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35 Beautiful Rose Tattoos for Women & Meaning

Rose Tattoos


Rose tattoos have been a popular choice for people for many decades. With a history going back to the ’30s, there’s a reason why it remains one of the most sought-after tattoo designs. These pieces are beautiful, subtle, and bold all at once. No matter if this is your first tat or your 23rd, get inspired by these cool rose tattoo designs for women.


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Rose Tattoo Meaning

Rose tattoos have been popular for decades, thanks to their beauty and symbolic meaning. Red roses have long been associated with romance, love, and affection. However, like much of color symbolism, other shades of roses can mean different things. Yellow represents joy and luck, pink shows grace and gratitude, and blue symbolizes mysticism and rarity. Meanwhile, white roses show innocence and purity, and black represents death and loss.

Rose Tattoo Designs

1. Black Rose Tattoo

A black rose tattoo is an excellent way to make a statement on your skin. The dark tones will contrast with the delicate design, and if paired with a brightly colored jewel, can create a poetic piece of art. Opt for something large and powerful or small and subtle – no matter what you pick, you’ll want to show this ink to everyone!


Black Rose Tattoo


2. Yellow Rose Tattoo

Not all roses have to be red to be beautiful. A yellow or gold flower represents joy and creates an inviting impact to the design. It also looks impressive as a standalone or paired with other flora. Complement the warm tones with green leaves, and you’ll have a piece of art that’s worth cherishing forever.


Yellow Rose Tattoo


3. Red Rose Tattoo

Keep it classic with a red rose tattoo. This style is timeless and looks fantastic in a lot of different styles. Whether you opt for an Asian design or something realistic, you can’t go wrong with this piece. Be sure that you refresh the colors every few years, as this choice of shade can often fade with time.


Red Rose Tattoo


4. Purple Rose Tattoo

Jewel tones look amazing in rose tattoos. Purple is often associated with nobility, so why not feel like a queen for a day with this design? Pair it with delicate lace, dripping jewels, or keep it simple with a single block of color. No matter how you design this, it’s something that will make you feel like royalty.


Purple Rose Tattoo


5. Black and White Rose Tattoo

Crisp and contemporary, these black and white rose tattoos are an excellent option for those who love design. This tonal combination is an excellent concept for those who don’t want to recolor their skin after a few years and love the idea of modern illustration. Sketch things out with a pencil-inspired piece or keep it geometric, and you’ll have everything think that you’re walking art.


Black And White Rose Tattoo


6. Realistic Rose Tattoo

Not all ink has to be surrealist or contemporary in design. Realistic rose tattoos can often look like a photograph printed onto your skin, which makes an impact like no other. Do your research before you choose your artist, who specializes in hyper-realistic pieces. Watch as all eyes are on you with something this stunning!


Realistic Rose Tattoo


7. Skull and Rose Tattoo

Channel your inner Shakespeare with a skull and rose tattoo. Whether you’re a fan of Hamlet or you just admire the contrast between subjects, this is a design filled with symbolism. Denoting the disparity of life and death, the wearer of this ink will carry the balance between good and evil, and the philosophy that lies between.


Rose And Skull Tattoo


8. Cross with Rose Tattoo

Cherish your faith with this beautiful cross and rose tattoo. As a symbol of religion and devotion, the delicate flowers contrast with the geometric lines, which creates a symbiotic piece for you forever. Whether you prefer a traditional cross or something a bit sleeker, you can’t go wrong with this stunning ink.


Rose And Cross Tattoo


9. Money Rose Tattoo

Symbolizing power and new beginnings money rose tattoos are filled with meaning. The petals resembling banknotes are an exciting and striking combination, that is sure to attract attention. Pairing two of the world’s strongest influences together is a beautiful concept for a piece of ink.


Money Rose Tattoo


10. Traditional Rose Tattoo

There’s nothing like a traditional rose tattoo. This has been a popular option since the ’30s  and often resembles a sailor-esque design. This ink looks best without a stem or thorns and represents love, strength, and hope. Opt for this fantastic piece if you’re after a blast from the past!


Traditional Rose Tattoo


11. Compass Rose Tattoo

Dedicated as a symbol of who we are inside, the compass and rose tattoo helps point us in the right direction. Letting your heart guide the actions in your life, this ink resembles good fortune and hope. With so much meaning behind this design, how could you pass it up?


Compass Rose Tattoo


12. Rose Outline Tattoo

Sometimes the most simple tattoos have the most significant impact. A rose tattoo that consists of an outline is a beautiful and delicate option for those who aren’t into colored ink. Line art is a lovely concept that doesn’t fade as fast with time. It also allows you to fill it in with various shades if you wish, later on.


Rose Outline Tattoo


13. Rose Tattoo With Name

Make a memory last forever by dedicating your rose tattoo to a loved one. Incorporate someone’s name into the stem of the flower, creating an enduring commitment to someone important to you. The combined symbol of affection and resilience acts together and creates a piece of art worth showing off.


