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35 Sexy Underboob and Sternum Tattoos for Women

Underboob Tattoo


Underboob tattoos, either directly under the cleavage, on the side of the breast, or featuring on part of the sternum, are one of the best places a woman can get inked. A favorite of celebs like Miley Cyrus and Rihanna, this is the perfect placement for anyone because it can look delicate and feminine or make a powerful statement. The underboob is fantastic because it can be covered up easily and is close to your heart, a spot that could be reserved for body art that means the most to you. However, it is also one of the most painful locations to get tattooed. The area is sensitive, and depending on your design, you could experience a lot of discomfort. But don’t let that put you off because this is a versatile and stunning spot for your next tattoo, so keep reading to become inspired.


Sternum Tattoo Pain

The sternum is one of the most painful places for a tattoo, measuring a nine out of ten on the pain scale chart. Tattoos here are inked directly over the breastbone, which can be excruciatingly painful because of the proximity to the bone. The area also has thin skin and a lack of muscle and fat, so there is no cushioning. Despite the discomfort of getting inked here, it is a popular choice, especially for particularly meaningful body art, because it is kept close to your heart. It is also a versatile location as you can easily cover it up.


Underboob & Sternum Tattoos

1. Small Underboob Tattoo

Underboob body art looks good, but it can also be incredibly painful, and it is for this reason, that many women opt for a smaller design. It is not just the pain factor that influences this decision, though. Small tattoos are increasing in popularity because they can look dainty, are easily covered by clothing, and are just as meaningful as larger pieces. When deciding on what to get, simple tattoo designs are best. Your inking will also cost less and result in a short tattoo session; being completed in one sitting.


Small Tattoo


2. Simple Underboob Tattoo

There is a definite appeal to simple tattoos, and they are perfect for someone who prefers a more laid-back approach to body art and wants to focus on the meaning behind their design. When you strip back the design, it allows you to think about the symbolism. In addition, simple tattoos can be inked almost anywhere on the body because they are often devoid of too much detail, color, or shading. However, you can get these pieces in any size, the smaller, the better because the underboob can be very sensitive.


Simple Tattoo


3. Rose Underboob Tattoo

A rose is one of the most beautiful and symbolic flowers, and it makes for interesting and meaningful body art. It is often associated with love, beauty, and new beginnings, but it is an incredibly versatile bloom and can take on different meanings depending on the color you choose. For example, red is connected with passion and endless love, whereas black represents grief or personal loss. A rose tattoo can be inked on its own, as a filler, or accompanying various other images, such as a clock, skull, or butterfly. It can look delicate and feminine or make a powerful statement and is a fantastic choice for underboob or sternum artwork.


Rose Tattoo


4. Lion Underboob Tattoo

You probably don’t want to choose the underboob or sternum as the placement for your first inking. Yet if you are aware of the pain that comes with tattooing and feel you can handle it in this sensitive area, nothing should stop you from getting a big tattoo. It can make a statement when tattooed here and looks incredibly feminine and cool. If your perfect piece is extensive and detailed and means a lot to you, then this is the location for you. The reason is that the area is very intimate. It is also big enough to choose a design that can include details and shading, but this will hurt more and be more expensive.


Big Tattoo


5. Flower Underboob Tattoo

There are few better placements for a sexy tattoo than the underboob. The reason for this is that the spot is incredibly intimate, which makes showing it off a very personal decision. It is also one of the most feminine and beautiful parts of a woman’s body and has sensuality. When deciding on a design, this should reflect your personality, but many options exist. Your inking could be delicate and simple, for example, a flower outline, or it could be bold and bright. The sexiness comes from your confidence and the location.


Sexy Tattoo


6. Word Underboob Tattoo

Sometimes the simplest tattoos are the most meaningful, and a word tattoo can be an incredibly symbolic piece. Your chosen word could be the name of a loved one, to honor someone who has passed or a word that resonates with you. Perhaps it is a reminder to be strong or courageous. Or it could be something that you aspire to be; for example, happy, free, and joyous. There are so many options to choose from and many different languages to pick from, so give some thought to your inking and find something that moves you.


