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4 Free Parks in London That You Should Visit

4 Free Parks in London That You Should Visit

Free Parks London: It is every traveler’s dream destination to visit United Kingdom. This stunning country is definitely one of the most visited places in the whole world. It offers tons of things to do and see to all its visitors. Your stay here will surely be worth it and memorable.

Traveling to United Kingdom wouldn’t be complete without going to London. This 21st-century city is the capital of England. It is located on the River Thames and home to the greatest historical attractions dating back to the Roman times.

Spending your vacation here will truly be one-of-a-kind, especially when you visit its awe-inspiring tourist spots. You can get to these places through a car rental in London and you will never have to worry about anything. This city offers a reliable and hassle-free car rental services to all visitors from across the globe.

Free Parks London

Free Parks London

You might want to take time to visit the following impressive London parks, which are free of charge:

Hyde Park

Hyde ParkKnown as one of the greatest city parks in the entire world, Hyde Park covers 142 hectares with more than 4000 trees. It also houses ornamental flower gardens, a grassland, and a huge lake. Once you visit this park, you will get to enjoy boating, skating, horse-riding, swimming, and cycling. More so, Hyde Park has captivating monuments and buildings, such as the Joy of Life fountain, Diana Memorial Fountain, Achilles statue, and The Serpentine Bridge.

Bushy Park

Bushy ParkSituated on the north of Hampton Court Palace, Bushy Park is the second biggest Royal Park in London. It is home to approximately 320 free-roaming deer, ancient trees, as well as tons of plants and animals. With an area of 445 hectares, this historic parkland is perfect for cycling, horse-riding, and strolling around with your family and friends. You will enjoy your time here, especially the kids for there is a spectacular children’s playground here.

Kensington Gardens

One of the striking Royal Parks of London, Kensington Gardens can be found to the west of Hyde Park. They were once private gardens of the Kensington Palace, but open to the public today. This gorgeous park is 100 hectares big and consists of splendid trees, grasslands, as well as ornamental flower beds. Additionally, you can see here the Peter Pan statue, Serpentine Gallery, Italian Gardens, and the Albert Memorial.

Richmond Park

The biggest Royal Park in London is the Richmond Park. It has an area of 1000 hectares and houses 650 deer. When you are here, you will enjoy the peaceful ambiance and the spectacular views around too. This park also has golf courses, playgrounds, fish ponds, cycling paths, and horse-riding tracks ideal for every kind of visitor.

Indeed, London is one of the most beautiful destination to explore in the continent of Europe. Its nature is truly breathtaking. With these magnificent parks mentioned above, you will absolutely get to appreciate more the natural world. Thus, make time to visit these places when in London, not only because they are free of charge, rather they offer outstanding views that you will treasure all your life.


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