38 Best Rose Gold Hair Color & Highlights for 2022

Are you considering trying out rose gold hair color? If so, you’re definitely not alone. This trendy new hue has been popping up all over social media and on the runways, and for good reason – it’s beautiful. But before you take the plunge, there are a few things you need to know. Keep reading for everything you need to know about rose gold hair color.Rose Gold Hair Color

One of the most universally flattering new trends for hair is rose gold. While the classic version is a blend of golden blonde, pink and red, there are a wide variety of hues that fall into the rose gold family. As a result, there’s a rose gold look for everyone! Keep reading to discover the incredible range of rose gold options to suit your skin tone and natural hair color.

1. Copper Rose Gold Hair

Copper rose gold hair is one of the most natural ways to wear this on-trend hue. Warm and rich, classic copper suits a wide variety of skin tones. Copper rose gold hair has a similarly universally flattering look, with a vibrant intensity that will make your hair seem to glow. If you are a natural redhead or honey blonde, it’s a great way to embrace the rose gold trend.

Rose Gold Hair Color

2. Rose Gold Bob

If you’re shaking up your color, why not change the cut too? A rose gold bob haircut is the perfect dramatic change if you have long, dark hair – or even if you’re a natural blonde and want a fresh, easy, and wearable new look. While rose gold suits different types of bobs – from wavy to asymmetric and A-line – a blunt bob creates a cool, graphic, and modern effect that’s sure to turn heads.

Rose Gold Bob

3. Rose Gold Waves

Give your locks the bombshell treatment with rose gold waves. Because rose gold has a variety of tones – from bright blonde to soft sand and peachy pink – it’s a perfect match for a dynamic wavy hairstyle. The soft curves and natural movement shows off the different highlights and lowlights and makes your rose gold hue look more dynamic.

Rose Gold Waves

4. Rose Gold Pixie Cut

Those who like to walk on the bold side should consider a rose gold pixie cut. Short and sharp, a pixie cut always attracts attention. Plus, it’s a versatile cut – the pixie can be styled cute, chic, or cool and edgy depending on your mood. Pair it with a statement color like rose gold and you’ve got seriously head-turning hair. Generally, the shorter your cut, the brighter your color can be, so don’t be afraid to dial up the pink in your rose gold look.

Rose Gold Pixie Cut

5. Warm Rose Gold Hair Color

Similar to the copper rose gold color, warm rose gold hair has a more natural look than other variations on this shade. Closer to strawberry blonde than it is to candy-floss pink, warm rose gold hair is ideal for those who want to try out the trend for the first time. It’s particularly flattering on those who have a naturally yellow or golden undertone to their skin.

Warm Rose Gold Hair Color

6. All-Over Rose Gold Color

Give your hair a gorgeous new look any time of year with an all-over rose gold tint. The rich hue and metallic shimmer of the rose gold hair color makes a bold statement. Plus, as it’s a multi-dimensional color, it has built-in highlights and lowlights to create a flattering and dynamic result. Better yet, if your hair is naturally blonde, you can try an all-over rose gold color at home.

All-Over Rose Gold Color

7. Rose Gold Ombre

For brunettes, going fully rose gold can be an expensive and time-consuming process as it requires you to bleach your hair blonde first. One alternative option is to try rose gold ombré, which blends lighter rose gold ends and mid-lengths with naturally dark roots. To tie the look together and make it look more cohesive, your colorist will add subtle rose gold-toned highlights to frame your face.

Rose Gold Ombre

8. Warm Brown Hair + Rose Gold Ends

Auburn is a great base tone to pair with rose gold ends. The warm, reddish-brown tones blend beautifully with the coppery hues in rose gold, creating a gorgeous gradient effect. Like a sunset on your head, this color combination is pretty yet striking and ideal for those with naturally warm brown roots who want to try out the rose gold trend.

Warm Brown Hair with Rose Gold Ends

9. Straight Rose Gold Hair

Rose gold makes as much of a statement on straight hair as it does on wavy or curly. That’s because the natural shine of straight hair boosts the metallic shimmer of rose gold. As the color itself is so striking, there’s no need to overdo the styling on your straight hair. Simply use a flat iron and a smoothing serum to create a sleek final result. A bob haircut or lob haircut looks amazing when paired with this bold hue.