Word Tattoo


7. Quote Underboob Tattoo

If you are looking for more than one word, then a quote tattoo is a fantastic choice for you. This could be a phrase that moves or inspires you and can be taken from anywhere; your favorite movie, a lyric that you love, or a poem that has stuck in your head. There are many options to choose from, and quote ink is excellent for women of all ages and looks excellent tattooed on the underboob. This is also an intimate location, so you can cover up your body art when you want or show it to those you trust.


Quote Tattoo


8. Unique Underboob Tattoo

When deciding on your body art, there are common images that are symbolic and beautiful, but there are also unique tattoo options. These can be designed specifically for you or have meaning that is important and relevant to you. Before working with your chosen tattoo artist, think about the reason you want this ink. This can help you make something that reflects an aspect of your personality or brings you comfort and joy. Perhaps it is a clever slogan, a mythological design with a twist, or something you drew yourself.


Unique Tattoo


9. Lotus Underboob Tattoo

The lotus flower is a beautiful bloom, but it is also incredibly meaningful. It grows in conditions that may seem unfavorable, rising from muddy waters, and many people view this as a metaphor for their own struggles. How beauty can come from unexpected places, or how we can grow after a difficult period in our lives. The flower also represents the divine, rebirth, purity, and enlightenment and can be inked by someone on a spiritual journey or a transitional period in their life. When deciding on placement for your artwork, this can be just as important. The underboob and the sternum provide women with an intimate and versatile spot.


Lotus Tattoo


10. Lavender Underboob Tattoo

A lavender tattoo is a popular choice for an under-the-boob piece because the shape of the sprig lends itself well to this area. But it is more than a visually appealing choice, as the plant represents purity and serenity. This design is best inked in color, as the purple hues add to the overall beauty and symbolism; the color is often associated with royalty and luxury. Lavender can also be connected to romance, endless love, and devotion.


Lavender Tattoo


11. Cool Underboob Tattoo

No matter that you get inked on the underboob, it will likely be a cool tattoo. This placement is special, drawing attention to one of the most intimate parts of a woman’s body and expressing femininity and sensuality. There are many designs to choose from, from delicate and simple pieces to bold and bright pieces that make a statement. When deciding on what to get, think about why you want to be inked here in the first place and what images or words hold meaning to you. Your tat can be something you drew yourself. Or work with your tattoo artist to create a unique and stylish piece that you can be proud of. It is bound to become a conversation starter if you show it off.


Cool Tattoo


12. Henna Underboob Tattoo

If you are not quite ready to take the plunge into permanent body art, then perhaps a henna tattoo is the choice for you. The artwork is often used in traditional Indian weddings and can be incredibly meaningful and symbolic. Henna is plant-based ink or paste, and there is no pain during the application. Plus, they will fade over time. There are several colors to choose from, including red, orange, brown, and a bluish-black shade, and it tends to suit most skin tones. That said, you want to think carefully about the henna you use and the individual who applies it to your skin, as it can contain paraphenylenediamine (PPD). The chemical is known to cause allergic reactions in some people.


Henna Tattoo


13. Jewel Underboob Tattoo

Finding the right placement for your body art is just as important as the design, and a jewel tattoo can look incredibly chic when inked under the breast. You can create the piece with the gem in the middle of your chest and detailing that continues beneath it. This can have a stunning and dramatic effect. In general, a gem is symbolic of strength and determination, but depending on which stone you choose, the meaning can be altered slightly. For example, a diamond is associated with purity and love, whereas a ruby is connected to nobility and passion.


Jewel Tattoo


14. Owl Underboob Tattoo

Body art is a way to express yourself, and there are few creatures more symbolic than an owl. Opting for an owl tattoo below your breast will make for a stunning but meaningful piece that immediately makes a statement. The bird is associated with mystery, wisdom, and magic. It has great importance in several cultures, including the Native Americans, where it is connected to spiritual guides and the afterlife. The variety of designs allows you to choose something that best suits your personality and style, and other images or patterns can accompany it. You can also opt for a more abstract version.


Owl Tattoo


15. Skull Underboob Tattoo

The human skull is a universally recognized symbol for death and the afterlife. This meaning may seem morbid, but skull tattoos are some of the most popular options for men and women. This is for several reasons; they are bold and intimidating, but they can also have a positive association, serving as a reminder to live each day to the fullest or that the wearer does not fear death. You can pair your skull with several other images, making for a more visually interesting piece and altering the meaning slightly. For example, adding a rose represents beauty and can be a balance between good and evil or pleasure and pain.