Rose With Name Tattoo


14. Simple Rose Tattoo

If you’re not into super detailed ink, then a simple tattoo is for you. Using a few lines, you can express the image of a flower, leaving a lasting impression on anyone who sees it. Black looks enigmatic against the skin, whereas white is a subtle tribute to the beautiful flora. For smaller pieces, opt to display them on your wrist, ribcage, or forearm. It’s a dainty option that speaks volumes.


Simple Rose Tattoo


15. Beauty and the Beast Rose Tattoo

Tale as old as time, this tattoo is as true as it can be. Ink inspired by Beauty and the Beast’s rose is a symbol of time, love, and humility, and is an excellent choice for your skin. A stained glass window design pays homage to the Disney classic, but you can always be subtle with a small nod to the flower in its glass case. This is a must-have choice for any Belle and Beast fan!


Beauty And The Beast Rose Tattoo


16. Watercolour Rose Tattoo

Why blend in when you were born to stand out? A watercolor tattoo is a beautiful choice for those who love the beauty of a rose with an influence on modern art. Opt for traditional colors like pinks, reds, and yellow or step outside of the box and try shades of blue, purple, or green. This ink is an ethereal and delicate option for anyone who loves classic elegance.


Watercolour Rose Tattoo


17. Rose and Butterfly Tattoo

A tattoo filled with meaning and beauty, combining a rose and butterfly couldn’t be a better choice. Symbolizing metamorphosis and love this ink is a wonderful representation of the circle of life. There are many ways you can design this piece, with the wings intersecting with the flower, or with the insect landing upon the flora. Whatever you choose, you’ll have compliments fly in!


Rose And Butterfly Tattoo


18. Dead Rose Tattoo

Show your dedication to the departed with a dead rose tattoo. Paying respect to those you care about, this flower design often represents honor to those who have lost their lives, and the strength found in their memory. Black ink acts as a balance to the subject matter, depicting hope and resilience. This is a touching tribute to anyone who has lost someone special in their life and offers love and strength.


Dead Rose Tattoo


19. Rose With Thorns Tattoo

Take the meaning of a traditional rose tattoo and add a subtle twist with thorns. The contrasting symbolism of life and death entwines with this artistic ink.  Keep it classic with a bold red flower paired with green stems, or opt for something modern and geometric. No matter what you choose, this meaningful and beautiful design is sure to get people talking.


Rose With Thorns


20. Tribal Rose Tattoo

Sticking to the symbolism of love and strength a rose tattoo looks beautiful when paired with a tribal twist. These bold and clean lines create a contrast to the delicate flower and depict the power of family, heritage, and a sense of belonging. This is a strong and resilient piece of ink that is sure to speak volumes.


Tribal Rose Tattoo


21. Geometric Rose Tattoo

Combine a piece of traditional and modern art with this geometric rose tattoo. Not only is this ink incredible to look at, but it also combines holds a lot of meaning. The flowers represent balance, love, and strength, and the geometric shapes represent unity and earth. Whether you choose this for its beauty or its symbolism, it’s something worth getting.


Geometric Rose Tattoo


22. Tiny Rose Tattoo

You don’t have to have a sleeve of ink to make a statement. These tiny rose tattoos are a beautiful addition to any area of skin, and the delicate design is sure to make an impact. The minuscule flower looks best on the wrist, ankle or even behind the ear. Subtle and dainty, you won’t want to pass up a piece this stunning.


Tiny Rose Tattoo


23. Heart and Rose Tattoo

As with most tattoos, the heart and rose combination is filled with meaning. A combination of two durable and love-inducing pieces create a beautiful inking option. You can choose to get something traditional, with an arrow piercing through the love symbol, or you can incorporate the flowers into the other shapes entirely. No matter what you decide, this is a timeless design made for those who wish to represent symbolism in their skin.


Heart Rose Tattoo

24. Rose Hand Tattoo

Hand tattoos are one of the trickiest pieces to get inked. Not only is it one of the most significant commitments to make, but the design choice is massively important. Hands are often reserved for tattoos of a religious nature or something that’s filled with symbolism. As roses represent strength and balance, getting them placed on this location fits beautifully. If you’re not willing to get the entire space painted, opt for placement on the fingers. You’ll be forever reminded of the beauty behind the flora.


Hand Rose Tattoo


25. Rose Shoulder Tattoo

If you’re hoping to get a larger piece of ink on your body, why not go for a shoulder tattoo? This is a prime real estate and gives you a lot of freedom in terms of design. Have the rose creeping around the blades on your back, or work the flowers through to a sleeve that runs down your arm. It’s a bold and beautiful choice for a tattoo, and is worth showing off!



