4 Effective Aloe Vera Recipes for Stretch Marks Removal

Aloe Vera Recipes for Stretch Marks Removal

Stretch marks are something that can make you look conscious and embarrassed. You are mostly not able to wear clothes that shows off the skin where the stretch marks are, hence you have to compromise a lot in wearing the clothes, so, what can you do to lighten the stretch marks. For stretch marks, we can try some natural remedies to remove stretch marks. There is one such remedy which nature has given us we are talking about aloe vera gel, this miraculous ingredients is great for stretch marks removal.

Aloe Vera Recipe for Stretch Marks Removal

You must be thinking how aloe vera gel can help in lightening or fading the stretch marks, so let’s have a look at how it does.

How Aloe vera Benefits the Stretch Mark Removal

Aloe vera has natural skin healing and scar lightening properties. Due to this very property this plant has been used for beauty and skin treatment purpose since ages. Aloe vera gel has many nutrients and polysaccharides that help in healing the upper layer of the skin. This also helps in boosting the collagen levels of the skin. Thus the scar heals and gets lightened easily, so, this is why aloe vera can promotes the cell growth and lightening the marks. Surely, this makes several beauty uses of aloe vera gel.

Aloe Vera Recipe for Stretch Marks Removal

4 Effective Aloe Vera Recipes for Stretch Marks Removal

So, aloe vera gel has many benefits for skin. Let’s see the aloe vera gel recipes that can help you in the stretch marks removal. These remedies will need aloe vera gel along with some other natural ingredients. Okay so let’s start with the first remedy.

1. Aloe vera gel massaging

Massaging the stretch marked skin with some fresh aloe vera gel will make them fade faster. But for that you will have to massage 2 times in a day. Apply the gel and massage over the stretch marks in the morning and then leave this. Then again while going to bed apply this gel and massage over the stretch marks to remove them faster.

2. Aloe vera gel and lemon juice massaging therapy

This is a treatment with aloe vera gel along with some lemon juice. Lemon juice will boost the efficiency of the aloe vera in fading the stretch marks. it’s because lemon juice is a very potential skin lightening agent which helps in lightening the darkness of the skin. So, mix some aloe vera gel like half teaspoonful with the same amount of lemon juice. Then apply this mixture over the stretch marks. Massage and let it get absorbed properly then leave this. Try this again at night and do not wash but keep that overnight.

Aloe Vera Recipe for Stretch Marks Removal

3. Aloe Vera gel with sugar scrub mask

This is a mask plus scrub treatment to get rid of the stretch marks using aloe vera gel and some sugar.

  • Mix some aloe vera gel like 2 teaspoonfuls with 1 teaspoonful of sugar and apply on the stretch marks.
  • Keep that for about 20 minutes. After that scrub the area, the sugar will still be there and will not have melted completely so this will scrub as well.
  • Sugar has glycolic acid that lightens the skin and removes any darkness or scars from the upper most layer of skin. Thus promotes faster stretch marks removal process.

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4. Castor oil with aloe vera gel for stretch marks

  • Mix some aloe vera gel with castor oil and massage every night over the stretch marks.
  • Aloe vera gel and the castor oil are great combination to heal and lighten the scars and stretch marks.
  • Castor oil has ricinoleic acid that helps in boosting the collagen production and also promotes the rate of skin renewal which makes this combination works for stretch marks removal.

You should make sure that you try doing these aloe vera gel treatment everyday as mentioned to obtain the best results. Being consistent will give the great results in lightening the stretch marks faster.

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