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4 Must-visit Malaysian travel destinations

Travelling feeds the soul and nourishes your mind. Which is why we at Tipsclear.com, have always believed that travel is an essential part of life.

The world is a wondrous place packed with sights, sounds and experiences. Malaysia is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world and with good reason. Having written about the Malaysian capital of Kuala Lumpur, we take a look at a selection of other destinations that you simply must-see.

Located on the Malay Archipelago, Malaysia is a tropical country nestled in between Thailand and Singapore. Known as a melting pot of Malay, Chinese, Indian, Arab and even Portuguese and Dutch cultures, the rich fabric of Malaysian society has made Malaysia a very welcoming place for tourists from all over the world.


Join us as we take a look at some of Malaysia’s must-visit destinations.

  1. Malacca

One of the most popular destinations for both domestic and foreign tourists, the historical city of Malacca is rich in both culture and cuisine. Founded by a Srivijayan prince named Parameswara during the 1400s, Malacca was a key port city for the Malay sultanates and coveted by the British for its strategic location along the straits of Malacca.

Countless wars were fought over this city and centuries later, the only remnants of Malacca’s once blood history are the ruins of the Portuguese ‘A Famosa’ fort. The fortress has been preserved and is now a popular destination for tourists with an interest in history.

Alongside that, Malacca is renowned for its rich Nyonya cuisine that features a unique blend of Chinese and Malay influences. Spicy, tangy and exotic are just some of the terms used to describe Malacca cuisine.

For those willing to explore, Malacca city is also home to a variety of museums and street food destinations.

From the famous Hainanese chicken rice balls i.e. oiled rice rolled into balls served alongside chicken to the delicious pork satay; skewers of pork roasted over a charcoal flame, it’s no surprise to see why Malacca is a popular destination for food tourists.

If scenery is more of your scene, Klebang beach with its gorgeous white sand and rolling dunes are the perfect place for getting those Instagram shots.

Located just 3 hours outside of Kuala Lumpur, Malacca is most definitely one of the top tourist destinations in Malaysia.

  1. Ipoh

The capital city of Perak i.e. also known as the Silver State, Ipoh traces its origins back to the days when tin mining was a massive industry in Malaysia. However, following the collapse of tin prices, Ipoh faced decades of neglect as its inhabitants flocked elsewhere in search of their fortunes.

Fortunately, in recent times, Ipoh has seen a resurgence due to its burgeoning tourism industry. Surrounded by greenery and blessed with dozens of natural attractions such as hot springs and jungle trails, Ipoh has quickly grown to become one of Malaysia’s favourite weekend getaway spots.

Far from being a backwater town, Ipoh is packed with trendy cafes and boutique hotels. Boasting gorgeous colonial-era architecture, Ipoh is able to seamlessly blend the old with the new to bring you an entirely different experience.

Just like any other Malaysian city, Ipoh has its own unique blend of Malaysian cuisine that ranges from tasty dim sum to piping hot cups of Ipoh white coffee.

  1. Fraser’s Hill

While Malaysia may be a tropical country, thanks to its colonial heritage, there are several unique hill stations that have become tourist attractions in their own right. While both Genting and Cameron Highland have been the choice of many, Fraser’s Hill still retains the charms of a quaint village in the highlands.

Located on the Titiwangsa mountain range, Fraser’s Hill is one of the few locations in Malaysia with pristine forests and little-to-no development. With a cool, temperate climate that can fall to 13-15-degree Celcius at night, Fraser’sHIll is the perfect place to get away from it all.

While Kuala Lumpur may be a glittering metropolis in a tropical paradise, Malaysia has dozens of other underrated tourist destinations that are often overlooked. Traveling to this country will be as exciting as betting on the NBA expert picks. For those willing to venture beyond the beaten track, the rewards can be well worth the effort.

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