Straight Rose Gold Hair

10. Soft Rose Gold Glow Hair Color

One of the more subtle types of rose gold hair is the soft rose gold glow. This hue has more of a golden blonde base, with less pink and red overtones. Ideal for those with a neutral skin tone and darker eyes, the soft rose gold glow is a great way to transition platinum hair back to a warmer shade or refresh honey blonde hair for a new season.

Soft Rose Gold Glow Hair Color

11. Rose Gold Hair With Pink Highlights

For a fun summer look, special occasion, or festival, it’s hard to look past pink highlights! Quirky and feminine, pink hair adds a cute and playful vibe to your hair. Because rose gold contains pink undertones, it’s a great natural partner for pink highlights. Scatter the darker pink pieces throughout your hair or use them to create a frame for your face for an on-trend e-girl vibe.

Blonde Hair with Pink and Rose Gold Highlights

12. Short Rose Gold Curls

Play up the soft, romantic appeal of rose gold with short rose gold curls. Like wavy hair, curls are a perfect partner for rose gold because the hair’s natural movement brings out the multi-dimensional tones in the color. Pretty, playful, and mysterious, rose gold short curls have a vintage appeal and look great when paired with pin-up-inspired fashion or contrasted with an alternative style.

Short Rose Gold Curls

13. Light Rose Gold Highlights

If your hair is naturally platinum or buttery blonde, light rose gold highlights are a great way to embrace the trend. Rather than tinting your hair all over, your colorist can strategically place the rose gold sections to best catch the light and frame your face. Because rose gold has a naturally metallic shine, it blends beautifully with paler blonde hair.

Light Rose Gold Highlights

14. Rose Gold Hair With Platinum Blonde Highlights

While rose gold highlights look great on platinum blonde hair, the reverse is also true. A talented colorist can lift your rose gold look to the next level by scattering through pale blonde pieces. These sections catch the light and add to the shimmering, glowing effect that rose gold hair has. Plus, it’s a great way to make the rose gold trend work if you have cool-toned skin and lighter eyes.

Rose Gold Hair with Platinum Blonde Highlights

15. Rose Gold Ends on Dark Blonde Hair

Rose gold ends is a big trend – and a simpler way to embrace the look without dyeing your whole head a new shade. As a general rule, the darker your hair, the deeper your rose gold ends can be. To make the color stand out on dark blonde hair – also called dirty blonde hair – make sure the rose gold shade is a vibrant pink. Avoid too much warm red undertone, as this could clash with the ashier undertones of dark blonde hair.

Rose Gold Ends on Dark Blonde Hair

16. Rose Gold Sunset Color

Sunset rose gold combines a golden blonde with pink and peach highlights to create a shimmering, juicy, dynamic hue that mimics the sun’s rays in the evening sky. While softer and more romantic than other pink hair colors, the rose gold sunset look will still ensure you are the center of attention. It’s less natural than other rose gold options and suits those who want to make a statement while still maintaining a pretty and feminine aesthetic.

Rose Gold Sunset Color

17. Short Rose Gold Hair

Just like a rose gold pixie cut, short rose gold hair is a cool and striking look. To give it an extra attitude, try a choppy short cut with baby bangs. This cut works particularly well for straight hair and fine hair, as the choppiness creates movement while the short bangs make your hair appear thicker. Meanwhile, the rose gold-tone will add shine and dimension.

Short Rose Gold Hair

18. Rose Gold Hair for Brunettes

It can be more challenging for brunettes to get the rose gold hair look. However, it is possible – without over-bleaching your locks and causing damage. Often called ‘rose brown’, rose gold hair for brunettes is similar to the ‘chocolate mauve’ hue, but with a neutral pink undertone rather than cool lavender. Your colorist will strategically lighten some sections of your hair while leaving the roots your natural dark shade, before blending over a flattering rose gold tint.

Rose Gold Hair for Brunettes

19. Rose Gold Highlights

Bored with your standard blonde hair? Try rose gold highlights. Depending on the effect you want, you can adapt them to suit your style – whether it be e-girl cool or classically feminine. Versatile rose gold highlights create a peachy-pink effect that’s flattering on most skin tones and look great when paired with both a choppy cut and wavy hairstyles.

