30 Things to Know Before Getting Your First Tattoo

So you’ve made the decision to go for your first tattoo and are now willing to make the commitment… but you have to wait for the right moment to HOLD to. Are you aware of all the information you should know prior to making that first tattoo? If you’re a novice to tattooing, you should be aware of all the benefits and disadvantages of tattoos before you commit to tattoos.

What should you consider before getting tattoos

There are numerous things to consider before you get that first tattoo. We have compiled the complete list of things to consider prior to going to the tattoo studio.. Before we get started, we will look at 15 fascinating facts that you need to know about tattooing art

Now that we’re back to what we were talking about, here are 30 things to be done prior to an appointment for tattoos —

1. Should I get a tattoo? Preparing mentally

A lot of people consider tattooing to be an emotional and spiritual experience. Some may disagree however you must be aware that having tattoos applied to your body isn’t the same as having haircut. There are many things to consider when tattooing and you need to be prepared for it ahead of time.

It is important to be open to fresh concepts (that could lead to a different the final design) as well as criticism. Sure, people will look at your tattoo designs. Therefore, be mentally ready for it.
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2. What is Tattoo pain feel like?? Make Physical preparations

Do not take it as an opportunity to make fun of it. Physical preparation is just as crucial as mentally preparing prior to receiving tattoos. It’s not a 5K, but you must prepare your body for the first tattoo.

  • Don’t Drink Alcohol. It can thin the blood and make it more difficult for the artist to perform.
  • A healthy diet is one that is full of carbs and protein.
  • Drink plenty of water.
  • Do Yoga and meditate. It’s not just an effective way of living, but it can also help to manage your mind when you are in stressful circumstances.

3. What is the average cost of the Tattoo and how can you prepare it economically?

Here’s another great suggestion – Be aware of your budget. Tattoos aren’t cheap, and when someone says otherwise, you should stop your tattoo plans for good. The cost of getting a tattoo is based on a variety of variables ranging to the scale and the location of the tattoo to the image of the artist. Additionally, you must think about the costs for the aftercare of your tattoo, creams to fix the tattoo sessions, covers and even removal of tattoos.

Do not choose a low-cost artist simply because it might save you a few dollars. Your body is changing for eternity and it’s not a joke. Keep in mind that tattoo removal is expensive. Removal is more expensive than having a tattoo.

4. Make Your Choices judiciously

If you’re following this article, the it is likely that you have a tattoo design in mind you would like to tattoo, but is it adequate? There are hundreds of tattoo pictures on the internet. TattoosBoyGirl also offers a large selection of tattoo designs for both genders, however everything is dependent on your individual choices. Instead of selecting only one style, pick five or six tattoo designs to discuss them with your fellow friends. Ask the tattoo artist prior to your visit they could design a tattoo for you.

5. Size is important because Tattoos cost Vary Based on the size of the tattoo.

One of the most common mistakes committed by novice tattooists is to use large-sized tattoos. A lot of times I see people who have full-back tattoos of bizarre tribal patterns, and when I inquire about it, they confess that this was the very first time they had tattoos. Before you decide to have a tattoo, you should decide on the size of your design.

Smaller tattoos appear better than large-sized tattoos. They are less painful. They’ll be affordable. Additionally, they will be simple to cover it up. Overall the first tattoo you get is supposed to be tiny in size to let you know how it feels wearing the tattoo for the rest of your all time.

6. The Best Tattoo Placement as per Tattoo Pain Chart

Another major mistake that is made by beginners is the location of tattoos. If you’re an employee with a blue collar, then you would not want your tattoo to be placed on the body’s visible body. Additionally, you must be aware of the pain charts for tattoos that will help you determine which part of your body will be able to take the discomfort. Based on these aspects, you must choose the most suitable area of your body to get the first time tattoo.
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7. Do tattoos Hurt

Yes, tattoos hurt however how much? It’s all in the details. Different body parts respond differently to pain from tattoos. The chart of tattoo pain will be useful when dealing with this. Like I said, you need to mentally prepare to deal with this painful experience. Many Newbies (especially females) shout loudly when they first get tattooed. Some even vomit. It is important to know your limit. The needle in the tattoo machine is likely to cut your skin thousands of times in a minute. The pores on your skin will be opened and blood will leak out.

Are you prepared to take on this hurt? You don’t want an incomplete tattoo because you weren’t capable of enduring the discomfort.

8. How Does Getting A Tattoo Feel Like? Research

The more you learn about tattooing, the more will be aware of the procedure. The more you know, the better. It’s not just important to study the tattoo design you like, as well as the tattoo artist that you select. Google can help tremendously. Keep track of your tattoo artist’s Instagram account Instagram or explore tattoo tutorials via Pinterest or debate tattoo ideas on Tumblr as well as Reddit. It can help you with getting ready for your tattoos in advance.