Skull Tattoo


16. Bird Underboob Tattoo

When you look up at the sky and see a bird flying, you may gaze at them with wonder and awe or feel jealous that they have the ability to fly away whenever they want. Bird tattoos have become a popular symbol for men and women to get inked because of the rich symbolism; they often represent freedom and courage. This is the perfect choice for someone who wants to remind themselves that they are free of the physical and mental constraints of the world. It is also great if they have a desire to travel. Another appealing thing about these winged creatures is there are many different birds to choose from, each with a slightly different meaning. For example, eagles represent patriotism, bravery, and power. In contrast, a hummingbird tattoo is associated with beauty, good luck, strength, resilience, and hard work.


Bird Tattoo


17. Lace Underboob Tattoo

Lace tattoos are beautiful and symbolic choices for any woman. The delicate patterns make your inking look cool, but lace is also connected with purity and innocence and a symbol of female sexuality. For some, it can make you think of lingerie, making this an appealing and sexy choice. It can also be combined with other images, depending on the meaning you wish to convey. For example, you could add a butterfly to represent transformation and freedom; or a jewel for loyalty and love.


Lace Tattoo


18. Sun and Moon Underboob Tattoo

A sun and moon tattoo represents two opposite forces coming together to create a balance; this can include many things, such as masculine and feminine, light and dark, and life and death. The combination makes for a beautiful and powerful inking, a fantastic choice for someone who wants to find harmony or peace in their life. There are also many different ways to design this piece; you could combine the two images into one or let them be two separate ones. Some people also wish to include stars in their artwork or interesting patterns.


Sun And Moon Tattoo


19. Mandala Underboob Tattoo

Mandala tattoos are versatile and deeply symbolic. They represent the body and mind and are created using various shapes and symbols which form a beautiful and interesting pattern or image. Looking at this artwork can make you feel a sense of calm and happiness. It is a popular choice for a woman who wants to remind herself of her inner strength or balance. The underboob is a fantastic location for body art because it can be covered up easily, but it is also close to your heart, a spot that could be reserved for ink that means the most to you. Remember that you cannot wear a bra or anything too tight-fitting that would cause friction after being tattooed.


Mandala Underboob Tattoo

20. Angel Underboob Tattoo

An angel tattoo is filled with meaning, representing the balance between heaven and earth and associated with innocence and hope. There are many different designs to choose from, and your piece can also represent guidance or love. Angels are popular choices for memorial ink to honor a loved one who has passed. Or you could celebrate your relationship with your faith by getting tattooed with one of these celestial beings. Pick cherubs or an archangel, or opt for wings and a halo; the choice is yours. Alternatively, you could get the word angel. When deciding on an underboob piece, it is important to remember that you cannot wear your bra for a few days after and need clothes that are not tight-fitting throughout the healing period. For this reason, many people opt to get inked in winter.


Angel Tattoo


21. Snake Sternum Tattoo

The sternum is one of the best locations for body art, and it can look edgy and cool or delicate and feminine, depending on the design you choose. Snake tattoos are a popular choice because of their appearance and symbolism. Snakes shed their skin and are associated with rebirth and transformation, thus making for a powerful piece for someone who has gone through a transitional time in their life. It can also make a comment on life and death or be inked to bring the wearer prosperity and protection. The sternum is an excellent location for meaningful designs because it is inked close to the heart.


Snake Sternum Tattoo


22. Small Sternum Tattoo

The sternum is painful because it is inked on the breastbone or just below on women. Getting inked over the bone can be incredibly painful, and the area also has thin skin and a lack of muscle and fat, so there is no cushioning. This is why a small tattoo is appealing, and it can easily fit on the breastbone and limit the duration of pain. Getting inked on a smaller scale is appealing because they can be tattooed anywhere on the body. When deciding what to get, simpler designs are often best.


