35 Top Most Expensive Shoes For Men

One can really tell a lot about a man by the kinds of shoes he wears, and a classy gentleman usually defines himself through his dress shoes which are one of the most important pieces to his entire outfit.

You don’t normally hit the high street in regular sneakers or boots.

A man should appropriately imprint his lavish lifestyle and identity in society with dress shoes that are made to impress.

Symbolically, shoes can represent where we’ve been and where we’re going in life. From historic royal families to modern celebrities, dress shoes have been a necessary component to tying together a whole outfit.

If you like to wear the fanciest suits along with pricey accessories such as high end sunglasses, pocket squares, or watches, then the kind of shoes you wear should definitely be just as elegant. Don’t be afraid to show the world your great sense of fashion with some of the biggest and best brands in the market.

If you’re not one to check the price tag, there are plenty of expensive shoe brands out there with various styles, materials, and colors. You can choose from either of the following brands for quality dress shoes that’ll last you years.

1. Jason Of Beverly Hills


At a staggering $2 million, Jason of Beverly Hills’ unique men’s dress shoes arrive with over 14,000 full cut round white diamonds. Each is handset in white gold, requiring an impressive two-thousand man hours to craft. Paired with the 340 carats, you’ll find a sole made by none other than the iconic Tom Ford. At the present moment they hold the record for the most expensive men’s shoes in the world. If that isn’t enough to satisfy your luxury sweet tooth, I don’t know what is.

2. A Diciannoveventitre


Crafted from durable and high quality leathers with a worn finish, A Diciannoveventitre takes a modern approach to the long practiced and traditional ways of shoemaking. The unique distressed and contemporary styles speak for the brand’s influential design process and image.

3. A Testoni


A. Testoni footwear innovatively combines ancient and contemporary Italian design techniques to make shoes that demonstrate master level Italian craftsmanship. Every shoe is strictly handcrafted with no hesitation in using the highest quality materials along with including elaborate detailing for style.

4. Bally


Hailing from Switzerland, the Bally company incorporates clever splashes of color and athletic style in their footwear, all while maintaining a sophisticated aesthetic with their use of high quality materials, sleek and polished design, and different builds for the lavish lifestyle.

5. Berluti

“aligncenter size-full wp-image-91002″ src=”https://nextluxury.com/wp-content/uploads/berluti-most-expensive-shoes-for-men.jpg” alt=”Berluti Most Expensive Shoes For Men” width=”600″ height=”454″ />

From Oxfords, Loafers and Derbies, Berluti has been crafting shoes for the elegant man since 1895. His selection of superb and comfortable leather footwear is made to give the best impression for those formal occasions or for everyday casual wear.

6. Bolvaint


For wearers of classic dress shoes and penny loafers, Bolvaint showcases their brand’s craftsmanship with their careful selection of leather material and a close eye for detail. The style of Paris is achieved through their sophisticated designs and elegant image.

7. Brunello Cucinelli


Known as the “king of luxury,” Brunello Cucinelli made his brand adored for its luxurious materials and simple yet classy color palette. Inspired by the beautiful Solomeo landscape in Italy, his brand has made many admire its philosophical approach to design.

8. Christian Louboutin

“aligncenter size-full wp-image-91005″ src=”https://nextluxury.com/wp-content/uploads/christian-louboutin-most-expensive-shoes-for-men.jpg” alt=”Christian Louboutin Most Expensive Shoes For Men” width=”600″ height=”454″ />

This ever popular shoe brand is most distinguished by their signature red-lacquered soles, along with dressier designs that include patent leather and jeweled straps. Christian Louboutin footwear exists as one of the most elegant and trendy shoe brands of the era.

9. Church’s

“aligncenter size-medium” src=”https://nextluxury.com/wp-content/uploads/churchs-most-expensive-shoes-for-men.jpg” alt=”Church’s shoes” width=”600″ height=”454″ />


For the classy gentleman that enjoys wearing timeless styles of footwear, Church’s collection features classic and high-end shoes that emulates English elegance with distinct and polished detailing. Church’s is known for crafting the ultimate handmade shoes for any modern outfit.

10. Corthay

“aligncenter size-full wp-image-91007″ src=”https://nextluxury.com/wp-content/uploads/corthay-most-expensive-shoes-for-men.jpg” alt=”Corthay Most Expensive Shoes For Men” width=”600″ height=”454″ />

Admired as a modern shoemaker, Corthay has taken the knowledge passed down from the Compagnons, a French medieval guild, in order to perfect the art of shoemaking and use different materials, techniques, and shapes for an exclusive selection of dress shoes.

