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31 Unique Labret Piercings with Aftercare and Jewelry Guide (2020)

Unique Labret Piercings: However, a labret piercing is often viewed as a lip piercing Labret piercings are not really attached to the lip … it is done under the lip just above the chin. It is both a face and a mouth piercing and is also called a tongue column because it pierces the area horizontally from back to front.

The placement of the labret piercing is important because a rod that is too short can actually sink into the lip. When a ring is to be worn on this piercing, it is usually done at a slight angle to prevent the ring from rubbing the teeth. Labret piercings are common and there are different types of labret piercings and jewelry that we love and explain to you in this post.

Labret piercing examples

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Most popular labret piercing jewelry

Types of labret piercings

Labret piercings come in a variety, not just in the form of jewelry that you use. A piercing labret mainly differs according to the position of the piercing.

Labret piercing
Labret piercing

Labret piercing

As already mentioned, labrets are generally carried out horizontally from front to back. With a normal labret piercing, only one end of the piercing can be seen. This can be a curveball, spike, or any type of labret jewellery you prefer!

Vertical labret piercing

Vertical labret piercing

The Vertical labret piercing is the type of piercing where the bottom pearl is in the same place as a normal labret piercing, which is just under the lip. The difference is that it does not get inside the mouth, but runs in the upper direction and emerges at the top or even slightly forward on the lower lip. With this type of piercing, you can see both sides of the piercing. Most people use a curved barbell as jewellery for such piercings.

Snake bites and spider bite piercings

<a href=Snake bites piercing” />
Snake bites piercing

Two labrets on each side of the lip are commonly referred to as snake bites piercing when captive pearl rings are worn. 2 labrets side by side on one side sometimes referred to as spider bites or viper bites. Two labrets next to each other under the middle of the lip are called dolphin bites.

Before you get a labret piercing

Preparation is extremely important for a labret piercing because it also involves the mouth. The mouth is full of many harmful bacteria, many of which cause different types of gum disease. Take a few days before getting a labret piercing and focus on your oral hygiene. If you are used to brushing your teeth twice a day, do it three times for 6 days before your piercing and use mouthwash every time after brushing.

Gargle with baking soda at least twice a day. You can do this before using the mouthwash or as a replacement. Baking soda is one of these homeopathic bad breath treatment solutions as it kills bacteria and others.

Floss! Bacteria feed on the food that is between our teeth and floss removes it. If there is no food to feed on, the shorter the bacteria live, the less likely you are to develop gum disease that causes a serious infection of your labret piercing.

Focus intensely on oral hygiene for at least 6 days before piercing, and you will reduce all risks if you get a labret.

Labret piercing procedure
The labret piercing procedure

Labret piercing procedure

The piercing experience itself is done in a split second, you will hardly feel anything when it is done. However, the pain and discomfort will appear after the healing process.

Taking the piercer into account is important. The experience with piercers is different and it is necessary that you do your homework when you find a piercer. You don’t want the piercing to be done arbitrarily because it’s not aesthetically pleasing, and you don’t want unnecessary gum and lip damage.

Labret piercing jewelry and cost

As with most other piercings, there is a wide selection of jewelry. The most popular and recommended, however, are slip rings with a flat interior and a ball or mandrel on the outside. The flat interior of the ring makes piercing more comfortable and this flat side is less harmful to your gums and teeth.

The size of the labret rings can vary in length depending on which style you choose or how innovative you are to make your piercing unique. A 16 gauge is usually used when talking about width because it is most compatible with this area of ​​the face.

Gift piercing gauges sizes
Tongue ring displays from Body Candy

The cost also varies depending on where you are going and which ring you are using for that reason. Labret piercings can cost from $ 20- $ 100.

Labret piercing has left its mark on history and made significant contributions to different cultures. Be diligent in taking care of your piercing. Proper care is essential to maintain it!

Labret piercing aftercare and healing

Labret aftercare is important to ensure that your new piercing heals effectively. The healing time for labret piercing is usually between 6 and 8 weeks. However, this also depends on how much you dedicate yourself to your vertical Labret aftercare.

Infection rarely develops because there is a certain enzyme in our mouth called “ptyalin” that retains the bacteria. Sometimes swelling can occur 2 to 3 days after the piercing. But don’t worry, as this can only take 7 to 10 days.