Small Sternum Tattoo


23. Meaningful Small Sternum Tattoo

Meaningful tattoos are pieces rich in symbolism and have great importance to the wearer. They can be of anything, making a powerful statement about your thoughts and feelings and bringing you comfort or motivation. A meaningful tattoo can include a quote that moves you, a special date, or the name of a loved one. This lends itself well to an area like the sternum, and the location is even more meaningful because it is kept close to your heart.


Meaningful Small Sternum Tattoo


24. Minimalist Sternum Tattoo

Minimalist tattoos are ideal for those who prefer a simple approach to body art. These pieces are often simplified, focusing on the basic elements of the design and limiting shading and detail. The result is a beautiful piece that is often rich in symbolism. You could opt for floral artwork, a geometric design, or an image of the sun or moon. The sternum is an excellent location for meaningful body art, and a minimalist design will look stunning.


Minimalist Sternum Tattoo


25. Delicate Sternum Tattoo

Delicate tattoos are perfect for someone who wants a pretty and feminine design. The sternum is one of the best locations for these designs, letting you opt for something simple like a flower that covers the sternum and continues down your chest. You could also opt for a design that has a geometric element, making it eye-catching but also adding to the overall meaning. Other popular options include stars, moons, bows, and arrows. The key is simplifying the design and limiting the shading and the color.


Delicate Sternum Tattoo


26. Date Sternum Tattoo

One of the most meaningful options you can choose for your sternum tattoo is a date. The date can be anything and can be inked to celebrate the birth of a child; it could be a wedding day or even a day when you achieved something or a pivotal moment in your life. Date tattoos are also inked as memorial pieces, honoring those who have passed and are a way to keep them close to your heart. The sternum is an excellent location because it lends itself well to small pieces. It is also easily covered and can be shown off on your terms, which makes your design more private.


Date Sternum Tattoo


27. Unique Sternum Tattoo

Body art can be inked for decorative purposes or have deep symbolism associated with it; often, it has both. The sternum is the ideal placement for body art because it is inked close to the heart and in an area that can be easily covered with clothing. This makes it an excellent spot for those who want to hide their body art, showing it off on their terms. When deciding on your design, it can be of anything. This includes popular choices like serpents and flowers. Or it could be a unique approach, such as a design you created yourself or something that includes your name or the name of a loved one.


Unique Sternum Tattoo


28. Butterfly Sternum Tattoo

Butterfly tattoos are one of the most common but beautiful choices for body art. The winged insect has many different forms, colors, and markings, letting you find the perfect option for you. The butterfly is also symbolic of transformation and change, making it the ideal piece for someone who has gone through a challenging period in their life and overcame it. It can also represent beauty and growth. Butterfly designs on the sternum can be delicate and feminine and can be inked on a smaller scale. Or it could include other imagery and be tattooed on the sternum and the chest.


Butterfly Sternum Tattoo


29. Geometric Sternum Tattoo

Geometric tattoos are created using shapes and outlines to make a symbol or image. Depending on your preference, they can be simple tattoos or detailed but look best in black ink with limited shading. They are often inked on the sternum because the patterns can be created in a way that fits well in the small space of the sternum. It is also an excellent way to enhance the area and draw attention to one of the most flattering places on the body. Almost all designs can have a geometric element to them, letting you get creative with your choice; it can be anything from animals to floral designs.


Geometric Sternum Tattoo


30. Dragon Sternum Tattoo

A dragon tattoo is a powerful choice for your sternum tattoo and can be inked horizontally if you want a small design, or you can place it at a vertical angle for something more detailed. The mythological beast is associated with wisdom, fearlessness, and power and is a popular choice for body art because of its rich symbolism and interesting appearance. It also represents different things in the East and West; in the West, the dragon is often symbolic of sin and green, whereas, in the East, it brings prosperity and provides protection. There are various styles to choose from, including Japanese tattoos, which are bright and bold, or a simple black outline tattoo.


Dragon Sternum Tattoo

31. Lace Sternum Tattoos

You can opt for a design with lace details for a pretty and feminine approach to a sternum tattoo. Inspired by the lace fabric, your lace tattoo will be delicate and detailed and is an excellent option for a sternum tattoo because it lends itself well to the placement. In addition, a lace tattoo is symbolic, associated with sexuality and innocence, and can make a powerful statement about femininity.


