4 Things Coronavirus Has Taught Us About Safe Travelling

4 Things Coronavirus Has Taught Us About Safe Travelling

The Coronavirus outbreak has proved to be deadly as it has infected more than 17 million across the globe and caused the death of more than 95,000people so far initially, the virus was limited to mainland China, but it gradually spread to 209 countries. In India, the count of infected cases has also been rising with many reported deaths also. World Health Organization (WHO) has marked the worldwide health emergency priority from ‘high’ to ‘extremely high,’ besides governments imposing lockdowns, restrictions and structuring quarantine and screening processes to curtail the spread.

Coronavirus Has Taught Us About Safe Travelling


Amidst the chaos that coronavirus has created, travellers are restricted from doing what they love the most—Travelling. However, such times call for compromise from everyone, as the need to stand together as one world is more important than ever. The outbreak might have had catastrophic implications but has also taught us valuable lessons about safe travellings, such as avoiding public transport, maintaining our health and hygiene.

So, the question is how to travel in-city or outstation, if you don’t own a vehicle now? Well, a straightforward alternative to consider is a self-drive rental car. Such services are readily available in places like Delhi, Bangalore and many other cities. If you’re travelling for a family vacation or a trip with friends, you may book an Innova car rental in Bangalore and travel safely.

Now let us take a look at some things that coronavirus has taught us about safe travelling:

  1. Washing Hands Is Always Good

One of the first things that coronavirus must have taught you is the importance of maintaining hygiene. Before the pandemic, most people did not consider the need to wash their hands as frequently as they now do. Now given the fear of falling sick, it must have become a part of your psyche to thoroughly wash your hands to kill any virus that may have settled there. So, you must hold on to such a habit even after things get back to normal, and especially practice it while travelling where you are exposed to many different kinds of infectious surfaces.

When using public transport, there is a greater need to sanitize your hands frequently. To reduce your exposure to any viruses or infections, you may consider opting for an Innova car rental in Bangalore as provided by companies like Zoomcar that thoroughly sanitize their vehicles after every use. Choosing such an option will ensure that you and your loved ones can travel without any worries.

  1. Don’t Touch Your Face Frequently

While wearing masks all the time may not be possible, you should try not to touch your eyes, mouth and nose frequently when travelling. Especially, when in a crowded area, continue to be cautious about making physical contact with individuals who have cold and flu symptoms.

If you are on a trip, book any hatchback or SUV like Innova car rental in Bangalore or any other city, whenever possible, to avoid travelling through public transport. It will reduce your risk and keep you in good health while you enjoy your trip. By renting an Innova outstation in Bangalore, you will take a lot of health-related worries off your mind.

  1. Get Vaccinated As And When The Cure Is Available

Although there isn’t any vaccine available for coronavirus(COVID-19) yet, flu or infection shots can help lower the likelihood of catching or developing a common cold and influenza viruses. It reduces the chances of any respiratory infections as these viruses are all linked to the coronavirus infection spread. If it’s an international trip, consult with a healthcare practitioner for essential travel advice.

  1. Maintain Adequate Social Distance

Restricting contact with anyone who is sick is important. At the same time, it is also crucial to maintain an appropriate distance from others if one is sick or is developing symptoms of any disease. This is specifically important while travelling – flight boarding, train, or when in a crowded area. Coronavirus has taught everyone how to stand together at safe distances.

Not everyone owns a vehicle that they can use for travelling, to keep a safe distance from others. An easy solution for this is to consider using an Innova car rental in Bangalore for any within-the-city or outstation purposes. You should also advise your friends, family and colleagues to do so because getting any car like Innova Crysta for rent in Bangalore means self-driving the car and reducing contact with people in crowded areas. So, make use of car rental services from companies like Zoomcar and get your wholly sanitized car delivered at your doorstep.

Travel Safe To Stay Secured

Coronavirus has changed our reality and has taught us valuable lessons when it comes to travelling. So, those who are dependent on public transport for a lot of their travel, remember that you also have the option to use car rental services. Therefore, if the need arises in the future, give metro rides and domestic flights a break and avail self-drivevehicle services like Innova car rental in Bangalore to travel safely and securely. As travellers, we will always find life lessons in everything, so why not make the best out of it.

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