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4 Best Picnic Spots Near Kasauli One Cannot Miss For A Happy Weekend!

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Kasauli is a newly found attraction for tourists, although the place is still evolving. But this raw place offers a vast array here where you can sit and enjoy our whole day in the lap of nature. It is an ideal place with various picnic-worthy spots. This place is very close to Shimla and can be covered in about two days. People from nearby places also come here to spend their weekends. Most of these places are best explored by walking. However, during winter the place is quite isolated, and you may need to travel before you can face a human face. The place has various trekking paths which are quite famous among tourists. So if you are looking for some picnic spots near Kasauli, then do not pay attention to these.

4 best picnic spots near Kasauli

Here is a list of the best picnic spots near Kasauli, which one must visit to enjoy a great time away from the hustle and bustle.

1. Chudhar Wildlife Sanctuary – 96 km from Kasauli
2. The Glen – 18 km from Kasauli
3. Barog – 18 km from Kasauli
4. Indira Tourist Park – 89.4 km from Kasauli

1. Chudhar Wildlife Sanctuary

This is the best place to visit wildlife sanctuary.


This sanctuary is in Sirmaur district of Himachal Pradesh and is an important place to take your entire family and enjoy your day to see wildlife and forests. Being here in the wild is a real experience. The place also has religious significance due to Chudhar peak, which is worshiped by some locals. Shikhar is dedicated to one deity – Sri Shirgul Maharaj, who is widely worshiped by the people of Sirmour and Chaupal.

You can reach the top of this peak through various routes in this sanctuary. It is an ideal wayfarer for those who wish to get lost from the busy life of the city. Expert guides in place will help you spot the particular breeds of animals that live here. You can also organize organized group trips to this place.

Distance from Kasauli: 96 km
things to do: Explore wildlife, sit and enjoy the tranquility of the place, take a stroll while listening to the birds as you walk through this sanctuary and discover the flora of that place
Best Time to Visit: All year except rainy season
Places to live nearby: Chureshwar Resort, Kasauli Exotica, Viennese Holiday Resort, Baikunth Resorts, Kasauli Hills Resorts
Nearby restaurants: Mahek Restaurant, Rider Cake Dockyard, Bridge View, Brown World, Patan Terrace, Dastarkhan

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2. The Glen

Go to the best place


It is a famous picnic spot near Shimla. It is only 4 km from the main city of Shimla and has a thick wooden ravine with a current flowing around it. It is filled with the most beautiful creation of God by nature and you will feel that you are not in this world while you are passing through this place. The place has a dense forest of cedar and cedar trees and is famous for various hiking and trekking trails.

People often come here with their families and spend their entire day in peace and greenery. This place is a Mecca for weekend travelers. People like to picnic among the forest. Also, you can bring it with your old parents and grandparents as the place is easily available via car. But people like to walk in this dense forest, running towards the forest.

Distance from Kasauli: 18 km
things to do: Hiking, enjoying the peace of the forest away from the hustle and bustle of the city, sit and admire the ancient beauty of this place, enjoy the whole day with your friends and family
Best Time to Visit: Throughout the year
Places to live nearby: Radisson Jas Shimla, Hotel Willow Bank, Summit Le Royal, The Cedar Grand Hotel, Landmark Shimla, Hotel Commeremere
Nearby restaurants: Cafe Valley, ANC Bar, & Restaurant, Seventh Paradise, Brew Estate, Whereabouts Cafe, Wake & Bake, Cafe Simla Times

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3. Barog

This is a great place


This mystic place is a small village which was established due to the construction of railway tracks in the British era. This place is a treasure for travelers who like offbeat places. The place has various attractions that people can enjoy. The place is quiet and is often visited by people who admire such seriousness.

People come here on weekends and enjoy places like Dolanji Bon Monastery, Chur Chandni Peak, Barog Camping Ground, Suketi Fossil Park and Barog Cemetery to stay here. The place is also famous for having the longest straight tunnel which is about 1143 meters long. The place is an ideal weekend holiday with your family and enjoys the various attractions of this small hill station.

