a monochromatic color scheme or hues that complement each other to create a blended finish. This look is created with cream, pink, and blush, but because they are all muted, they are not so in-your-face and do not demand attention. Finishing off with lines, spots, or a basic print like gingham will give your nails a modern appearance but still be easy to wear. Minimalistic looks are great on nails of all lengths, including short, which is a more practical option and will create a laid-back aesthetic.


Minimalistic Spring Nail Art

33. Fruity Color Pop Nails

If you are looking for nail art that is bright and fun, look no further. Combining images of fruits with bold colors gives you a manicure that is hard to miss. It is an excellent way to have some fun with your nails, and there is a lot of room for creativity. This can be achieved with the colors of your choosing, the placement, and the amount of detail you add to each fingernail. Try a mix and match effect for a bold finish, choosing a different look for each nail. This nail art is best on long nails, which give you more space and will prevent the artwork from looking squashed.


Pop Color Designs Pretty Nails Nailsbymh


34. Butterflies with Lime French Manicure

Lime green is a bright but versatile color that will be a welcome addition to any nail art. It is a beautiful idea for a Spring vibe to create a manicure that incorporates this color and butterflies, which are symbolic of beauty and transformation. Focus the lime green on the tip of your nail only for a modern approach to the French manicure. This will also make it easier to wear this hue and is excellent when paired with a clear or nude nail polish; making the focus on the end of your nail, which can create the illusion of length. The butterfly nail art can be placed anywhere on the fingernail and can be at a different angle for each finger.


Butterflies With Lime French Manicure Pretty Nails Laurenladnier

35. Nude Base Floral Nail Art

Nude nail polish is incredibly versatile and complements all colors and nail art. It also tones down bright details like multi-colored flowers or butterflies, and instead of clashing with your artwork, it lets it take the attention. If you want a pretty look for Spring, adding your favorite color blooms over a nude base coat is ideal. There is a wide range of colors to choose from, but try to keep them as natural as possible for the best results. This can be a way to celebrate nature, growth, and life, and it will make for a gorgeous and symbolic manicure that lends itself well to various occasions and settings.


Nude Base Floral Nail Art


36. Ombre Wiggles

Wiggles are a fun addition to nail art and can be created in various sizes and colors. They do not have to look a specific way, which lets you get more creative, including your placement and the angles at which you place them. The look can be done on nails of all lengths and shapes but are best suited to longer lengths as this gives you more space. If you want a bright manicure that stands out, combine your favorite colors. This can also be achieved with the ombre effect, which blends two hues, usually one dark and the other light, creating a stunning gradient effect.


Ombre Wiggles Pretty Nails Joelyoceannails

37. Kidcore Nail Art

There are few looks as bold and bright as Kidcore aesthetic nail art. This nail art makes you think of your childhood and is incredibly expressive. There is no right or wrong way to incorporate this idea into your artwork, letting you get creative and combine your favorite things. This includes bright colors, cute details, and even slogans. The goal is to create a manicure that will bring a smile to your face and reflect everything you love; this can also make a statement about how you feel. The downside to this look is that it can be restrictive and is not suited to professional environments. If you opt for 3D details, it can also be more maintenance as you have to take care to avoid them getting snagged.


Kidcore Nail Art Acrylic Nail Ideas Britneytokyo Copy


38. Bright Abstract Manicure

Spring is a wonderful time for creativity and trying out bold and bright colors. A simple but interesting way to do this is by introducing color to your fingernails in an abstract way. This can be a series of lines, angles, or shapes. You can experiment with different placement, using multiple colors on one nail. This modern and fresh look lets you have fun and express yourself with little effort. Your manicure is also perfect for all nail lengths and shapes and is a wonderful way to get your hands noticed.


Bright Abstract Manicure


39. Simple Fruity Nails

Fruity nail art is the mouth-watering option you have waited all winter to try out. Although this nail art has a summer vibe, it is also great for the spring and will give your manicure a pop of color. Choosing a different fruit for each nail is fun to try out multiple colors at once. You can also get creative with the placement, opting for different angles on each fingernail or keeping them all in the center or at the base for a more consistent finish.


Simple Fruity Nails


40. Unique Pastel Purple Nails

Pastel hues are a favorite for spring, and there are several colors to choose from. One of the prettiest and most feminine options is pastel purple, which is a color that will never go out of style. It is dreamy and easy to wear and will look great on all nail shapes and lengths. You can also keep the look as simple or as detailed as you want. For those who want a unique finish, creating abstract shapes in this soft purple shade will help you achieve that. The placement of your nail art can also give it a modern finish; try out different angles on each fingernail. As a final touch, you may wish to include nail art like flowers, a heart, or a smiley face.


Pastel Purple Nails Cassmariebeauty


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