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30 Sexy Dark Red Hair Ideas for 2022

Dar Red Hair Color


Dark red hair always makes a bold statement. Whether you want to show off your fiery personality or create a sense of mystery, dark red hair will do the trick. It comprises of every hue from rich scarlet to deep burgundy, so there’s a shade that will suit your skin tone and coloring perfectly. Keep reading to discover the potential of this versatile hair color and get ready to take the plunge.


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1. Red Hair Dark Roots

Dark roots blend perfectly with most shades of dark red, particularly those on the burgundy spectrum. For a seamless look, match your red color to the undertone of your natural roots; choose a blue-toned plum if your undertone is cool, or a burnt scarlet for warm undertones. Keeping your roots dark will also make your hair color last longer, as you can let the style grow out naturally without re-dyeing your roots every few weeks.

Red   Hair Dark Roots


2. Dark Cherry Red Hair

Dark cherry red has been a popular hair color for a long time because of its striking look and versatility. The color looks flattering in almost all skin tones, from fair to deep, and gives you a sexy and feminine look. Plus, the deepness of the shade makes your hair seem thicker. Ask your stylist to add a gloss for a super shiny and healthy-looking result.
Dark Cherry Red Hair


3. Dark Red Brown Hair

It’s often said that red hair flatters natural blondes the most, but brunettes can also make the transition with stunning results. A great option for brown-haired ladies is dark red-brown hair. The hue blends red wine hues with a chocolate base to create a beautiful final result. Rich and velvety, it still stands out and looks particularly flattering on those with a fair complexion.

Dark Red Brown Hair


4. Dark Hair with Red Highlights

Women who want to make a subtle change to red hair should consider adding highlights. It creates a more natural finish than other dark red options, and your stylist can also place the highlights to flatter and illuminate your face. For best results, ask for a mix of red-toned highlights not too far from your natural color.

Dark Hair Red Highlights


5. Natural Dark Red Hair

Most people picture redheads with bright copper, strawberry blonde, or rusty ginger locks, but there’s a wide spectrum of natural red hair. Dark red hair tends toward the cooler side of the spectrum and is widely known as auburn or dark auburn. Rich, regal, and vibrant, it’s a beautiful tone that can be expertly mimicked by your colorist if you weren’t lucky enough to be born with it.


Natural Dark Red Hair

6. Dark Purple Red Hair

Dark purple hair fuses rich red with violet tones and makes for a beautiful and sophisticated look. Because it is a less natural hair color, it pairs perfectly with a bold, graphic cut like blunt bangs or bob. A versatile shade, dark purple-red looks flattering on all cool-toned complexions – whether fair or dark – and contrasts beautifully with green eyes. However, those with warm-toned skin should note that the purple hue can bring out unflattering yellow undertones.


Dark Purple Red Hair

7. Dark Red Hair with Highlights

Women with naturally auburn or dark auburn hair can give their look a lightened lift with highlights. While keeping their overall shade in the dark red family, highlights will add dimension and movement to their locks. Plus, highlights don’t damage your hair as much as an all-over lightening treatment and can make thick hair look less dense and flat.

Dark Red Hair With Highlights


8. Red and Blonde Highlights on Dark Hair

For brunettes who want to go a little more daring with their highlights, a blend of red and blonde highlights will do the trick. Technically, the red shades should act as lowlights, giving your base color some added depth and a warm glow. Meanwhile, the blonde highlights give your overall look a summery twist.


Red And Blonde Highlights On Dark Hair

9. Plum Red Hair

Plum red hair – sometimes called blackberry – looks great on all cool-toned skin. That’s because it contains some blue pigment alongside warm red. One advantage of plum red hair is that it’s on the darker end of the spectrum, so you can make the switch without needing to bleach your strands first. You can also vary the intensity of your color for a sophisticated purple or playful and vibrant violet result.

Plum Red Hair

10. Auburn Highlights Red Hair

Blonde isn’t the only option when it comes to highlighting red hair. Fiery ladies who want to tone down their color or give it more depth can benefit from auburn hair highlights. The auburn shade is a dark, cool red, which can be blended with a coppery red base to create a subtle and sophisticated finish. It’s also an ideal choice for those who want to transition into a darker red gradually.
Auburn Highlights Red Hair

11. Bold Red Hair

For women who love to stand out, bold red hair is a must. Red hair naturally draws attention as it’s the rarest hair color. Plus, it’s associated with passionate, fiery personalities. To ensure all eyes are on you, choose a dark red hue that has an unnatural look – think crimson, garnet, and ruby.