Distance from Kasauli: 18 km
things to do: Visit Dolanji Bon Monastery, see the mystic Chur Chandni Peak, camp at Barog Camping Ground, visit Suketi Fossil Park, and pay tribute to the engineer at Barog’s Cemetery
Best Time to Visit: Throughout the year
Places to live nearby: Pine Drive Resort, Hotel Barog Heights, Valley View Barog, Hotel Pinwood, Sartaj Homestay, Millennium 2000 Resort, Boparai Home Stay
Nearby restaurants: Little Punjabi Dhaba, Chachu Da Dhaba, Little China, Narinder Sweet House, Full Chow, Haveli, The Coffee Lodge Cafe, Hangout Rooftop Bar, and Restaurant

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4. Indira Tourist Park

This is a wonderful place


It is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Kufri. People come here all day with their friends and family and enjoy. Late Prime Minister Indira Gandhi visited the place in 1972 to sign the Simla Agreement with Pakistan. The park is located near the Himalayan National Park. The place is quite famous for arranging yak rides. Also, you can take a pony ride in this park.

People often like to live here and spend their entire day. There are all kinds of arrangements for the tourists visiting this place. You even have hotels for a comfortable stay. Apart from this, the place has various shops and game parlors and beer bars.

Distance from Kasauli: 89.4 km
things to do: Play video games in game parlors, drink beer in bars here, shop for various local motifs, spend your day at leisure, enjoy yak and pony rides
Best Time to Visit: Throughout the year
Places to live nearby: Kufri Holiday Resort, The Himalayan Odyssey, Stay Separate – Last Village, Kufri Holiday, Homestay, Royal Tulip Shimla, Kufri, Hotel Kufri Ashray, Hotel Kufri Holiday Inn
Nearby restaurants: Brew Estate Shimla, Bawa Cafe, Northern Lights, Cafe Fine, Oberoi Restaurant at Wildflower Hall, Viceroy, The Himalayan Odyssey, Hideout Cafe, Wake and Bake

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People can travel to this place through all modes of transport. The nearest airports are Shimla and Chandigarh. The nearest railhead is Kalka. Various buses travel from this place day and night. This place offers a lot to its visitors. Some of the main attractions are Gurudwara Sri Guru Nanak Ji, Sunset Point, Manki Point and Christ Church. While you are here, be sure to try one of the hiking spots. In addition, one must shop at Pinecones, a famous souvenir shop in Kasauli. All these picnic spots are quite accessible and ideal for spending a day with your family members. They are very serious about Kasauli and each of them has a lot to offer. So next time, if you are planning a holiday in Himachal Pradesh, make sure not to miss these places of Kasauli which are ideal for a picnic with friends and family.

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Frequently asked questions about picnic spots near Kasauli

Q. What are the places in Barog?

a. Barog is a small hill station. It is a kind of offbeat destination, where people often travel on weekends to spend some time here. This is not a picnic spot at all. This place has various attractions. Some of them are Dolanji Bon Monastery, Chur Chandni Peak, Barog Camping Ground, Suketi Fossil Park and Barog Cemetery.

Q. Why is Indira National Park so famous?

a. Indira Gandhi Park became famous during 1972 when Indira Gandhi came here to sign the Simla Agreement with Pakistan. Since then, the place is highly developed and a great place to spend a leisurely day with your friends and family. You also have various options to spend your day here. You can play games in game parlors, spend your days drinking beer at this place. In addition, there are small eateries. And a special souvenir shop is set up that sells local motifs at reasonable prices.

Q. How to reach Kasauli?

a. Kasauli has all the means of travel to reach here. You can fly to Shimla Airport, 35 km from Kasauli or more often, from Chandigarh which is about 65 km from Kasauli. You can then hire a cab to reach here. The nearest rail route is Kalka which is then 40 km from Kasauli. People like to drive to Kasauli from Delhi or other nearby places. Various buses are scheduled daily from this place.

Q. Is winter a good time to visit this place?

a. As winter comes, the place becomes good for walking all year round. You may have to travel a lot during winter to see a human face from point to point. The locals either go down the slope to their summer homes or prefer to stay inside during the winter.

Q. Is this the backpacker’s floor?

a. Well being a backpacker, it would be difficult to find an inexpensive place to survive here. The place is still evolving and has become quite popular. It is in the off-season just like the months from November to February so that you can get some discount in prices.

Q. Are there any nightclubs in Kasauli?

a. Kasauli has some of the best nightclubs. Some of them are Kasauli Club, Hangout Kasauli Regency, and Punjabi Kitchen. Of these, Kasauli Club is the most prestigious and famous drinking club of Kasauli. In addition, due to its proximity to the army cantonment, it offers a variety of drinks. In addition, it maintains a variety of activities such as tennis courts, bridge rooms, billiards etc.

Q. Are there any places to stay near Chudhar Wildlife Sanctuary?

a. If you talk about the premises of Chudhar Sanctuary, there is only one option, which is the Chureshwar Resort. Otherwise, people often prefer to live in the surrounding cities and visit this sanctuary by day.

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