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3D house design is a different way for architects to design houses, it is not far from the conventional way of designing in 2D, but it is more competitive. The 3D house design, just like the traditional way, also includes the floor plans, elevations and perspective of the project. The only difference is that 3D Home Design offers 3D floor plans and 3D elevations instead of the conventional 2D.

3D house design from an architect’s point of view

For architects, presenting for a client using 3D Home Design can be of great benefit since the presentation will be able to capture the client’s attention from the start, with the colorful layouts of the floor plan and elevations.

3D home design
3D home design

3D house design from a client’s perspective

For clients with no architectural background, watching an architect’s presentation, especially with the architect showing boring 2D drawings and talking about it in technical terms that you don’t even understand a little about, can be a boring task. . But when an architect presents you with a 3D presentation, you will be able to immediately understand what the architect is conveying. There is no need to decipher the technical terms and plans, just look at the presentation and you will get an idea of ​​what the project will look like.

3D Home Design and its components.

The presentation for a client consists of 2 phases, the primary phase and the main phase. The main step is the presentation of floor plans and elevations, which was discussed in a previous article. The major phase includes the presentation of the interior and exterior perspectives.

3D interior

Interior 3D presentations include views of the interior of the house in some parts. It is up to the client to see and feel what the house will look like, and if the spaces will function according to their preferences, it can also serve as an attachment to floor plans if the client needs checks on how a certain space is. in the house will look like.

3D exterior

The 3D exterior presentations include views of the exterior of the house as a whole, including the background to apply the environment in which the house will be built. It can also serve as a way for clients to see what the house will look like and it gives the opportunity for the client to tell the architect if they want to change some colors or part before construction begins.

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