Rose Gold Highlights

20. Rose Gold Hair With Dark Roots

For the more daring brunettes, rose gold hair with dark roots is a bolder take on the trend that doesn’t require as much bleaching. The secret to this hue is that it has a rich and vibrant auburn or copper base, rather than blonde, combined with deep rose-pink highlights. As a result, it’s ideal for ladies with a golden undertone to their skin and dark eyes.

Rose Gold Hair with Dark Roots

21. Rose Gold Hair With Bangs

Rose gold hair is one of the most flattering colors as it suits a wide variety of skin tones. At the same time, it draws light toward your face and creates a glowing ‘halo’ effect. Meanwhile, whether full and blunt or wispy and soft, bangs draw attention to your face and create a frame that balances your proportions and features. As a result, rose gold hair with bangs is a great option for your next hairstyle.

Rose Gold Hair with Bangs

22. Rose Gold Hair for Redheads

Like blondes, redheads will find it easier than most to go rose gold. Because of the naturally warm, coppery tones in your hair, your roots will seamlessly blend with rose gold ends or highlights. By adding golden blonde and pink, your colorist can create a gorgeous shimmering rose gold effect that effortlessly flatters your skin tone and eye color.

Rose Gold Hair for Redheads

23. Pink and Rose Gold Highlights

For a softer, more feminine festival look, try pink and rose gold highlights. The rose gold sections tone down the brighter pink hair tones, helping to blend them with your natural hair color. For a flattering finish, your colorist will place the highlights so that they frame your face and work with the natural movement in your hair.

Pink and Rose Gold Highlights

24. Natural Blonde With Rose Gold

Natural blondes can embrace the rose gold trend with ease. Because your hair is on the lighter end of the spectrum, your colorist won’t need to bleach your hair to make the rose gold tones show. Sandy blonde hair seamlessly blends into rose gold mid-lengths and ends, adding a richer, warmer hue to the overall look.

Natural Blonde with Rose Gold

25. Rich Rose Gold Hair Color

Rich rose gold hair is on the same scale as copper and warm rose gold hair. The base of the color has the same red undertones with hints of golden blonde. However, the difference is in the overtone. Rich rose gold hair color includes vibrant pink instead of a more natural, muted shade. The final result is a gloriously intense yet still wearable color.

Rich Rose Gold Hair Color

26. Platinum Rose Gold Hair Color

If you are looking for a subtle and delicate rose gold option, consider platinum rose gold hair. Similar to the pastel version of the trend, it is a washed-out peachy-pink hue that softly blends with your pale blonde locks. One of the quickest rose gold hair options, you can easily recreate it at home with a permanent or semi-permanent dye.

Platinum Rose Gold Hair Color

27. Pink, Lilac, and Rose Gold Highlights

Give your hair unicorn vibes by combining rose gold highlights with pink hair and lilac! The combination is a more soft and wearable take on the rainbow hair trend. That’s because the rose gold pieces are the perfect transitional shade, bridging the gap between bolder, brighter, and more unnatural colors and simple blonde hair.

Pink, Lilac and Rose Gold Highlights

28. Pastel Rose Gold Hair Color

The pastel hair trend has become more and more popular recently, and pastel rose gold is one of the most flattering and wearable options. The soft color has a similar effect to platinum blonde – it will attract attention and turn heads in a crowd. However, it’s still subtle enough to wear to most occasions and won’t wash out as quickly as other colors, like green.

Pastel Rose Gold Hair Color

29. Pastel Pink Hair With Rose Gold Lowlights

Looking for a fresh take on pastel pink hair? Try adding rose gold lowlights. While subtle, the change adds more depth to your color, taking your look from festival to sophisticated. At the same time, rose gold lowlights add a richer tone and make pastel pink hair more flattering for the warmer months when you have a tan.

Pastel Pink Hair with Rose Gold Lowlights

30. Orange and Rose Gold Hair

Orange-and-rose-gold hair is similar to pastel orange hair – but with some subtle differences. Closer to strawberry blonde or peach sorbet than red, orange-and-rose-gold hair also has a shimmering finish rather than the neon-matte effect of classic orange dye. The blonde and soft pink combination gives the color more dimension and a softer overall look, with a ’90s vibe.

Orange and Rose Gold Hair

31. Natural Light Blonde With Rose Gold Highlights

Natural light blondes – also called light golden or champagne blondes – are perfectly matched for rose gold highlights. Your colorist won’t need to bleach your locks as the pink hair color will stand out on your naturally pale tresses. While you could opt for an all-over rose gold color, highlights are a quick and stylish way to try out the trend with less commitment.