Lace Sternum Tattoos


32. Medusa Sternum Tattoo

By far, one of the most visually interesting and meaningful choices for your sternum tattoo would be a Medusa. Medusa tattoos are unique and symbolic, representing female power, transformation, and freedom. It can also be associated with mystery, jealousy, and rebirth. According to ancient Greek mythology, Medusa was cursed by the Goddess Athena, turning her into a female monster. Her appearance is defined by her snake hair and her reptilian-like skin.


Medusa Sternum Tattoo


33. Rihanna Sternum Tattoo

Rihanna is one of the world’s most fashionable and effortlessly cool women, and her style has inspired others. She is also a fan of body art and has a collection of designs, including one on her sternum. Rihanna’s sternum tattoo is of the Egyptian Goddess Isis and is believed to have been a tribute to her late grandmother. The Goddess is often associated with motherhood and fertility, making a powerful statement about female energy.


Rihanna Sternum Tattoo


34. Dragonfly Sternum Tattoo

You need a dragonfly on the sternum for an effortlessly chic tattoo! The dragonfly is associated with harmony, luck, peace, and prosperity. It can be an inspiring design symbolic of growth and metamorphosis, making it ideal for those who have been through a period of growth or change. The sternum is a relatively small area but looks fantastic with a dragonfly, which can be inked vertically to give you more space to get creative. The sternum is a painful location because of the proximity to bone and general sensitivity of the area due to thin skin and lack of muscle and fat.


Dragonfly Sternum Tattoo


35. Phoenix Sternum Tattoo

The phoenix tattoo is symbolic of rebirth and renewal. The mythical bird is believed to regenerate cyclically, bursting into flames and rising from the ashes. It can therefore make a powerful statement, and individuals who have gone through a challenging time and come out stronger are often drawn to the design. It is best created in vivid colors to mimic the flames but can work just as well in black ink. Getting a tattoo on the sternum is an excellent choice for someone who wants to keep their meaningful tattoo close to their heart. Despite the pain associated with this location, it is incredibly versatile and can be easily covered.


Phoenix Sternum Tattoo


Sternum Tattoos FAQs

What are underboob tattoos called?

Underboob tattoos are also called under the breast tattoos or sternum tattoos if they also feature in the middle of the chest. When getting inked, the placement is often just as important as your chosen design, and you should consider whether this is the right spot for you.

What are the downsides of underboob tattoos?

Underboob tattoos can be incredibly sexy and intimate. They look stunning, and they are versatile, but a drawback from this placement is the pain involved in the tattooing process. The area is sensitive, and any ink here will cause you discomfort; that said, the bigger and more detailed your piece is, the more painful it will be. Another thing to consider is that you will be unable to wear a bra or any tight-fitted clothing while giving your ink time to heal. This should be for around the first four or five days to avoid friction. If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, this location may not be for you because some skin stretching will occur.

Do underboob tattoos hurt?

Underboob tattoos are stunning, but they definitely do hurt. The area is sensitive, and there is thin skin and also proximity to bone. This makes for a painful tattooing experience. It would help if you also considered the aftercare, as you will be unable to wear a bra or anything tight-fitted for a few days after your inking so as not to irritate the skin.

What do under boob tattoo mean?

The meaning of your underboob tattoo depends on your chosen design, but it is a sexy and feminine location for your inking. You can choose from a wide range of designs, from small and simple, to large and detailed. Flowers like the rose or lotus are both meaningful and pretty, or you could pick a bird tattoo as a symbol of freedom.

Should I wear a bra to my rib tattoo appointment?

When getting any inkings that your bra would cover, it is best to avoid wearing a bra to and from your tattoo appointment. You will need to take off your bra when getting an underboob or rib tattoo. It is helpful to bring clothing that is comfortable and easy to remove so that you will not cause friction. A hoodie or jacket with a zip down the middle is advisable, and try to avoid wearing anything too expensive as it could be stained with ink.

How long after the sternum tattoo can I wear a bra?

After getting a sternum tattoo or any piece that a bra would cover, you need to wait at least four days before wearing any bra. It would help if you were prepared for this beforehand and arrive wearing loose-fitting clothes that are easy to get on and off. You also want to prevent friction when your tattoo is healing, and it may be best to wear a bikini top or something similar that is not tight and easy to remove in the coming weeks.


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