35 Motivational Alex Rodriguez Quotes (2020)

Motivational Alex Rodriguez Quotes: What are your favorite quotes from Alex Rodriguez?

Alex Rodriguez is an American professional baseball player from the New York Yankees of Major League Baseball. He was involved in baseball from an early age and is considered one of the best baseball players that American baseball has ever seen.

With his record of 500 circuits, Rodriguez placed his name at the top of the best of all time in the list of circuits. He took himself and his team to places that Major League Baseball was not ready to face, becoming a powerful phenomenon in baseball.

Motivational Alex Rodriguez Quotes

Here is our collection of the best quotes from Alex Rodriguez:

35 motivational quotes Alex Rodriguez

1. “There is a difference between image and reputation. The image is beautiful, the reputation develops over a whole career. Reputation is what I’m looking for. “ – Alex Rodriguez

2. “You can have fun, respect the game and also play hard. When you have this combination, you will put yourself in a position to succeed. “ – Alex Rodriguez

3. “I’m finally starting to grow. I’m pretty tired of being stupid and selfish, you know, about me. ” – Alex Rodriguez

4. “Leadership is a role that you must win to be effective.” – Alex Rodriguez

5. “Money is like oxygen: you need it, but you don’t need it too much. You prefer to have your money in big companies. ” – Alex Rodriguez

6. “Stay away from drugs and alcohol and all that. Make school a priority. Do not neglect academics. ” – Alex Rodriguez

7. “Do it right” – Alex Rodriguez

8. “It takes a lot of pressure to go out and play, and your talent sometimes shines even more when you don’t care about individual things.” – Alex Rodriguez

9. “Take advantage of your sweat because hard work does not guarantee success, but without it you have no chance.” – Alex Rodriguez

10th out of 35 Alex Rodriguez Quotes

10. “Be respectful. Treat people the way you want to be treated. Respect the lowest and highest rank and you will never have problems. “- Alex Rodriguez

11. “You have to be there to win.” – Alex Rodriguez

12. “What I learned from Cal was to respect the game, to respect the fans. Nothing extraordinary there. Do your homework. ” – Alex Rodriguez

13. “When you take this gorilla and this monkey off your back, you realize that honesty is the only way.” – Alex Rodriguez

14. “We have a responsibility not only as athletes, but as members of society to treat people well.” – Alex Rodriguez

15. “I think a champion wins first in his mind, then plays the game, not the other way around.” – Alex Rodriguez

16. “I want to be known as a good major leagues and good good leagues work to become good.” – Alex Rodriguez

17. “Maintain a good balance at the level of the plate and limit the movements in your head.” – Alex Rodriguez

18. “You always dream of being on a baseball card. It’s quite funny when we finally see it. ” – Alex Rodriguez

19. “I have to be better.” – Alex Rodriguez

20th out of 35 Alex Rodriguez Quotes

20. “These mistakes should not be remembered. How you get back is also important. Now is the best time to become an entrepreneur, athlete, artist. As a young person entering the job market, do not think in a limited way. Think of great possibilities, and without pun intended, swing for fences. “- Alex Rodriguez

21. “Always follow your dreams, don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t be something.” – Alex Rodriguez

22. “Therapy can be a good thing; it can be therapeutic. – Alex Rodriguez

23. “I want to be the best. You have to earn what you get and you have to work to keep it. ” – Alex Rodriguez

24. “You can never be perfect in this game. Until you reach 1,000 and make no mistakes, you can always improve. “ – Alex Rodriguez

25. “Some things are supposed to be and if it was, you will know.” – Alex Rodriguez

26. “Like everyone else, I have made many mistakes in my life. The only way I know how to manage them is to learn from them and move on. ” – Alex Rodriguez

27. “There is no doubt about it. Think small, focus on the little things and the big things will come. ” – Alex Rodriguez

28. “This is how I define grace: you are on the main stage, and it looks like it has been repeated 100 times, everything is going so well. This is where I get my confidence and my success, knowing that I have an advantage because I know I am prepared. ” – Alex Rodriguez

29. “I’m not impulsive at all – except to buy clothes. This is my biggest weakness. ” – Alex Rodriguez

30th out of 35 Alex Rodriguez Quotes

30. “The winners live in the present. People who fail are absorbed by the future or the past. I want to live in the present. “- Alex Rodriguez

31. “I hate the word ‘potential’ – potential means you didn’t do it.” – Alex Rodriguez

32. “Appearances are not the first thing. They must have class, intelligence, then looks. “ – Alex Rodriguez

33. “The implementation is a 100% concentration. You really need to focus between the time the pitcher releases the ball and the time contact is made. Always be aggressive. ” – Alex Rodriguez

34. “And this crush can be very inspiring.” – Alex Rodriguez

35. “We (Derek Jeter and I) want to kill ourselves. I think we both behave and we both motivate ourselves. But when we are off the field, we are like family. I think the good thing about it is that we became good friends before we even made it to the big leagues. This makes it a healthier relationship. ” – Alex Rodriguez


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