Natural Light Blonde with Rose Gold Highlights

32. Natural Blonde With Rose Gold Highlights

Rose gold highlights aren’t just for the light and platinum blondes! Those with natural locks that veer more toward toffee, amber, and sandy blonde can also benefit from a subtle touch of rose gold. Because your roots will appear darker, your colorist will softly shade and blend the rose gold pieces to give your tresses a lift. The result is a romantic and feminine look that still looks great.

Natural Blonde with Rose Gold Highlights

33. Metallic Rose Gold Pixie Cut

For bold ladies who love a statement look, a metallic rose gold pixie cut is a great option. Because your hair is shorter, you can opt for a deeper and more vibrant shade of rose gold, which will add to the edgy feel. Meanwhile, dialing up the signature metallic sheen of rose gold makes it even more eye-catching.  Add an undercut or spiky style as the finishing touch.

Metallic Rose Gold Pixie Cut

34. Metallic Rose Gold Highlights

Ideal for those with darker hair – such as deep red or auburn – metallic rose gold highlights create a feminine and dramatic effect that will make you the center of attention. Metallic rose gold plays up your hair’s naturally warm undertones while adding a gorgeous shine that catches the light when you move. Plus, the multiple tones in rose gold highlights give your hair more dimension and life.

Metallic Rose Gold Highlights

35. Faded Rose Gold Bob

One of the benefits of rose gold hair is that it fades down in a very flattering way. While other colors might look lifeless and washed out, faded rose gold hair is chic! Similar to platinum-and-rose-gold or pastel rose gold, faded rose gold hair is subtle and soft, yet very flattering. When paired with a bob haircut, it’s one of the best on-trend hairstyles around.

Faded Rose Gold Bob

36. Dark Rose Gold Hair Color

Dark rose gold is an excellent option if your hair is a naturally cool, deep brunette shade. Sometimes called ‘antique rose’, the hue is a little more natural than other rose gold tones. Because your base color is left relatively dark – rather than bleaching to a light blonde – your final result has less of a ‘peachy’ or ‘sunset’ look. Instead, your tresses will be left with a gorgeous rose-pink glow.

Dark Rose Gold Hair Color

37. Chocolate Rose Gold Ombre

Ombré – meaning ‘shaded’ in French – has become one of the most popular hair color options over the years. The technique is perfect for blending lighter and darker hues together to create a seamless gradient. A gorgeous ombre hair option is chocolate and rose gold, which suits warmer complexions or those who have a golden undertone to their skin. From the rich brunette roots, your colorist will gradually blend out to beautiful rose gold ends for a fabulous finish.

Chocolate Rose Gold Ombre

38. Chocolate Rose Gold Hair Color

One of the most flattering rose gold hair options for brunettes is chocolate rose gold hair. It combines the rich, deep tones of chocolate brown with hints of pink, red, and blonde while adding a gorgeous all-over shine. The effect is similar to getting highlights, as the combination of chocolate and rose gold gives your hair a multidimensional effect.

Chocolate Rose Gold Hair Color

Rose Gold Hair Color  FAQs

What skin tone looks best with rose gold hair?

Warm-toned skin works best with rose gold hair, as it complements the warms hues of the dye. However, if you have your heart set on rose gold but you have cool tones, there’s no need to fret. Have a chat with your hairdresser as they’ll have the skills to create a beautiful solution for you.

Is Rose gold hair high maintenance?

Like other unusual colors and shades of red and copper, rose gold hair is high maintenance and fades faster. As such, you’ll need to commit to regular trips to the hair salon, at least every six to eight weeks. Reducing the amount you wash your hair can also prolong the color between appointments.

Is Rose Gold warm or cool?

Rose gold hair colors tend to be rich and warm. However, all is not lost if you have cool undertones. You can always combine the warmth of rose gold with cool shades such as black, mocha, or silver in an ombre, balayage, or highlighted look.

Does Rose gold hair fade quickly?

Yes, rose gold hair does fade quickly, so you’ll need to commit to regular trips to the hair salon, at least every six to eight weeks. Reducing the amount you wash your hair can also prolong the color between appointments.’s


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