9. Chat with others Tattooed People about tattoo feelings

It is always a good idea to talk about your ideas, thoughts and opinions on tattooing prior to the actual procedure. Talk to your acquaintances with tattoos that are on their bodies. Discuss the tattoos with them and ask questions. Clear your doubts. If you know a good tattoo artist, talk to them regarding your design. Join forums on tattoos to get to know those who view tattoos as an aspect of their culture and lifestyle. They can assist you tremendously in sharing suggestions on how to tattoo.

10. The Best Timing for Tattoo

If you’re planning to go on an island getaway with your family , you should don’t bother with tattoos. Avoid getting tattoos if planning a vacation near the beach. The best time to get tattoos is in the winter months. The tattoo will be protected from sun light and rain. It will heal rapidly.

11. What to Eat before getting tattooed

Consume food that is rich in proteins and vitamins C. Be sure to stay away from the alcohol or coffee. If you think that tattoos are an everyday thing, then you’re not right. You must consider your own decision before you decide to commit. It is important to consider whether it is worth the cost? Do you really want it? Many people get tattooed with the name of their girlfriends/boyfriends and later regret it for a lifetime.

You don’t want an image that you’re going to conceal from everyone throughout your life. Take 6 months to a full year before signing a tattoo. There will be plenty of ideas during this period but, in the end If you’re still interested, then you should go ahead.

12. Find the Top Tattoo Artist

Each tattoo artist has a distinctive style. Certain artists are slower and meticulous and some are quick and rough. The speed of your tattoo does not always determine the quality of your tattoo, however it is the test of your capacity to bear pain. The outcome is important significant factor when choosing the perfect tattoo artist.

The tattoo studio you’re contemplating might be registered on a website or Instagram profile. Go to their website and check out their Instagram account, and follow them on Instagram page. Find out whether you like their designs or not.

Do not be focused on the cost of tattoos when choosing an artist. Keep in mind that cheap tattoos aren’t great and high quality tattoos don’t come cheap.
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13. The hygiene standards in Tattoo Parlor as well as Tattoo Artist Hygiene of Tattoo Parlor and Tattoo Artist

A tattoo is essentially an open wound, and could be infected easily through contamination from outside. When choosing the ideal tattoo salon and tattoo artist You should also take into consideration their cleanliness as a crucial aspect. If the place isn’t clean, you must avoid it. If the tattoo artist isn’t clean, well-groomed and well-mannered then you should not choose him. You don’t want an artist who is ill-mannered and unclean to clean off his nose when he is inking the design upon your skin.

14. Do not bargain Do not bargain

Bargaining is a normal human behavior. It is not a choice you can avoid. There are some fields which you can’t negotiate in. Tattooing is one of them. Don’t negotiate with the tattooist. This is not the time you’re paying for, however the artwork and art are worth the price. An Tattoo artist may refuse to work with you due to bargaining.

15. Reaktion to Tattoo Ink

Like hair dyes, a lot of people react with tattooing inks. There are various types of tattoo inks. These links are composed of various chemicals that may not be suitable for your body. Talk to your tattoo artist about the ink they are planning to apply. Do some research on the ink.

You can conduct small experiments by clicking the link on the index finger of your hand. Give it one week. If itchy sensation or a sensation of burning, avoid it. If your body doesn’t react in a strange way to ink, go for the first time.

16. Print the design you like

Around 95% of people choose their design for tattoos online prior to choosing an artist. The other 5% request their tattoo artist to draw whatever image comes to their mind. If you are among the other 5% , do not bother having tattoos.

If you’re in the 95% category, take the design in the form of a print for your artist to tattoo. It is possible to also have a high-resolution image but it’s best to bring a printed replica. The tattoo’s design should be easy to comprehend and you should be able to discuss the design with your tattoo artist.

17. Learn More About Tattoo Sessions

The process of drawing a great tattoo requires time. Most tattoos aren’t done in one go. The entire process is split into several sessions (especially when it’s larger size tattoos). The tattoo artist requires to be focused and an active mind when the tattoos on your body. The tattoo artist may get tired and may ask for a second time. Do not be rude about this as it’s best for both of you. Reapply for your tattoos done with a new perspective.

18. Be aware of and respect the rules of the Tattoo Parlor Respect and adhere to the rules of tattoo parlors

A tattoo parlor isn’t an establishment where you can have all your friends meet up. Also, it’s not an educational daycare center which you can take your children. Every tattoo studio has their own guidelines and you need to be aware about them prior to going into the salon. Visit them before you go to inquire about their rules. Most parlors allow one person to accompany you, but there are some who bring half dozen guests to be able to watch the moment in time. Don’t do it.
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19. You may not get the exact tattoo You may not get the exact tattoo

You came across an incredible tattoo, and you instantly determined to have it tattooed in a similar way across your body. You discovered an artist who has many years of experience. You endured every effort to create the perfect tattoo, but the result didn’t quite match the design you chose. Now what? Do not worry, the final product is influenced by a variety of elements. The tone of your skin and body shape also affect the appearance of the factor.