Tattoo Art Tattoo Ideas Tattoo Woman


26. Rose Arm Tattoo

Classic tattoos sometimes look best when placed in a perfect spot on the body. Ink on the arm is an ample choice if you wish to add more to the design later, or if you want to incorporate the design into a sleeve. If you want something subtle, why not put it on your bicep, so you can hide it with clothing if you’d wish to keep it concealed. Small or large, this is an excellent option for someone’s first piece.


Tattoo On The Arm


27. Small Rose Tattoos

Some things are best kept hidden. These small rose tattoos are a delicate and subtle option for those who are in favor of tiny art. From a scattering of petals to simple tattoo line art, this ink is a beautiful way to add symbolism to your skin. Ideal spots for placement are your ribcage, fingers or even your bicep. You can’t go wrong with something this lovely.


Small Rose Tattoo


28. Rose Forearm Tattoo

Show off your love for flora with a forearm tattoo. This location is prime real estate for a piece of art and gives you the freedom to play around with designs. Whether you’d prefer neo-traditional ink or something modern and extraordinary, you can’t go wrong with this ample position. Incorporate the work into a sleeve, and you’ll be ready to take on the world!


Forearm Rose Tattoo


29. Rose Tattoo on the Wrist

Some wear their heart on their sleeves, why not a tattoo? These small but powerful pieces look best when placed on the wrist, and they’re easy to hide if needed. As roses resemble strength and love, why not position it over the veins that lead directly to the heart? This is a match made in ink-heaven, and the results are simply divine.


Wrist Rose Tattoo


30. Rose Sleeve Tattoo

Your body is a canvas, so why not take that to the next level with a rose sleeve tattoo? This concept isn’t for the faint of heart, but it certainly looks impressive when complete. Engulf your arm with a sea of flowers, twist vines around your wrist, and watch as the compliments fly in. With a design this spectacular, you’ll want to wear a singlet every day so that you can show it off!


Rose Sleeve Tattoo


31. Rose Half Sleeve Tattoo

Grow a garden on your body with a half sleeve tattoo. With wild roses painted on your skin, you’re sure to confuse anyone for an ethereal fairy. Choose from something colorful or in bold black ink. This stylish and sleek ink is in a spot that may be hard to hide, but it’s definitely worth showing off!


Half Sleeve Rose Tattoo


32. Rose Chest Tattoo

Showcase your love for roses with an ample chest tattoo. It’s a great location if you’re not afraid to show off some skin, and with so much real estate in the area, you can do pretty much anything you like! Opt for something small and subtle to accentuate your collarbones, or add some drama by taking advantage of the whole space.


Rose Chest Tattoo


33. Rose Hip Tattoo

The hip bone area is a sexy yet subtle spot for some ink. Choose from something simple such as a single flower on a hip tattoo design, or creep the entire rose bush up the side of your body for the full floral effect. The lower half of the body is a fantastic place to put a tattoo, as it’s easy to hide but oh-so-fun to show off!


Rose Hip Tattoo


34. Rose Neck Tattoo

A neck tattoo is perfect for the girl who’s not afraid to stand out. In a bold and risky move, the rose will showcase your strength and balance. Keep in mind that this placement can be relatively tricky to hide; it’s also one of the more painful placements. This ink isn’t for the faint-hearted, but it’s worth it!


Rose Neck Tattoo

35. Rose Ankle Tattoo

Showcase your pins in style with one of these stunning ankle tattoos. As roses represent balance, there isn’t a better placement for the ink. You can wrap the flower around your leg or choose a single blossom as devotion to the flora. These are simple, subtle, and stylish pieces of art that are perfect for anyone!


Rose Ankle Tattoo


Rose Tattoos for Women FAQs

Where do you put a rose tattoo?

A rose tattoo can really go anywhere on your body, and it comes down to personal choice. Ideally, you want to show your artwork off, which makes the arms, hands, shoulder, chest, and neck popular choices. However, the variety of designs and styles mean that a rose tattoo will look good placed anywhere.

What does a Black Rose Tattoo Mean?

A black rose tattoo can represent death, loss, mourning, or grief. However, it’s not necessarily a negative tattoo, as it can be a lovely memorial or tribute to a lost loved one. Alternatively, blackwork is a popular style, so the color may just be an aesthetic choice.

Why are rose tattoos so popular? 

Rose tattoos are popular for several reasons. First up, they’re a beautiful flower that lends itself well to different art styles, from watercolor to neo-traditional tattoos. Secondly, the symbolism behind each color speaks a lot for some people and represents an integral part of them. Red roses gained popularity in the 1930s, with sailors inking their skin to remind them of wives and girlfriends at home. The message of love symbolized by red roses prevails to this day. Lastly, they’re inoffensive. While tattoos are becoming more mainstream, it remains that the less offensive a design is, the more readily accepted your body art will be.  


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