11. Crockett And Jones

“aligncenter size-full wp-image-91008″ src=”https://nextluxury.com/wp-content/uploads/crockett-and-jones-most-expensive-shoes-for-men.jpg” alt=”Crockett And Jones Most Expensive Shoes For Men” width=”600″ height=”454″ />

Crockett & Jones are makers of some of the greatest handmade English footwear, crafting their shoes from only the finest calf leather from the top tanneries of Europe. Straight from Northampton, quality and timeless style is emphasized in their shoemaking process.

12. Dami

Crocodile patterns are Dami’s most prominent trademark, and each shoe includes innovation, craftsmanship, creativity, and evolution of style. Made only by skilled artisans in Italy, Dami specially tans their crocodile material while paying great attention to modern trends and fashion.

13. Dolce & Gabbana


Without forgetting its Mediterranean origins, Dolce and Gabbana have continuously presented new views on elegance while staying true to their highly admired styles and creativity. Their footwear collection brings bold patterns to the runway and often makes quite the impression.

14. Edward Green

“aligncenter size-full wp-image-91011″ src=”https://nextluxury.com/wp-content/uploads/edward-green-most-expensive-mens-shoes.jpg” alt=”Edward Green Most Expensive Mens Shoes” width=”600″ height=”454″ /> BUY IT HERE

The tradition of English elegance is well kept with the timeless styles of Edward Green, birthed in Northampton in 1890. Their attention to classic designs can still be noticed in their skillfully crafted shoes that connect sophistication and the modern trends together.

15. Fendi


Founded in Rome in 1925, Fendi takes the history, art, and beauty of the ancient city and imbues these elements into their brand. Fendi reflects their heritage into their shoes with skilled workmanship and innovative design, expressing charm and creativity.

16. Giacometti

“aligncenter size-full wp-image-91013″ src=”https://nextluxury.com/wp-content/uploads/giacometti-most-expensive-mens-shoe-brands.jpg” alt=”Giacometti Most Expensive Mens Shoe Brands” width=”600″ height=”454″ /> BUY IT HERE

Founded in Italy in 1890, the Giacometti brand has built itself upon producing footwear with unique construction and design, including the countless variations of leather and distinguishable details that help to set the Giacometti name apart from all the rest.

17. Gucci


Being known for their incredibly popular patterns and creative use of quality materials, Gucci is the definition of diverse, contemporary, and high-end. Their products and footwear redefine luxury as we know it and greatly represents Italian craftsmanship at its finest.

18. Haider Ackermann


The footwear of Haider Ackermann is mostly characterized by the urban avant-garde lifestyle and artistic sculptural design. Favored among celebrities and the elites of the fashion industry, Haider Ackermann crafts shoes with 100% leather in Cuban heel styles straight from Italy.

19. Hermes

“aligncenter size-full wp-image-91016″ src=”https://nextluxury.com/wp-content/uploads/hermes-most-expensive-shoes-for-men.jpg” alt=”Hermes Most Expensive Shoes For Men” width=”600″ height=”454″ /> BUY IT HERE

The Hermes brand is saturated in history and tradition originating from France, leading to their mark in the fashion industry as a symbol of class. Their superior leather goods and other products express the sophistication and elegance of the equestrian lifestyle.

20. Isaia

“aligncenter size-full wp-image-91017″ src=”https://nextluxury.com/wp-content/uploads/isaia-most-expensive-shoes-for-men.jpg” alt=”Isaia Most Expensive Shoes For Men” width=”600″ height=”454″ /> BUY IT HERE

As a huge icon for Italian elegance, Isaia is adored for its masterful craftsmanship, luxurious materials, and their easily recognizable coral branch insignia. The Neopolitan inspired brand makes tall efforts to accentuate traditional style and modern design into their footwear.

21. John Lobb

“aligncenter size-full wp-image-91020″ src=”https://nextluxury.com/wp-content/uploads/john-lobb-most-expensive-leather-dress-shoes-for-men.jpg” alt=”John Lobb Most Expensive Leather Dress Shoes For Men” width=”600″ height=”454″ /> BUY IT HERE

Based in the United Kingdom, the John Lobb brand is well-known for crafting shoes that conform perfectly to the soles of the wearer, along with presenting an impressive collection of footwear with various styles and materials that are built to last.

