4 Tips for Being a Great Bartender

4 Tips for Being a Great Bartender

Bartender: Lots of people turn to bartending as an income since it can be so lucrative.  The flexible hours on top of being able to make the same amount of money in a night which some people make in a week is pretty appealing.

In order to make a living out of bartending, however, you have to be good at what you do.  That means mastering the art of speed while still being a great host.  And let’s face it, sometimes bartenders are required to be therapists too.

In order to make your customers shower you with George Washingtons and maybe even a few Andrew Jacksons, follow these bartending tips.

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Master The Basics

Before you start trying to attempt flair, or experimental cocktails, master the basics.  Keeping it simple is the best way in the beginning.  Once your skill is there, the speed will inevitably follow. Rushing past the basics too soon, in the beginning, is like skipping over an entire portion of a book and being expected to give a summary.

You should learn how beer is pumped. So that you can pour a perfectly foamy head without spilling it all over.  You should know your garnishes and how to change a keg.  You should focus on the most basic cocktails and memorize them by heart.  Don’t get into fancy mixology improvisation just yet until you can make a Cosmopolitan with your eyes closed.

Both Of Your Hands Should Always Be Moving

In order to meet the demands of a packed bar, your two hands should be constantly moving.  Not a moment should be wasted behind a busy bar. If one hand is pouring vodka, the other hand should be reaching for a straw.


Teaching yourself to be ambidextrous is a plus.  Becoming a human octopus means that your hands are constantly put to use without a moment of idle time.  “I’m right-handed but I bartend left-handed because that’s how I was trained,” says Caitlin Laman, a bar consultant.  “It makes me really able to do a lot more things because my dominant hand is not activated as much as my non-dominant hand, so I have the ability to do so many more things.”

Always Anticipate Your Next Move

A bartender’s brain should always be thinking of what their next move is behind the bar.  A great bartender is able to foresee exactly what they should be doing next while still masterfully finishing what’s in front of them with finesse.

Your Setup Is Key

If you have to pause what you’re doing to look for something then you haven’t set your bar up correctly.  The proper layout is essential so that you have your most essential tools right where you need them.

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