Follow-up instructions for Labret

  • Step one
    Always brush your teeth after eating. Do this carefully and use a toothbrush with soft bristles.
  • Step two
    Rinse your mouth after eating and before bed. Use an alcohol-free, antibacterial mouthwash to rinse your mouth.
  • Step three
    Dip the outer part of your labret piercing into a saline solution. Do this two to three times a day. Rinse it off with water to remove the residue.
  • Step four
    Use a fragrance-free, antimicrobial detergent to clean the outer part of your piercing. Let it stand for 30 seconds and then rinse with water to remove any remaining residue.
  • Step five
    To dry your piercing, tap a paper towel on your piercing.
  • Step six
    Avoid touching or removing your jewelry while it is still healing.
  • Step seven
    Watch for infections. They are a usually thin, light yellow liquid that comes out of your new labret piercing.
  • Step eight
    If you experience severe pain, fever, swelling or have noticed thicker fluid deposits, contact your doctor immediately.

Snake Eyes Tongue Piercing

Tips for the care of labret piercing

  • After washing your face, wash your labret piercing with antimicrobial soap and additionally clean it with a Q-tip or cotton ball soaked in sea salt solution.
  • Warm water soothes the piercing. However, if it is swollen, the water may be slightly cooler than at room temperature.
  • It is usually recommended to stay away from dairy products if you have a new oral piercing. Since the area where a labret piercing is placed does not contain as many bacteria as the tongue (in terms of milk consumption), ice cream or yogurt can be used to soothe your piercing.
  • A better option is to break ice cubes into small pieces and let them rest inside the piercing.
  • Don’t play with your piercing under any circumstances, this invites bacteria and the last thing you want is a festering infected piercing on the front of your face.
  • If your piercing is directly under your lower lip, chew slowly. The pain you will feel when you bite on a fresh piercing will make you see many stars and literally howl like pain like a werewolf. Please be careful.
  • Do not change the ring in your piercing until it has healed, as this can lead to infections and irritation that lead to longer healing times.
  • Do not apply facial moisturizer around your piercing. If you have dry skin, this is the best time to follow the doctor’s instructions and drink 8 or more glasses of water daily. This helps rinse your mouth and moisturize you – a double positive result.
  • Do not use Epsom Salt, Table Salt, Betadin, Polysporin, Neosporin, Bacitracin, Bactroban, Bactin or any other topical solution or ointment for your piercing. These products are not suitable for stab wounds.
  • Do not use Sun Block, Sun Tan Lotion, baby oil or any other skin care product for a new or unusual piercing.
  • If your piercing becomes infected, it simply means that you are not as diligent in your aftercare as you should. Increase the frequency of your salt water or mouth rinses to make up for the infection. If it persists, your body may reject the piercing. In this case you should see your piercer. He can then advise you on what to do from there.
  • If you think you have a problem with your piercing, contact your piercer and NEVER remove the jewelry from a suspected infected piercing.

Frequently asked questions about labret piercing

If you’ve considered getting a labret piercing, we hope you have more knowledge now. However, we know that you may still have some questions. Here are some of our most frequently asked questions about labret piercing:

Who can get a labret piercing?

Labret piercings are for anyone who wants one. Whether you are male or female, young or old, a labret piercing can work for you. Think of it as an artistic expression – there is no limit to when or who can have one.

Does it hurt to get a labret piercing?

As with any piercing, there is a certain amount of pain when you get a labret. However, many people report that it is minor and disappears after a few hours. The healing process can lead to minor complaints, but should not be major.

Does a labret piercing leave a scar?

If you take out your labret piercing, you probably have a scar. The surface of your skin and tissue is pierced with a needle and then healed with jewellery, so this is completely normal. The hole should be small and therefore the scar.

Labret Piercings: Final Thoughts

Finally, Labret piercings didn’t just come from western culture, where it’s most visible now. People who wear labret piercings have assigned their own meaning to each piercing and receive it for their own reasons.

There are many variations to be found and before you go to a new piercing you should do your research. If you haven’t decided which lip piercing you’d like, you can find plenty of inspiration in other posts on Snake Bites Piercings and other facial piercings.

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