22. Louis Vuttion

“aligncenter size-full wp-image-91021″ src=”https://nextluxury.com/wp-content/uploads/lous-vuttion-most-expensive-dress-shoes-for-men.jpg” alt=”Louis Vuttion Most Expensive Dress Shoes For Men” width=”600″ height=”454″ /> BUY IT HERE

Louis Vuitton keeps the composure of the Asnières artisans close to heart when designing new products, with its footwear being internationally desired by the modern and extravagant gentleman who lets their shoes do all the talking and all the walking.

23. Magnanni


The distinguished Magnanni brand offers a collection of footwear handcrafted in Spain since 1954. The design of each shoe is meant to connect to the wearer emotionally, making the brand unique in its approach to appeal to the luxurious lifestyle.

24. Stemar

“aligncenter size-full wp-image-91023″ src=”https://nextluxury.com/wp-content/uploads/most-expensive-luxury-shoe-brands-for-men-stemar.jpg” alt=”Most Expensive Luxury Shoe Brands For Men Stemar” width=”600″ height=”454″ /> BUY IT HERE

As a star of Italian luxury shoes, Stemar introduced itself to the world in 1969 and brought old shoecrafting traditions to the modern era. The brand expresses quality, comfort, and style, all while bringing a timeless image in Italian footwear.

25. Santoni


The Santoni brand is a prime example of the true excellence of Italian shoemaking. Tradition and innovation are the core elements to their crafting techniques, powered by a modern attitude with ancient knowledge making Santoni shoes stand out amongst the fashion world.

26. Romano Martegani


Romano Martegani is regarded as one of the top brands in the world of fine Italian shoes, prioritizing quality over everything else. Romano Martegani’s small factory near the edges of Milan makes for a great example of respected quality shoe crafting.

27. Salvatore Ferragamo


Salvatore Ferragamo has been an elite shoe brand after catching the eyes of Hollywood celebrities in the 1920s. After three generations, the beauty and quality of Salvatore Ferragamo’s handcrafted shoes of Italy are still admired and sought after by many.

28. Marsell


The special distressed and creased leather on Marsèll shoes speak for the brand’s organic and gently used look. The lustrous leather material, small details, and cleverly sculpted heels bring a new perspective on classic Italian shoe design with a modern twist.

29. Mezlan


With its roots originating from Almansa, Spain, Mezlan shoes maintain the craftsmanship and status of a master shoemaker. Each style in the gorgeous Mezlan collection is made with great care where passion, creativity, and skill is imbued in every handmade shoe.

30. Paul Parkman


To heed the call of the modern metropolitan man, Paul Parkman selects raw materials carefully to craft their creations in a small factory. Paul Parkman shoes are rarely touched by machines and are in limited quantity, resulting in exemplary footwear.

31. Prada


Founded in Milan, Prada exists as one of the highest figures of Italian fashion. Close observation and curiosity of the modern world and society inspires the brand’s creativity, and their footwear is as high quality as they come with devilishly handsome styles.

32. Stefano Ricci

“aligncenter size-full wp-image-91031″ src=”https://nextluxury.com/wp-content/uploads/most-expensive-shoes-for-men-stefano-ricci.jpg” alt=”Most Expensive Shoes For Men Stefano Ricci” width=”600″ height=”454″ />


Based in Italy, the Stefano Ricci trademark makes a tribute to nature and art in its footwear that is strongly tied to its heritage in Florence. Birthed from passion and creativity, Stefano Ricci has challenged the boundaries of true quality.

33. Sutor Mantellassi


Sutor Mantellasi believes shoes should be the key focal point of elegance, and if you think the same, then the fashionable footwear of the 100-year-old Sutor brand will surely bring the exquisite and detailed workmanship and sophisticated style you desire.

34. Thom Browne

“aligncenter size-full wp-image-91033″ src=”https://nextluxury.com/wp-content/uploads/thom-browne-most-expensive-shoes-for-men.jpg” alt=”Thom Browne Most Expensive Shoes For Men” width=”600″ height=”454″ /> BUY IT HERE

Beginning with only five suits, Thom Browne made his brand known through luxury designer specialty stores around the globe. The internationally popular Thom Brown brings the sophisticated styles of New York into the spotlight with original designs and adventurous styles.

35. Tom Ford


Tom Ford, although a relatively new brand, has made its way to the top in the world of fashion and design through its unique image. Tom Ford has made incredible efforts to present high quality shoes in styles you’ll love.

36. Valentino


As one of Italy’s most iconic brands, Valentino’s creativity was widely accepted from the start resulting in a successful position in the fashion industry. The brand’s shoes represent the ideal image of Italian luxury for those who thrive in elegant footwear.

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