Bold Red Hair

12. Dark Red Ombre Hair

The ombre hair technique – which is based on the French word meaning ‘shaded’ – is used to blend two or more hair colors. While it’s frequently used to combine blonde and brunette, it also looks fantastic with dark red hair. For ladies with dark brown or even black roots, ombre mid-lengths and ends make it easy to get the dark red look without an all-over color.

Ombre Dark Red Hair

13. Chestnut Highlights

The chestnut shade combines brown with warm red tones, which makes it the ideal choice for light brunettes looking to move darker on the red spectrum. An easy transitional color, chestnut highlights are perfect for the cooler months of the year as they add an autumnal feel to your look. Add deeper lowlights of auburn or cinnamon to take it to the next level.

Chestnut Highlights

14. Dark Ginger Hair

Ginger – sometimes called copper-gold – is one of the most vibrant red hair shades. Dark ginger takes out some of the brighter gold and instead creates a cooler, deeper result. While still on the warmer side, dark ginger suits a variety of skin tones. It looks less intense than classic ginger and has a more sophisticated feel.

Dark Ginger Hair

15. Short Dark Red Hair

If you’re about to cut your hair into a bob, why not change your color too? Short dark red hair looks sophisticated, yet has a more dramatic finish than a simple blonde or brunette shade. Plus, because your hair is shorter, changing the color is a less time-consuming process. Short dark red hair looks best in as a bold, all-over color on short hair, so you won’t need to worry about highlighting.
Short Dark Red Hair

16. Curly Short Dark Red Hair

If you’re thinking of dyeing your short curly hair red, consider going for a darker shade. While strawberry blonde and brick red can look cute and playful, dark red curls have a more modern and sophisticated edge. However, bear in mind that curly hair can be trickier to dye than straight hair. That’s because the chemicals involved in changing the hair color can disrupt your curl pattern. Opting for a dark red can be a better option as your stylist may only need to use a tint rather than damaging bleach.

Curly Short Dark Red Hair

17. Mid-Length Dark Red Hair

Sexy and feminine, mid-length dark red hair is a classic look for a reason. It’s an ideal choice for brunettes who want to shake up their color and show off the sultry side of their personality. If your hair has naturally warm undertones – for example, if it looks orange whenever you’ve tried to go blonde – then going dark red will be a breeze. Dark red hair suits a variety of skin tones and is especially flattering if you have brown or green eyes.


Mid Length Dark Red Hair

18. Dark Red Natural Hair

Dark red hair looks fantastic on Afro-textured hair and complements deep skin tones too. However, the chemicals involved in dyeing your hair can disrupt your curl pattern as well as cause drying and breakage. To maintain your natural hair through the process, choose an ammonia-free color like a semi-permanent tint, and avoid bleaching if possible. Finally, regularly apply a deep-conditioning treatment and always use sulphate-free shampoo and conditioner.

Dark Red Natural Hair

19. Dark Red Hair + Copper Highlights

Copper highlights are a great way to lift dark red hair and give it a fresh, summery feel. Depending on where they are placed, peachy bronze pieces can be used to frame and illuminate your face. They also add dimension and movement to your hair. However, it’s important not to go too light as extreme highlights can give dark red hair a ‘tiger stripe’ look.

Dark Red Hair + Copper Highlights

20. Black and Red Hair

One of the boldest hairstyles is black and red hair. It’s a striking combination that always stands out from the crowd and adds an edgy twist to your look. Depending on the shade of red you choose, black and red hair can range from sophisticated and wearable to artistic and graphic.

Black And Red Hair


21. Deep Red Hair

The appeal of red hair color is that there is a shade to suit every preference and complement your skin tone. This includes a deep red shade, an intense, bright color that will demand attention and highlight your hair texture and style. The hue also has violet undertones and is ideal for women who want to transform their appearance.


Deep Red Hair


22. Black Cherry Hair

Cherry red is a bright shade of red, while black cherry is a brilliant blend of red and purple tones. It is great for women with dark hair and can be added to the hair in various ways, including highlights on black hair to give it dimension and create a subtle contrast. It looks great on women with brown eyes and a darker complexion.


