4 Top Semiconductor Stocks To Watch This Week

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Are These The Best Semiconductor Stocks To Buy This Week?

Semiconductor stocks have been on the radar of many investors in the stock market over the past year. It is no secret that semiconductor chips are in high demand right now and chip manufacturing companies are unable to keep up. Does this come as a surprise? Just look around you, the world we live in revolves around the semiconductor industry. The smart devices we use daily, home appliances, and even many modes of transportation require semiconductor chips. And this is why smart investors are always keeping tabs on the industry.

When there is a high demand, it is only natural that the supply would follow suit. We are starting to see this with Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. Ltd (NYSE: TSM) plans to invest $100 billion over the next three years to meet soaring demand. Intel Corporation (NASDAQ: INTC) also announced a $20 billion plan to expand its advanced chip-making capacity. This aims at reasserting its position as the undisputed leader of the semiconductor industry. With all this momentum in the semiconductor industry now, here are four top semiconductor stocks to know now in the stock market today.

Semiconductor Stocks To Watch Right Now

Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.

AMD is a multinational semiconductor company that is based in Santa Clara, California. It develops computer processors and technologies for the business and consumer markets. The company boasts hundreds of millions of consumers and leading Fortune 500 businesses that rely on its technology to improve efficiency and productivity. The company stock has risen over 50% over the past year.

best tech stocks to buy (AMD stock)

On Thursday, AMD stock climbed by 5.55% in response to the news that Alphabet’s (NASDAQ: GOOGL) subsidiary Google has chosen AMD’s newest data center chip to launch its new service. AMD and Google Cloud announced T2D, the first instance in the new family of Tau Virtual Machines (VMs) powered by 3rd Gen AMD EPYC processors. According to Google Cloud, the T2D instance offers 56% higher absolute performance and more than 40% higher price performance for scale-out workloads.

Furthermore, it was also announced last week that AMD’s EPYC processors will be powering the new Hewlett Packard Enterprise Co (NYSE: HPE) Alletra 600. The Alletra 600 is a cloud-native data infrastructure storage solution that powers business-critical applications with the cloud experience. This goes to show that AMD’s technological advancements are gaining the recognition it deserves. Given the high demand for the company’s product right now, would you consider investing in AMD stock?

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NVIDIA Corporation

Next up, we have the trending tech giant, Nvidia. For those unfamiliar, the company designs GPUs for the gaming and professional markets. Also, it manufactures system-on-a-chip units for the mobile computing and automotive markets. NVDA stock has been showing strong bullish momentum and is currently trading at its all-time high range. In fact, it increased by over 33% just within the past month. So, let us see what the catalyst to this strong movement is.

best tech stocks to buy right now (NVDA Stock)

Nvidia’s chief executive on Thursday said the company will spend at least $100 million on a supercomputer in the United Kingdom. Not only that, it appears that this could just be the “starting point” according to CEO Jensen Huang. Nvidia is in the process of acquiring U.K.-based chip technology firm Arm Ltd for $40 billion from Japan’s SoftBank Group Corp. The company is optimistic over the regulatory approval despite facing pushback from Nvidia’s rivals and is under regulatory scrutiny. Once the deal goes through, Nvidia could potentially bring Arm’s technology to new markets.

Fundamentally, the company is very strong as well., Nvidia posted record revenue of $5.66 billion, up by a whopping 84% year-over-year. A large part of this revenue came from its gaming revenue, at $2.76 billion. Also, data center revenue was $2.05 billion, up by 79% year-over-year. When you couple its strong financial figures with the exciting developments surrounding the company, wouldn’t you consider NVDA stock as a top semiconductor stock to buy?

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Xilinx, Inc 

Xilinx is a company that engages in designing and developing programmable devices and associated technologies. Through