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4 Most Common Reasons That Couples Fight

4 Most Common Reasons That Couples Fight

Couple Fight: When it comes to relationships, even the best kinds often have their challenges. Many experts agree that arguing isn’t a negative thing. As long as you find a resolution together then you may even be strengthening your relationship. The important thing to remember is that no two people are entirely the same. Eventually, there will come a point where one of you disagrees with the other’s view on something.

Couples Fight
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Although there are a variety of possibilities why couples may bicker, there are a few that stand out as being the most common. Here are why most couples fight, and what they can do to avoid it.


Arguing over money is something which is common when two people share a life together. Even though they may see eye to eye on most things in their lives, money is one of those things that can be very particular.

Everything can be going great, and suddenly an unexpected expense like getting your car towed, or having to fix a broken water heater can send one of you into a fuss. Money may mean a lot to one of you, while the other doesn’t put much thought or importance into it.

The important thing is to remember that you don’t have to see eye to eye on absolutely everything in order to be happy and compatible. The most important is that you focus on finding a solution and agreement together to accept each other even if you don’t have exactly the same perspective.


When one of the partners has more need for intimacy than the other, this can lead to one of you feeling like a victim or as if your needs aren’t being met. Since not everyone has the same physical needs, it’s important to try to reach a balance together.

You may have to reach a compromise if one of you isn’t particularly a fan of touching or being close very often. In order to be able to bend your needs for the other, you should each make a commitment to go out of your comfort zone once in a while in order to reach an arrangement that’s fair.


Many couples argue over their communication or lack thereof. When one of the people in a relationship is very verbal and the other prefers to let things slide without talking them through, this can start to make the other feel very frustrated.

Reaching a happy medium is crucial in order to stay happy together as a team. Rather than only one of you changing for the other. Remember, if you really care about someone and want to stay together for a lifetime, adjusting your actions in order to find a balance is key.

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