Black Cherry Hair Copy


23. Dark Crimson Red Hair

If you are looking for a fun and vibrant color to give your hair a makeover, look no further than dark crimson. It is a deep wine color and has red undertones, making it stand out while still being versatile and easy to wear. This shade can make your hair look healthy and will highlight your texture.


Dark Crimson Red


24. Burgundy Dark Red Hair

If you have been searching for the perfect shade of red, look no further than burgundy hair. Burgundy is rich reddish-purple hue. It is one of the hottest colors at the moment and is incredibly versatile, letting it be easily adapted to suit most complexions but is particularly flattering on those with pink, ebony, and olive skin tones.


Burgundy Dark Red Hair

25. Mahogany Dark Red Hair Color

Mahogany is a reddish-brown hue that can almost look purple in some lights. It is a very trendy color and is an excellent choice for someone who prefers darker reds to the more saturated and vibrant hues. It is relatively low-maintenance, especially the shades with more brown tones, and is excellent for those with naturally dark base colors.


Mahogany Dark Red Hair Color

26. Dark Auburn Red Hair

If you are looking for a brilliant shade of red to give your hair an update, consider dark auburn. The color is a reddish-brown hue and is not as saturated as many shades of red, which adds to its versatility. Dark auburn hair color is easy to wear, incredibly flattering on most skin tones, and will complement your hair texture.


Dark Auburn Red Hair

27. Red Hair on Dark Skin

Red hair is incredibly flattering and can be adapted to suit your preference and complement your skin tone. Dark red hair looks great on darker-skinned women, and picking a deep shade can be incredibly flattering. You can add chestnut highlights to the hair to give it depth and dimension.

Red Hair On Dark Skin

28. Dark Red Hair Green Eyes

Red hair is a color that is associated with passion and seduction. It can be incredibly flattering and adapted to suit your complexion and bring out your eye color. For those with green eyes, colors with warm undertones, like blends of orange-red hues are best. These include cinnamon, copper, and chestnut, making your eyes stand out.


Dark Red Hair Green Eyes

29. Dark Red Hair Blue Eyes

Draw attention to your blue eyes with a brilliant shade of dark red. Dark red is an excellent choice for anyone who wants to give their hair a makeover and can be added in various ways.  For blue eyes, a vibrant shade of red or a burnt red will be very flattering. To create a face-framing effect, you can add natural highlights, strategically placing them so that they draw attention to the face and give your dark red hair a lift.
Dark Red Hair Blue Eyes

30. Dark Red Hair Brown Eyes

Brown eyes look gorgeous when paired with dark red hair. The richness of the color complements your eyes and will make them stand out. This is an excellent choice for highlighting one of your most beautiful features. Dark red is also incredibly versatile and can be added to the hair in different ways. The color can create contrast on lighter hair, or brighten dark hair.


Dark Red Hair Brown Eyes

Dark Red Hair Dye

There are several shades of red hair to choose from, depending on your preference. Darker tones are often easier to wear and will look more natural and can complement light and dark skin tones. Coloring your hair darker than your natural color will minimize damage and can be less maintenance. For longer-lasting hair color, pick reddish-brown colors and experiment with how you add them to the hair; this could include highlights, balayage, or a full coverage color. There are many hair dyes on the market to help you achieve your perfect look. These include permanent and semi-permanent dyes.



Dark Red HAir FAQs

What is dark red hair called?

There are a myriad of shades of dark red hair. From auburn to burgundy, these regal shades range in tones that perfectly falter different skin tones and face shapes. Some examples of dark red hair include rich scarlet, plum, dark ginger, and dark purple.

Is dark red hair natural?

While most natural redheads have a light copper or strawberry blonde coloring, there is a vast spectrum of shades that can occur naturally. Those with darker red hair more commonly have dark auburn tones, which is situated on the cooler side of the spectrum.

Is dark red hair attractive?

Red hair is the rarest of all colors, so it tends to attract a lot of attention when someone rocks it. Dark shades are often associated with sensuality and create the perfect sense of mystery. The bold color choice is one of the more attractive options, and with its rarity, you’ll easily stand out more than others.

How do you get dark red hair?

Depending on the shade you begin with, you can transcend from a virgin shade to deep red without having to break out the bleach. Dark hair naturally has a lot of red undertones, so if you strip away the dark shade, you will be left with some orange tones. Choose the shade you prefer, and decide whether you wish to add some highlights. It’s a good idea to scope out professional hairdressers to get this done correctly – it’s worth it for the color payoff.


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