4 Best Beaches In Iran That You Must Visit On Your Trip In 2020

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When you think of traveling to Iran, what comes first to your mind? Maybe the heat, the endless desert, and the mosque, right? By the way, very few people know that Iran is more than this. Iran is famous for its picture-perfect salt lakes, breathtaking colorful Islamic architecture as well as its serene beaches. Yes, you read that right! In fact, in this article, we are going to tell you about something amazing Beaches in iran This beautiful country was hidden for so long. Scroll away!

Best beaches in iran

Don’t forget to add these serene Iran beaches during your trip so that you don’t miss discovering the true essence of this country in your travels. It is always better to plan ahead of your journey to save time and avoid any chaos.

1. Kish Beach Island
2. Hormuz Beach Island
3. Ramsar Beach
4. Bandar Anjali

1. Kish Beach Island

Kish Beach Island

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Say hello to this magnificent Kish beach in Iran, which makes it feel aerial right in the Persian Gulf. Kish is an eclectic island, a popular sunny beach destination with white sandy Iran beaches such as Ladies Beach, Maryam Beach and more. Imagine yourself sitting under the white palm trees, looking out over the amazing views of the blue Persian Gulf. Thrilling, isn’t it?

Kish is absolutely safe and there are no dangerous aquatic creatures and the water is so clean, that you can see the unique underwater life. Kish Beach beach in Iran is adorned with abundant coral reefs with lively fish. Shimmering blue seas and stunning beaches with palm trees, this Kish beach in Iran offers a range of spectacular destinations you can visit.

Nearby Tourist Attractions: Kish Dolphin and Crocodile Park, Green Tree Park, World Zoo Secrets, Greek Ships, Albatross Sculpture, Carriage, Harireh, Marjan Beach Park
place: Bandar Langeh, Hormozgan Province, Iran
How to reach: This pearl of Iran is just 1.1 km from Kishan International Airport or you can reach here by car or bus from Tehran.
Best Time to Visit: October to mid March
Activities to try: Snorkeling, jet-skiing, parasailing, boating, fishing, reef walking, boating, water-skiing and coring viewing

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2. Hormuz Beach Island

Hormuz Beach Island

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When we talk of Iran’s best beaches, Hormuz tops the list of beaches. Situated in the Persian Gulf, this 5 mile long island is quite lively and covered with volcanic material and layers of sedimentary rock. It is replete with natural goodness, has a calm atmosphere and is undoubtedly the best beach in Iran. Hormuz is actually unlike any other place in Iran, to be honest. In fact, it is completely unlike any other place on earth.

Silver Beach and Red Beach are also the best beaches in Iran to visit this island. They are unique with phosphorus sparkling water and sand rich with red iron. You can shout and sunbathe in the atmosphere of the beach as well as explore the island. Try the popular and mouth-watering seafood, which is also the local food of the island.

Nearby Tourist Attractions: Hormuz Village, Salt Mountain, The Fort of Our Lady, Silence Valley, Museum and Drs. Nadalian Gallery
place: Hormozgan Province, Iran
How to reach: To reach the island, take a ferry from Qesham or Bandar Abbas. You share rickshaws and rented bikes to tour around the island and see other spots
Best Time to Visit: November and april
Activities to try: Hiking, swimming in secluded beaches and exploring salt caves

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3. Ramsar Beach

Ramsar Beach

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Want to go somewhere on vacation, who would you say wow? Well, here is one. Ramsar is a small town and a hidden jewel located near the Caspian coast. Nestled in the lap of nature, Ramsar is surrounded on one side by the forest and on the other by the sea. Viewed and liked by most tourists, the city is one of the fun-packed beaches in Iran. The sandy coast, salty sea and bright sun against the blue background make this place an ideal holiday destination. You can also see cable cars passing through the Caspian coast beach.

Nearby Tourist Attractions: Ramsar Palace Museum, Markuh Castle, Casino Boulevard, Jawahar Dih Village
place: Mazandaran Province, Iran
How to reach: Travel by plane, train, taxi or car to reach Ramsar from Tehran, it is a 4-hour drive from Tehran.
Best Time to Visit: October to mid March
Activities to try: Boating, parasailing and Ramsar cable car ride from the top of the mountain that treats you to 360 degree panoramic views of the farm, forest and sea

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4. Bandar Anjali

Monkey anjali

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Iran’s beaches are unique and another on the list of the best beaches in Iran is the Casparian Sea coastline running through the city of Anjali. Bandar means port and Bandar Anjali’s port is the largest in the Caspian coast of Iran. It is a suitable holiday retreat wrapped in clear sand, saltwater and epic sunrise and sunset views. The coastline of Anjali beach is at number one in Iran and is also grand. Come to this quiet place and enjoy yourself to the fullest.

Nearby Tourist Attractions: Anjali Wetland, Ghanian Bridge, Anjali Pasadarshan Park, Anjali Palace Military Museum and Menoreh
place: Gilan Province, Iran
How to reach: You can reach Bandar in 30 minutes by shared taxi. Rasht International Airport is only 35 km from here
Best Time to Visit: April to June and September to November
Activities to try: Snorkeling and other water sports

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Iran has seen a huge increase in the number of tourists visiting annually in a few years. Recently, it has turned into a major tourist hotspot with travelers from all over the world dispelling misconceptions about Iran and visiting this country in large numbers. They are back home with only happy memories, and so will you! Take a trip and see all these beautiful beaches of Iran at once!

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Frequently Asked Questions about Beaches in Iran

Q. Is it safe to visit Iran?

a. Iran is quite safe for travel. In fact, it is safer than Europe according to many tourists.

Q. Can you swim in the Persian Gulf?

a. It is generally not advisable to swim due to the presence of large numbers of sea snakes in the Persian Gulf.

Q. How long is Iran’s coastline?

a. Iran has a long coastline that extends up to 800 miles above the Persian Gulf.

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