Do you want Dwayne Johnson’s intricate Bull tattoo (updated since 2017.) across your chest? If you don’t have larger biceps than Dwayne Johnson, there’s no other way to have the exact tattoo on your biceps. Your expectations must be based on fact and not just your imagination.

20. Shave –

Many people believe shaving isn’t necessary for tattoos. This isn’t the case when you believe that. It is not a good idea for the tattoo to be hidden by the skin hairs. If you would like your tattoo to be noticed and significant, then you should clean the hair around the body area where you would like it. Cleansing just 3-4 inches from the area of your tattoo will not do the trick. It’s possible to have to scrub hairs that aren’t even close to the tattoo. Be prepared.

21. Don’t panic!

A majority of people do not bother with the thought process and conducting research before having tattoos. They simply go to the tattoo studio and sit on the couch for their tattoo. What typically happens to these individuals is a recurring panic attack. The mind works in strange ways. It can make you question your decision during the process of tattooing, which causes discomfort for both the client as well as the artist.

If you’ve prepared yourself mentally, physically and financially, then there’s no need to worry. Consider it an inner journey and you’ll be awestruck by it.

22. Tip The Artist

You may not be aware that most tattoo artists are an employee of tattoo shops. They do not own the shop and are required to share the cost for the work with its proprietor. If you were satisfied with what your artist did, do not hesitate to give them a 15%-30 percent of the tip. In this way, you’ll acknowledge the artist’s talent and acknowledge their effort and time.

23. Tattoo Aftercare Cream –

Tattoos without an aftercare cream is like fighting without armor. You should purchase an Aftercare Cream for your self. In general, I wouldn’t suggest you use the one that the tattoo artist provided you at the time of your tattoo. Find out about the aftercare creams available and choose the one that works best for your preferences. I’d recommend Bepanthenwith care cream, and Vasocaine Spray to numb your skin.

24. Repair Up New Tattoo

Tattooing, as I mentioned earlier, isn’t a one-time process. It is possible that you will need to return to your tattoo studio several times before your tattoo is fully healed. The tattoo will not be completely healed once leaving the tattoo studio. After a few days, you may notice a bleeding of ink or spots on the design. It’s normal. Take it back the tattooist and request that they fix the tattoo for you. Don’t be hesitant about this. If you have tipped your tattoo artist properly, they will certainly be glad to assist you.

25. Learn About Healing Processes –

Remember Tattoos need some time for healing. Numerous things can happen in the process of healing which could be troubling you. Be aware that Tattoo Peeling, as well as tattoos scabbing is common and not to be worried about. A tattoo can take 4 to seven weeks to fully heal. It is recommended to be sure to take care of it before it completely heals.

26. Don’t Swim –

In mid-2017 there was news that a man was killed from drowning after a tattoo. It might sound odd for tattoo novices, but it’s a thing you must not forget. Avoid swimming in any water (pool rivers, ponds ocean) for at least five weeks following the tattoo. Tattoos are similar to an open wound, and you should be aware of what an opened wound could cause. It was the cause of death for Khal Drogo.

27. Guard yourself from Sunlight Beware of Sunlight

The sun is the most formidable enemy for the Tattoo. If your artwork is protected for over the course of a year, it will be destroyed by Sunlight. How? Sunlight contains a variety of radiations, including harmful UV radiations. They cause cancer. UV radiations are the most dangerous enemy of tattoos. You must protect your tattoo at all times from UV rays. Utilize natural sunscreen products to prevent your tattoo from coming in direct contact with sunlight.

28. Prepare to face criticism and answer people –

It doesn’t matter whether you prefer to be an introvert, or social person You will receive a number of compliments following your first tattoo (especially when it’s readily noticeable). Many will inquire about its significance and what it means to you. Many will give you an overview of the meaning and importance of it.
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It is not likely that everyone will praise it. Criticism is an inherent quality of humans, so prepare yourself to be a target for criticism. Do not let other people’s opinions and actions weigh down on you. It was your decision at the beginning and if you made it, and you are adamant about it, then do it.

29. Cover Up for Tattoo Cover Up

The most important thing to remember before making a decision to get tattoos is that they could be covered. A recent survey suggests that over 30% of people who have tattoos regret the first tattoos they had. Why? Because they haven’t thoroughly examined the issue.

It is important to know that if you are unhappy with the tattoo or would like to alter it, there’s always the alternative to cover-up that is more affordable than removal of tattoos.

30. Tattoo Removal –

Over 18% of tattooed Americans said in a poll that they’d like the first tattoo they have removed. Tattoo removal can be an expensive process.

We attempted to provide almost all the information one would require prior to getting tattoos. Feedback and suggestions are always welcome.


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