37 All-Time Favorite Justin Timberlake Quotes (2021)

Justin Timberlake is an American singer, actor, dancer and record producer. He had great success with his singing career with both R&B band N-SNNC and his solo career.

We’ve put together this collection of the best Justin Timberlake quotes:

37 justin timberlake quotes

1. “You can’t make a difference unless you’re different.” – Justin Timberlake

2. “The best thing about being alone is that you don’t really need someone to answer. Do what you want.” – Justin Timberlake

3. “It’s not about money. It’s just for me. I love music.” – Justin Timberlake

4. “Talent does not always lead to equal success.” – Justin Timberlake

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5. “The worst thing about being famous is the invasion of your privacy.” – Justin Timberlake

6. “The world’s most boring thing? Peace.” – Justin Timberlake

9. “Listen, I’m not calm. Calming is about keeping your blood pressure stable. then no. Don’t be quiet be passionate. To be devoted Be ascetic. To be unsympathetic Urination. be happy. be sad.” – Justin Timberlake

8. “I get to learn from mistakes I haven’t made the next time.” – Justin Timberlake

9. “The best thing about being with a group is that you don’t have to do everything alone. You’re with your friends.” – Justin Timberlake

10th of 37 Justin Timberlake Quotes

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10. “Your critics do not count. His words will fade. You will not. ” – Justin Timberlake

11. “I’ll never do anything just in spite of it.” – Justin Timberlake

12. “You are not there to do what is easy, you are there to challenge yourself.” – Justin Timberlake

13. “As time passes people will see who I am, who I am.” – Justin Timberlake

9. “I think the first half of my 20s I felt I had to achieve, gain, achieve. A lot of men do that. I’m looking around now and I’m like, ‘Where am I running Huh? ‘ – Justin Timberlake

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15. Now everyone has their own way. It is set for you. It is up to you to walk it. ” – Justin Timberlake

16. “I don’t feel guilty about success. You can’t feel guilty about wanting something good.” – Justin Timberlake

17. “If you can answer the question of why you are doing this, then these are the right things.” – Justin Timberlake

18. “Gray area, the space between black and white – this is where life happens.” – Justin Timberlake

19. “There is nothing wrong with shooting for the stars.” – Justin Timberlake

20 of 37 Justin Timberlake quotes

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20. “I am very grateful for what I am doing. I feel very blessed. ” – Justin Timberlake

21. “If you apply 150%, you can always expect to get 100% back. This is why I was always told as a kind, and it has worked for me so far! ” – Justin Timberlake

22. “Live now. Now always make the most precious time. Now will never come again. ” – Justin Timberlake

23. “True leadership is when you want to risk your power and voice so that all of us can be heard.” – Justin Timberlake

24. “Sexy, for me, is the way you have it. I have a big nose, but I shake it.” – Justin Timberlake

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25. “The way I grew up, I was always taught that it is meaningless to talk about money, and that is not what you should inspire.” – Justin Timberlake

26. “I am a perfectionist. If I fail at least, I cannot trouble myself. – Justin Timberlake

27. “Every time you do a project, you learn something new.” – Justin Timberlake

28. “If I’m not learning from something I’m doing, it means I’ve done it before doing something different, even if it’s in the same medium.” – Justin Timberlake

29. “Gossip is called Gossip because it is not always true.” – Justin Timberlake

30th of 37 Justin Timberlake Quotes

“I think people sometimes don’t pay attention to what they do. I’ve done well, but the reason is very simple: I’ve worked on my ass. The hardest thing an artist can do is to To make it look like it is easy. – Justin Timberlake

31. “I enjoy making. And if you can do it coldly, then do it. You cannot worry about hopeless people or their expectations. ” – Justin Timberlake

32. “I believe that people can move things with their minds.” – Justin Timberlake

33. “I do not see myself as someone who is going to be defined in a moment. It is on the next. ” – Justin Timberlake

34. “I was raised in a very humble environment, and I was always taught to be humble for the things that are happening in my life because they are blessings. They are blessing in every way. Whether you are able to help someone in a difficult time of their life through their music or through comedy, or whatever, you are just a channel. ” – Justin Timberlake

35. “This is something I learned from both my stepfather and grandfather – that there’s a thing called chivalry, and it doesn’t have to die with the birth of the Internet. The way I see it is if you let a girl go on a date To say, it is only right to do so in a way that he can hear your voice. ” – Justin Timberlake

36. “My biggest challenge was to make sure that the songs that I did were me.” – Justin Timberlake

37. “I have really great, great parents, and they were very supportive of me.” – Justin Timberlake


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