4 Personalised Wedding Gifts for Your Best Friend

Picking out the perfect wedding gift can be tricky, especially when it’s your best friend exchanging the vows. Wedding registries can be great, but they lack the personal touch your best friend deserves.

Skip the premade presents and gift cards and wow your BFF on their special day with these fabulous personalised gift ideas.

Candid Photo Albums

Professional photography is nice, but it doesn’t always capture your best friend’s authentic person. Pre-posed photos are fun, but candid photos taken with love will show your best friend their wedding from a whole new perspective.

Snap pictures throughout the day of the party, and then craft them into a personalised wedding album with the help of online photo books. Complete it with handwritten notes to make this personalised gift a treasured remembrance for generations to come.

Personalised Wedding Gifts
Personalised Wedding Gifts

Monogrammed Trinkets

Let your best friend show off their new wedded name with the help of matching monogrammed trinkets. Major retailers love attaching personalised names and messages on everything from towels to cufflinks. These make great centrepieces for their new home and elevate a simple gift into something special.

You can choose from the classic ‘His and Hers’ style of monogramming, the new last name, or just a couple of initials for the more subtle approach. They can even make great group gifts for a blended family, ensuring everyone feels included in your friend’s new wedded bliss.

Sentimental Shadow Box

Celebrate years of friendship through the help of a shadow box, an easy-to-display treasure trove of moments and memories. Fill the shadow box with items representing your friendship, like photos, old toys, or knick-knacks from past road trips and adventures. Also, consider pressed flowers or bits of earth from locations meaningful to you and your best friend.

The shadow box can also be used to commemorate the married couple’s life. Use items that represent memorable dates or well-loved items. Leave some empty room so the couple can add items from their wedding day to the shadow box.

Watch how the box grows over time, and the new memories you make together.

The Memory Blanket

The memory blanket blends the wedding album photos and the sentimental touch of monogrammed towels into one perfect gift. The blanket is a beautiful patchwork of memories, ideal for showcasing lifelong friendships or the married couple’s history. It can be used to decorate the couch, guest bedroom, or even displayed as a wall tapestry.

Where to Start?

Remember, as long as it comes from the heart, the gift is a guaranteed success. It doesn’t have to be expensive to be memorable, so don’t let price tags dissuade you. As long as you put your heart into it, your best friend will surely love whatever present you decide on.

Engraved and monogrammed gifts are great for housewarming presents, whereas photo albums and shadow boxes are great for showcasing lifetime memories. Just make sure to plan your personalised gift ahead of time so that everything can be shipped and finished before the wedding day.